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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Making Decisions About Delirium: A Qualitative Comparison Of Decision Making Between Nurses Working In Palliative Care, Aged Care, Aged Care Psychiatry, And OncologyAgar, M; Draper, B; Phillips, P; Phillips, J; Collier, A; Harlum, J; Currow, D
Jan-2012Making decisions about delirium: a qualitative comparison of decision making between nurses working in palliative care, aged care, aged care psychiatry, and oncology.Agar, M; Draper, B; Phillips, JL; Collier, A; Harlum, J; Currow, D
Jan-2013Making disciplinary writing and thinking practices an integral part of academic content teachingHunter, KA; Tse, HP
Jan-2011Making Do: Housing quality and affordability in the low to moderate income age specific housing sectorBridge, C; Judd, B; Flatau, P; Morris, A; Phibbs, P; NA
2012Making gastrointestinal endoscopy saferRamrakha, SCD
Jan-2004Making generative sense of collective learning:teachers as e-designers of professional development in K-6 science and technologyForsyth, L; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
Jan-2007Making generic skills more than a mantra in Vocational Education PolicyCornford, IR; Jeffery, PL
9-Dec-2015Making health a planning priority: how was health framed in the review of the NSW planning system?Kent, JC
Jan-2009Making History: Intentional Capture of Future MemoriesPetrelli, D; van den Hoven, E; Whittaker, S; Greenberg, S; Hudson, SE; Hinckley, K; Ringel Morris, M; Olsen Jr, DR
2009Making Hula Girls : a cocktail for international co-productionGraham, T
Jan-2011Making Information Systems Material through Blackboxing: Allies, Translation and Due ProcessUnderwood, J; Tabak, E
Jan-2006Making Informed Automated Trading a RealityDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Bauknecht, K; Proll, B; Werthner, H
Jan-2005Making Interorganizational Relationships Work: An IntroductionPitsis, TS; Josserand, EL; Clegg, SR; Kornberger, MM
2006Making it local : contextuating programming on commercial free-to-air television in AustraliaNixon, M
Jan-2006Making knowledge common: literacy & knowledge at workFarrell, LE
Jan-2003Making learning an effect of schooling: aligning curriculum, assessment and pedagogyHayes, D
2003Making meaning through history : scaffolding students' conceptual understanding through dialogueSharpe, Martina Elizabeth
28-Oct-2014Making Memories: A cultural probe study into the remembering of everyday lifeMols, I; van den Hoven, EAWH; Eggen, JH
Jan-2007Making nursing work: breaking through the role confusion of advanced practice nursingGardner, G; Chang, A; Duffield, CM
Jan-2004Making oral presentations: some practical guidelines and suggestions.Polonsky, M; Waller, DS