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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Literature: Benefits in an Age of GlobalisationLjungdahl, L
Jan-2010Lithium resources and production: A critical global assessmentMohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Giurco, D
Jan-2012Lithium resources and production: Critical assessment and global projectionsMohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Giurco, D
Jan-2007Litigating questions of qualityWeeks, G
Jan-2000Litter-based methods in developmental toxicity risk assessmentDeclerck, L; Molenberghs, G; Aerts, M; Ryan, LM
1-Jan-2015A Little Bit Fancy: Polychrome Brickwork in Late Nineteenth-Century SydneyOrr, K; Ringer, R
Jan-2013A little flute music: mimicry, memory, and narrativityPowys, V; Taylor, HE; Probets, C
Jan-2004Little Friends: Children and Creative Consumption in the People's Republic of ChinaDonald, SJ
Jan-2005Little Friends: Children's Film and Media Culture in ChinaDonald, SJ
Jun-2015A 'Little Fuel' for an African-Australian relationship?Obeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2011A Little WineBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2006Littoral Society: The Concept and the ProblemsPearson, MN
10-Mar-2015A live vaccine against Neospora caninum abortions in cattleReichel, MP; Moore, DP; Hemphill, A; Ortega-Mora, LM; Dubey, JP; Ellis, JT
Jan-2011The Lived Body in Design: Mapping the TerrainLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Paris, C; Colineau, N; Farrell, V; Farrell, G; Huang, W
2015Lived experience of emotional highs in experiential learningZeivots, S
2005The lived experience of laterlife computer learnersRussell, Helen Mary
Jan-2014The lived experiences of patients post coronary angioplasty: a qualitative studyHasankhani, H; Gholizadeh, L; Mohammadi, E; Zamanzadeh, V; Allahbakhshian, A; Ghaffari, S; Allahbakhshian, M
Jan-2001The Liver's Shuxie FunctionGarvey, M; Lifang, Q
Jan-2002Lives in the balance: a comment on Hinings and Greenwoods disconnects and consequences in organization theoryClegg, SR
2014Living behind the wall and socio-economic implications for those outside the wall: Gated communities in Malaysia and GhanaObeng-Odoom, F; Elhadary, YA; Jang, HS