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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Loss of mammary epithelial prolactin receptor delays tumor formation by reducing cell proliferation in low-grade preinvasive lesionsOakes, SR; Robertson, FG; Kench, JG; Gardiner-Garden, M; Wand, M; Freen, JE; Ormandy, CJ
Jan-2008Loss of miRNA biogenesis induces p19(Arf)-p53 signaling and senescence in primary cellsMudhasani, R; Zhu, Z; Hutvagner, GJ; Eischen, C; Lyle, S; Hall, L; Lawrence, J; Imbalzano, A; Jones, S
Jan-2002Loss Performance Analysis for Heterogeneous ON-OFF Sources with Application to Connection Admission ControlMao, G; Habibi, D
Jan-2011Lossless Data Embedding Using Generalized Statistical Quantity HistogramGao, X; An, L; Yuan, Y; Tao, D; Li, X
2010Lost and found in BeirutDados, N
Jan-2005Lost in Transition: Section 447A and the question of members' rights when a company transitions from voluntary administration to a creditors' voluntary liquidationHarris, J; Gordon, B
Jan-2010Lost In Transition? Access To And Uptake Of Adult Health Services And Outcomes For Young People With Type 1 Diabetes In Regional New South WalesPerry, L; Steinbeck, K; Dunbabin, J; Lowe, J
Jan-2011Lost in Translation: Health Resource Variability in the Achievement of Optimal Performance and Clinical OutcomeAstley, CM; MacDougall, CJ; Davidson, PM; Chew, DP
2013Lost opportunities and wasted skills : learning experiences of apprentices and their attritionMcDermott, RJ
Jan-2005The Lost Thoughts of SoldiersFalconer, DC
Sep-2015Lottie Lyell: the silent work of an early Australian scenario writerNash, MF
Jan-2013Love & loss in the 1960sByrne, D
Jan-2005Love goes to marketMacris, A
2007Love machineCaward, C
Jan-2004Love Patriotism and the City: Hong Kong's New Regime 2003-2004Donald, SJ; Morris, B; Verhoeven, D
2014Love texts : the Lacanian gaze in epistolary literature in the 21st centuryO'Dwyer, EM
Jan-2011Love thy neighbour: A social capital approach to local government partnershipsDollery, B; Grant, BJ; Crase, L
Jan-2012Love, Popular Music, and "Technologies of Gender" in Karen Duve's Dies ist kein Liebeslied (This is Not a Love Song)Lewis, A; Hurley, AW
Jan-2006Lovestruck: Women, romantic love and intimate partner violencePower, C; Koch, T; KRALIK, D; Jackson, DE
Jan-2012Low Aglycone Content In Commercial Soy Drink ProductsNguyen, H; Pourian, M; Bystrom, B; Dahlin, I; Duc, P; Nguyen, T; Von Schoultz, B; Hirschberg, A