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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Maximising the light output of a Luminescent Solar ConcentratorEarp, AA; Smith, G; Swift, PD; Franklin, J
Jan-2012Maximising the net present value of large resource-constrained projectsGu, H; Stuckey, P; Wallace, M; Milano Michela
2010Maximization Of Negative Correlations In Time-course Gene Expression Data For Enhancing Understanding Of Molecular PathwaysZeng, T; Li, J
Jan-2012Maximizing Positive Social Impacts: Strategies for Sustaining and Leveraging the Benefits of Inter-Community Sport Events in Divided SocietiesSchulenkorf, N; Edwards, DC
12-Mar-2007Maximizing the Cutoff Rate in a Quantized MIMO Wireless System with AGCMurray, BM; Reisenfeld, S
Jan-2006Maximizing the Cutoff Rate in a Quantized MIMO Wireless System with AGCMurray, BM; Reisenfeld, S; Reinsenfeld, APS; Agbinya, DJ
Jan-2013Maximum allowable values of the heavy metals in recycled water for household laundryMainali, B; Pham, N; Ngo, H; Guo, W
Jan-1976The maximum and time to absorption of a left-continuous random walkGreen, PJ
Jan-1981Maximum Likelihood 'Confirmatory' Factor Analysis of Economic Time SeriesGeweke, J; Singleton, K
Jan-2008A maximum likelihood latent variable regression model for multiple informantsHorton, N; Roberts, K; Ryan, LM; Suglia, S; Wright, R
1-Dec-2011Maximum likelihood method for near-field parameter estimation using V-shaped antenna arraysAbedin, MJ; Mohan, AS
Jan-2009Maximum Margin Clustering Made PracticalZhang, K; Tsang, I; Kwok, J
Jan-2009Maximum Penalized Likelihood Kernel Regression for Fast AdaptationMak, B; Lai, TC; Tsang, I; Kwok, J
Jan-2011The Maximum Throughput of A Wireless Multi-Hop PathMao, G
Jan-2008Maximum-likelihood dimensionality reduction in Gaussian mixture models with an application to object classificationPiccardi, M; Gunes, H; Otoom, AF; Ejiri, M; Kasturi, R; Sanniti di Baja, G
2011Maximum-Likelihood Principle For Possibility Distributions Viewed As Families Of ProbabilitiesSerrurier, M; Prade, H; IEEE
Jan-2010May I Be Excused? Why Teachers Leave The ProfessionBuchanan, JD
Jan-2005MB3-Miner: mining eMBedded subTREEs using Tree Model Guided candidate generationTan, H; Dillon, TS; Hadzic, F; Feng, L; Chang, E; Zbigniew, R; Shysaku, T; Djamel, Z
Jan-2003The MBA at the crossroads: design issues for the futureBubna-Litic, DC; Benn, SH
20-Mar-2015MBA for the Curious: Why Study an MBA? (The Truth about the MBA Programs, Scholarships and Career Success)Ulrich, D; Burton, CT; Chasteen, L; Watson, E; Scanlon, D; ross, L; Dow, D; Douglas, A; Warfield, T; Vaidya, K