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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Introducing Patient and Dentist Profiling and Crowdsourcing to Improve Trust in Dental Care Recommendation SystemsPradhan, S; Gay, V
Jan-2010Introducing Scholarly Articles: A way for Attaining Educational SustainabilityChua, B; Bernardo, DV; Gadomski, AM; mer, BK; Lester, CY; Popescu, M
2007IntroductionAdams, J; Adams, Jon
Jan-2008IntroductionAllatson, P; McCormack, J; Allatson, P; McCormack, J
Jan-2008IntroductionCashman, R; Darcy, SA; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
Jan-2008IntroductionLeung, LT; Linda Leung
Jan-2012IntroductionSun, W; Chio, JT; Sun, W; Chio, J
Jan-2011IntroductionGeweke, J; Koop, G; van Dijk, H; Geweke, J; Koop, G; van Dijk, H
Jan-2009IntroductionBubna-Litic, DC; Bubna-Litic, D
Jan-2010IntroductionRiello, G; McNeil, PK; Riello, G; McNeil, P
Jan-2011IntroductionChan, A; Anita Chan
Jan-2012IntroductionAmbrose, I; Darcy, SA; Buhalis, D; Buhalis, D; Darcy, S; Ambrose, I
Jan-2007IntroductionGhosh, D; Muecke, S; Ghosh, D; Muecke, S
Jan-2006IntroductionNord, W; Lawrence, T; Hardy, C; Clegg, SR; Clegg, S; Hardy, C; Lawrence, T; Nord, W
Jan-2010IntroductionLeary, DK; Pisupati, B; Leary, D; Pisupati, B
Jan-2009IntroductionBoud, DJ; Lee, A; Boud, D; Lee, A
Jan-2005IntroductionOnyx, J; Dale, A; Onyx, J
Jan-2011IntroductionDreyfus, S; Hood, S; Strenglin, M; Dreyfus, S; Hood, S; Stenglin, M
Jan-2007IntroductionAllatson, P
Jan-2013IntroductionSun, W; Guo, Y; Sun, W; Guo, Y