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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Gene expression profiling of single epidermal, basal and trichome cells of Arabidopsis thalianaLieckfeldt, E; Simon-Rosin, U; Kose, F; Zoeller, D; Schliep, MT; Fisahn, J
1-Sep-2011Gene flow, mobile genetic elements and the recruitment of antibiotic resistance genes into Gram-negative pathogensStokes, HW; Gillings, MR
1-Jan-2010The Gene of the Individuals Who Choose to Serve in Nonprofit SectorZhang, R; Redfern, K; Green, J; Zhu, XN; Zhao, SR
2011Gene therapy for diabetes : lentiviral expression of insulin in liver cellsGatt, PN
1-Nov-2015Gene therapy for diabetes: reversal of diabetes in the humanised FRG mouse modelSimpson, A; Ren, B; O'Brien, BA; Alexander, IE; Nassif, NT; Tan, Y; Martiniello-Wilks, R
1-Nov-2015GENE THERAPY FOR DIABETES: REVERSAL OF DIABETES IN THE HUMANISED FRG MOUSE MODEL.Simpson, A; Ren, B; O'Brien, BA; Alexander, IE; Nassif, NT; Tan, Y; Martiniello-Wilks, R
1-Jan-2002Gene therapy for prostate cancer delivered by ovine adenovirus and mediated by purine nucleoside phosphorylase and fludarabine in mouse modelsVoeks, D; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Madden, V; Smith, K; Bennetts, E; Both, GW; Russell, PJ
1-Jan-2004Gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy for prostate cancer in a mouse model that imitates the development of human diseaseMartiniello-Wilks, R; Dane, A; Voeks, DJ; Jeyakumar, G; Mortensen, E; Shaw, JM; Wang, XY; Both, GW; Russell, PJ
2014Genealogical Ethnography: Applying Loose and Strict Thinking to Fieldwork, Headwork, and Textwork in Project ScholarshipVignehsa, K
1-Apr-2015Genealogical Ethnography: Process Thinking to Study the "Inside" of ProjectsVignehsa, K
1-Apr-2011Genealogies of resilience: From systems ecology to the political economy of crisis adaptationWalker, J; Cooper, M
Jan-2012General and Technical Considerations for Implementing High Speed Rail Systems in AustraliaKhabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Tey, CY; Stahlhut, O; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
1-Jan-2014General approach for high-power Li-ion batteries: Multiscale lithographic patterning of electrodesChoi, S; Kim, TH; Lee, JI; Kim, J; Song, HK; Park, S
1-Dec-2007General averaged divergence analysisTao, D; Li, X; Wu, X; Maybank, SJ
1-Jan-2005A general benchmark model for stochastic jump sizesChristensen, MM; Platen, E
Jan-2010A General Boundary Solution Method for 1D Gas Dynamic ModelsGibbes, GP; Hong, G; Mallinson, PGD; Cater, DJE
1-Jan-2001General characteristics of localization in stratified media with random loss and gainBotten, LC; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Nicorovici, NA; Asatryan, AA; Robinson, PA; McPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Nicorovici, NA
22-May-2013A general compression approach to multi-channel three-dimensional audioCheng, B; Ritz, C; Burnett, I; Zheng, X
Jan-2008General Considerations in Taking SecurityStumbles, JG; Corina Brooks
1-Feb-2006General design Bayesian generalized linear mixed modelsZhao, Y; Staudenmayer, J; Coull, BA; Wand, MP