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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2012Multi-partite $W-$type state is determined by its single particle reduced density matricesYu, N
Jan-2013A Multi-Perspective Approach To Facilitate Collaboration: A Case Study On Australian Public Sector OrganisationsYoo, P; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Kang, K; Baskerville, R; Chau, M
Jan-2013A Multi-Perspective Approach to Knowledge Management in Complex Environments: A Case Study in an Australian GovernmentYoo, P; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Kang, K; Sang, CLEEPOLGU; Bong, HCHOPOHI; S; Kang, TLEEPOBCC; Sang, HPARKPOHANAT
Jan-2005A Multi-perspective effectiveness evaluation methodology for Mgovernemt (MPW2M-MG)El-Kiki, TH; Lawrence, EM; Nitya, K; Isaias, P
Jan-2000Multi-phase distribution of organic micropollutants in Xiamen Harbour, ChinaZhou, JL; Hong, HS; Zhang, Z; Maskaoui, K; Chen, W
Jan-2005A multi-point distributed random variable accelerator for Monte Carlo simulation in financeBruti Liberati, N; Platen, E; Martini, F; Piccardi, M; Kwasnicka, H; Paprzycki, M
Jan-2009Multi-realisation of nonlinear systemsSu, SW; Anderson, B; Chen, W; Nguyen, HT; Technical Committee, IEEE
Jan-2012Multi-realization Of Nonlinear SystemsSu, SW; Anderson, B; Chen, W; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2012A Multi-region Model For Numerical Simulation Of Micro Bulk FormingWang, G; Zheng, W; Wu, T; Jiang, H; Zhao, G; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
Jan-2007Multi-robot simultaneous localization and mapping using D-SLAM frameworkWang, Z; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Research Network on Sensor Networks, ARC
Jan-2006A multi-scale analysis of dynamic optical signals in a Southern California chaparral ecosystem: A comparison of field, AVIRIS and MODIS dataCheng, Y; Gamon, JA; Fuentes, DA; Mao, Z; Sims, DA; Qiu, H; Claudio, H; Huete, A; Rahman, AF
Jan-2012Multi-scale dictionary for single image super-resolutionZhang, K; Gao, X; Tao, D; Li, X; NA
Jan-2004Multi-Scale Edge Detection with Bilateral Filtering in Spiral ArchitectureHu, Q; He, S; Zhou, J; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; He, S; Huang, M; Feng, D
Jan-2012Multi-scale nonlinear elastic analysis of thin-walled members including local effectsErkmen, E; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Jan-2005Multi-sensor Approach for People DetectionZhang, Z; Kodagoda, S; N/A
Jan-2011Multi-Sensor Centralized Fusion Without Measurement Noise Covariance By Variational Bayesian ApproximationGao, X; Chen, JF; Tao, D; Li, X
4-Aug-2014Multi-shelled hollow carbon nanospheres for lithium–sulfur batteries with superior performancesChen, S; Huang, X; Sun, B; Zhang, J; Liu, H; Wang, G
Jan-2008Multi-Space-Mapped SVMs for Multi-Class ClassificationLiu, B; Cao, L; Yu, P; Zhang, C; Giannotti, F; Gunopulos, D; Turini, F; Zaniolo, C; Ramakrishnan, N; Wu, X
Jan-2009Multi-sphere Support Vector Data for Outliers Detection on Multi-distribution DataXiao, Y; Liu, B; Cao, L; Wu, X; Zhang, C; Hao, Z; Yang, F; Cao, J; Saygin, Y; Yu, JX; Kargupta, H; Wang, W; Ranka, S; Yu, PS; Wu, X
Jan-2005A multi-stage shared control method for an intelligent mobility assistantMcLachlan, S; Arblaster, JI; Liu, D; Valls Miro, J; Chenoweth, L; N/A