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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2011First principles calculation of field emission from carbon nanotubes with nitrogen and boron dopingTawfik, SA; El-Sheikh, SM; Salem, NM
1-May-2011First principles calculation of field emission from nanostructures using time-dependent density functional theory: A simplified approachTawfik, SA; El-Sheikh, SM; Salem, NM
23-Jul-2008First principles calculations using density matrix divide-and-conquer within the SIESTA methodologyCankurtaran, BO; Gale, JD; Ford, MJ
26-Oct-2015First Principles Study on the Electronic Structure and Interface Stability of Hybrid Silicene/Fluorosilicene NanoribbonsJiang, QG; Zhang, JF; Ao, ZM; Wu, YP
14-Jul-2013First principles study on the hydrophilic and conductive graphene doped with Al atomsJiang, QG; Ao, ZM; Jiang, Q
1-Jan-2006The first private practice as a registration authority authorised nurse practitioner in AustraliaCashin, A
2017The First Procedural Code in the British Empire: New Zealand 1856Dorsett, SG
1-Mar-2014First record of the basslet Gramma dejongi outside of CubaLohr, KE; Camp, EF; Manfrino, C
1-May-2010The first report of ovine cerebral neosporosis and evaluation of Neospora caninum prevalence in sheep in New South WalesBishop, S; King, J; Windsor, P; Reichel, MP; Ellis, J; Šlapeta, J
1-Oct-2016The first report of the potentially harmful diatom Pseudo-nitzschia caciantha from Australian coastal watersAjani, P; Kim, JH; Han, MS; Murray, SA
1-Jan-2013First reports of Pseudo-nitzschia micropora and P. hasleana (Bacillariaceae) from the Southern Hemisphere: Morphological, molecular and toxicological characterizationAjani, P; Murray, S; Hallegraeff, G; Brett, S; Armand, L
6-Dec-2012First steps in learning analytics with LearnTrakTull, S
1-Jan-2012First steps towards quantum refinement of protein X-ray structuresGoerigk, L; Falklöf, O; Collyer, CA; Reimers, JR
2008First Trimester Abortion Guidelines and Protocols - Surgical and Medical ProceduresIPPF
1-Jan-2014First use of Re: View: A tool to combine assessment tasks, marking criteria and graduate attributes for biochemistry studentsNield, BS; Guzowski, R; Nassif, N; Simpson, AM; Martiniello-Wilks, R
2013First use of Re:view – a tool to combine assessment tasks, marking criteria and graduate attributesNield, BS; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Guzowski, R; Simpson, A; Nassif, N
29-Aug-2016First year nursing students’ experiences of social media during the transition to university: a focus group studyFerguson, C; DiGiacomo, M; Saliba, B; Green, J; Moorley, C; Wyllie, A; Jackson, D
1-Sep-2012First, do no harm: Evaluating resources for teaching social entrepreneurshipZietsma, C; Tuck, R
1-Apr-2011First- and second-order statistical characterizations of the dynamic body area propagation channel of various bandwidthsSmith, DB; Hanlen, LW; Zhang, J; Miniutti, D; Rodda, D; Gilbert, B
1-Mar-2004First-best debt reliefMenzies, GD