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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Multi Perspective Framework to Improve the KnowledgeYoo, P; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Kang, K; Lehner, F; Bredl, K
Jan-2004Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) for Body Area Network (BAN) SurveillanceRiudavets, J; Felix Navarro, KM; Lawrence, EM; Steele, RJ; Messina, M; Garcia-Planas, M; Andina, D; Bilbao, J; Ramos, T; Mastorakis, N
Jan-2008Multi run ICA and surface EMG based signal processing system for recognising hand gesturesNaik, G; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M; NA
Jan-2002A Multi-Agent Architecture for Business Process Management Adapts to Unreliable PerformanceDebenham, JK; Parmee, IC
Jan-2007Multi-Agent Communication, Planning, and CollaborationGardenfors, P; Williams, M; Schalley, AC; Khlentzos, D
Jan-2007Multi-Agent Framework in Visual Sensor NetworksPatricio, MA; Carbo, J; Concha, OP; Garcia, J; Molina, JM
Jan-2007Multi-Agent Search with Interim Positive InformationLau, H; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; IEEE
Jan-2008Multi-agent system for custom relationship management with SVMs toolXiao, Y; Liu, B; Luo, D; Cao, L; Carbonell, JG; Siekmann, J
Jan-2010Multi-agent system for customer relationship management with SVMs toolXiao, Y; Liu, B; Luo, D; Cao, L; Deng, F; Hao, Z
Jan-2001Multi-Ani: A interface for animating multiple graph drawing algorithmsHuang, M; Arabnia, H
2008The multi-attribute elimination by aspects (MEBA) modelPihlens, DA
Jan-2005Multi-axis retarder arrays by masked oblique depositionArnold, MD; Hodgkinson, IJ; Wu, QH; Blaikie, RJ
Jan-2009A multi-chamber oscillating water column using cascaded Savonius turbinesDorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Lin, C; Sebastian, T
Jan-2010Multi-channel price differentiation: An empirical investigation of existence and causesWolk, A; Eckert, C
Jan-2004Multi-Channel Subspace Mapping Using an Information Maximization CriterionAl-Ani, A; Deriche, M
Jan-2010Multi-class Classification for Semantic Labeling of PlacesShi, L; Kodagoda, S; Dissanayake, G; Technical Committee, IEEE
Jan-2013Multi-component weight-loss interventions for people with cardiovascular disease and/or type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic reviewGallagher, RD; Armari, E; White, HL; Hollams, D
Jan-2007A multi-country investigation of the impact of intangible social attributes on purchase intentionsAuger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Engilbertsson, H
Jan-2012Multi-criteria analysis towards the new end use of recycled water for household laundry: A case study in SydneyChen, Z; Guo, W; Ngo, H; Listowski, A; O'Halloran, K; Thompson, M; Muthukaruppan, M
Jan-2014A multi-criteria decision approach to decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructureFowler, A; Macreadie, PI; Jones, D; Booth, DJ