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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Judith Cornell oration: Standing on the shoulders of giantsHamlin, L
Jan-2008Judy Grahn's Violent, Feminist Campvan Rijswijk, HM; Byron, G; Sneddon, A
Apr-2014Juegos olímpicos y paralímpicos en Brasil: aprendiendo de Barcelona y Sidney (Olympic and paralympic games in Brazil: learning from Barcelona and Sydney)Domínguez Vila, T; Darcy, S; Alén, E
3-Nov-2015Julia Gillard: A Murderous RageAppleby, RJ; Wilson, J; Boxer, D
Jan-2003The jump component of the volatility structure of interest rate futures markets: an international comparisonChiarella, C; To, T
Jan-2011Jump-diffusion modeling in emission marketsBorovkov, K; Decrouez, G; Hinz, J
2015A jumping revolutionEager, DM
Jan-2008Jumping Ship - Skirting Empire: Indians, Aborigines and Australians across the Indian OceanGoodall, H; Ghosh, D; Todd, L
Jan-2009The jungle and the academyClegg, SR; Pullen, A; Rhodes, C
Jan-2012JurisdictionDorsett, SG; McVeigh, S
Jan-2008Jurisdictional error: An alternative approachEllis-Jones, ID
Jan-2006The "jurisdictional fact doctrine" in New South Wales local government and environmental planning lawEllis-Jones, ID
2006The ""jurisdictional fact doctrine"" in New South Wales local government and environmental planning lawEllis-Jones, I
1-Feb-2016Jury voting without objective probabilityLi, KK; Suzuki, T
2012Just getting light, a novel, and The railway librarian, an exegesisHay, A
Jun-2014Just Interested or Getting Involved? An Analysis of Superannuation Attitudes and ActionsBateman, H; Deetlefs, J; Dobrescu, LI; Newell, BR; Ortmann, A; Thorp, S
Jan-2008'Just Looking': Domestic workers' consumption practice and a latent geography of BeijingSun, W
14-Jul-2014'Just Married, Just a Child': Child Marriage in the Indo-Pacific RegionBurn, JM; Evenhuis, M
Jan-2008Just Terms Compensation and The Compulsory Acquisition of LandMangioni, V; Mangioni, V
Jan-2013Justice Globalism: Ideology, Crises, PolicySteger, M; Goodman, J; Wilson, EK