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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Multi-step forecasting for wind speed using a modified EMD-based artificial neural network modelGuo, Z; Zhao, W; Lu, H; Wang, J
2015Multi-Step Fuzzy Bridged Refinement Domain Adaptation Algorithm and Its Application to Bank Failure PredictionBehbood, V; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W
Jan-2005Multi-Step Look-Ahead Trajectory Planning in SLAM: Possibility and NecessityHuang, S; Kwok, N; Dissanayake, G; Ha, QP; Fang, G; N/A
Jan-2012Multi-Storey Residential Timber Buildings in Australia: Where is the educationThomas, D; Ding, GK; Crews, KI; Kamatdeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
Jan-2007Multi-strategy Integration for Actionable Trading AgentsCao, L; Pericles, AM; Longbing, C; Vladimir, G; Justin, Z
24-Jul-2015Multi-Task Model and Feature Joint LearningLi, Y; Tian, X; Liu, T; Tao, D; Yang, Q; Wooldridge, M
1-Mar-2015Multi-task pose-invariant face recognitionDing, C; Xu, C; Tao, D
Jan-2013Multi-tenant Database Access ControlYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Lisa O'Conner
Jan-2013A Multi-tenant Database Architecture Design for Software ApplicationsYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Lisa O'Conner
2014A multi-tenant database framework for software and cloud computing applicationsYaish, HM
Jan-2014Multi-tenant Elastic Extension Tables Data ManagementYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, JG
Jan-2010Multi-view Gait Recognition Based on Motion Regression using Multilayer PerceptronKusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Li, H; etin, MJÃ; Boyer, K; Chairs, SWLITP
Jan-2011Multi-view Pedestrian Recognition Using Shared Dictionary Learning with Group SparsityZheng, S; Xie, B; Huang, K; Tao, D; Lu, BL; Zhang, L; Kwok, J
Jan-2001A multiagent architecture addresses the complexity of industry process re-engineeringDebenham, JK; Alexandrov, V; Dongarra, J; Juliano, B; Renner, R; Tan, C
Jan-2008The Multiagent System for Channel Selection and Topology Control on 802.11 Based Mesh NetworksProdan, A; Mirchandani, VR; Debenham, JK; Lovrek, I; Howlett, RJ; Jain, LC
Jan-2009A multiagent system for self-organisation of an 802.11 mesh networkDebenham, JK; Prodan, A; Ma˿r´ık, V; Strasser, T; Zoitl, A
2010A multiagent system for topology control on multi-radio wireless mesh networksProdan, A
Jan-2005A Multiagent System Manages Collaboration in Emergent ProcessesDebenham, JK; Dignum, F; Dignum, V; Koenig, S; Kraus, S; Singh, M; Wooldridge, M
Jan-2010Multicasting Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Quantum States in Quantum NetworksShih, Y; Hsieh, M; Wei, H
Jan-2010A Multichamber Oscillating Water Column Using Cascaded Savonius TurbinesDorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Lin, C