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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Leadership Substitutes And Personality Impact On Time And Quality In Virtual New Product Development ProjectsStrang, KD
2012Leadership succession in schools – an approach to developing a leadership philosophy in teachersBell, CM
Jan-2011Leadership Theories and Stories: An Open-Space ExplorationSankaran, S; Wilby, J
Jan-2010Leading and following (un)ethically in LimenPina e Cunha, M; Guimaraes-Costa, N; Rego, A; Clegg, SR
Jan-2007Leading change in the South African District Health ServiceDovey, KA; Strydom, A; Penderis, B; Kemp, P
Jan-2010Leading collective capacity in culturally diverse schoolsWalker, A; Riordan, GP
Jan-2004Leading contemporary approaches to nursing practiceDavidson, PM; Elliott, D; Daffurn, K; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
2005Leading conversations: communication behaviours of emergent leaders in virtual teamsSudweeks, F; Simoff, S; Sprague Jr, R;
1-Jul-2015Leading creative practice pedagogy futuresPeterson, JF; Frankham, N; McWhinnie, L; Forsyth, G
Jan-2010leading digital economies: a best practice approach to converged regulationBurdon, SW; Webb, W; Courtney, N
Jan-2010Leading Innovation: Does Size Matter?Mooney, GR; Sixsmith, AJ; Soliman, KS
2016Leading projects by balancing vertical and horizontal leadership – International case studiesMuller, R; Nikolova, N; Sankaran, S; Hase, S; Zhu, F; Xu, X; Vaagaasar, AL; Drouin, N
Jan-2003Leading technologies: a mid-term analysis of a longitudinal study into the integration of learning technologies in NSW public schoolsHayes, D; Jeffrey, P
1-Jan-2017Leading the Team: The Role of the Chef de Mission at the Paralympic GamesFrawley, SM
Jan-2004Leaf area index and normalized difference vegetation index as predictors of canopy characteristics and light interception by riparian species on the Lower Colorado RiverNagler, PL; Glenn, E; Thompson, TL; Huete, A
Jan-2000Leaf Area Index Estimates Using Remotely Sensed Data and BRDF Models in a Semiarid RegionQi, J; Kerr, YH; Moran, MS; Weltz, MA; Huete, A; Sorooshian, S; Bryant, R
Jan-2003Leaf attributes in the seasonally dry tropics: a comparison of four habitats in northern AustraliaPrior, LD; Eamus, D; Bowman, D
Jan-2006Leaf cooling curves: measuring leaf temperatures in sunlightLeigh, A; Close, JD; Ball, MC; Siebke, K; Nicotra, A
Jan-2012Leaf nitrogen allocation and partitioning in three groundwater-dependent herbaceous species in a hyper-arid desert region of north-western ChinaZhu, J; Li, X; Zhang, X; Yu, Q; Lin, L
10-Mar-2016Leaf Nitrogen Determination Using Non-Destructive Techniques – A ReviewAli, M; Al-Ani, A; Eamus, D; Tan, D