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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1995Inverse Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Summation Formulas Involving Generalized Fibonacci NumbersMelham, R; Shannon, AG
Jan-2013Inverted linear quadtree: Efficient top k spatial keyword searchZhang, C; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X; NA
Jan-2008Inverted-U Effects generalize to the judgment of subjective properties of facesMignault, A; Marley, AA; Chaudhuri, A
2015Investigating a design pattern to support personalized human computer interactionJi, Y
2014Investigating a framework for providing mobile banking opportunities to rural SMEs in BangladeshAhad, MT
Jan-2009Investigating an interpretive framework to manage complex information technology projectsSyed, G; Sankaran, S; nden, PDHGG; Technology, CF; Berlin, IMATU
2005Investigating animal health and production problemsJubb, Tristan Finlay
2013Investigating chemotherapy adverse events : incidence, costs and consequencesPearce, AM
Jan-2008Investigating Choice Experiments for Preferences of Older People (ICEPOP): evaluative spaces in health economicsCoast, J; Flynn, TN; Sutton, E; Al-Janabi, H; Vosper, AJ; Lavender, S; Louviere, JJ; Peters, T
2008Investigating collaboration in art and technologyZhang, Y
Jan-2006Investigating collaboration in art and technologyZhang, Y; Candy, L
May-2012Investigating complementary and alternative medicine in maternity care: the need for further public health/health services research.Adams, J; Steel, A
2017Investigating DHCR24 as a protector against cellular stress : more than just a cholesterol-synthesising enzymeKasz, Robert
Jan-2009Investigating Digital Storytelling and Portfolios in Teacher EducationKearney, MD; Siemens, G; Fulford, C
Jan-2002Investigating e-Market EvolutionDebenham, JK; Sloot, P; Tan, K; Dongarra, J; Hoekstra, A
Jan-2008Investigating Erosional Behaviour of Chemically Stabilised Erodible SoilsIndraratna, B; Muttuvel, T; Khabbaz, H; Reddy, KR; Khire, MV; Alshawabkeh, AN
12-Aug-2009Investigating GABA and its function in platelets as compared to neuronsFatima-Shad, K; Saeed, SA
Jan-2004Investigating high-amplitude oscillations in rat tail skin blood flow during core heating and coolingHaley, CD; Gordon, C; Taylor, NA; Jenkins, A
Jan-2011Investigating Informality in Construction: Philosophy, Paradigm and PracticeGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Runeson, G; Dainty, A
Jan-2006Investigating interdisciplinary collaboration: Case studies in art and technologyZhang, Y; Candy, L; Ruth, A