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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Further support for five dimensions of obsessive-compulsive symptomsBrakoulias, V; Starcevic, V; Berle, D; Sammut, P; Milicevic, D; Moses, K; Hannan, A; Martin, A
1-Jan-2008Furthering critical approaches in tourism and hospitality studies: Perspectives from Australia and New ZealandWilson, E; Harris, C; Small, J
2006Fused visualization of complex information spacesQuan, W
1-Dec-2005Fusing face and body display for Bi-modal emotion recognition: Single frame analysis and multi-frame post integrationGunes, H; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2005Fusing face and body gesture for machine recognition of emotionsGunes, H; Piccardi, M
25-Sep-2008Fusing monocular information in multicamera SLAMSolĂ , J; Monin, A; Devy, M; Vidal-Calleja, T
Jan-2006Fusing range and intensity images for generating dense models of three-dimensional environmentsEllekilde, L; Valls Miro, J; Dissanayake, G; N/A
1-Dec-2008Fusing uncertain structured spatial informationDupin De Saint-Cyr, F; Jeansoulin, R; Prade, H
Jan-2013Fusing warping, cropping, and scaling for optimal image thumbnail generationQu, Z; Wang, J; Xu, M; Lu, H
11-Apr-2013Fusing warping, cropping, and scaling for optimal image thumbnail generationQu, Z; Wang, J; Xu, M; Lu, H
Jan-2006Fusion of disparate identity estimates for shared situation awareness in a network-centric environmentOxenham, M; Challa, S; Morelande, M
Jan-2007Fusion of Multi-Modal Credentials for Authentication in Digital Identity Management SystemsPhiri, J; Agbinya, JI; Phiri, J; Agbinya, JI
13-Sep-2011Fusion of natural language propositions: Bayesian random set frameworkBishop, AN; Ristic, B
2015Fusion of optical images with radar images constructed using pulsed doppler beamforming to enhance object tracking : creating a novel five layer image augmented with radial velocity and distance propertiesShi, J
3-Jul-2017Fusion of RADARSAT-2 and multispectral optical remote sensing data for LULC extraction in a tropical agricultural areaGibril, MBA; Bakar, SA; Yao, K; Idrees, MO; Pradhan, B
17-Apr-2013Fusion of spatially referring natural language statements with random set theoretic likelihoodsBishop, AN; Ristic, B
9-Feb-2017A fusion of time-domain descriptors for improved myoelectric hand controlKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Timemy, A; Al-Jumaily, A
1-Feb-2017The Future A Very Short IntroductionGidley, J
1-Jan-2016Future demand for infrastructure servicesThoung, C; Beaven, R; Zuo, C; Birkin, M; Tyler, P; Crawford-Brown, D; Oughton, EJ; Kelly, S
1-Dec-2008Future desertification and climate change: The need for land-surface system evaluation improvementHenderson-Sellers, A; Irannejad, P; McGuffie, K