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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Governing chronic illness through integrated careTurnbull, Margo Louise
1-Jan-2017Governing corporate responsibility: the role of soft regulationKlettner, AL; Aras, G; Ingley, C
2009Governing Crime in the InterventionAnthony, T
1-Jan-2018Governing HIV in China: Commercial Sex, Homosexuality and Rural-to-urban MigrationJeffreys, E; Su, G
2010Governing homelessness : the discursive and institutional construction of homelessness in AustraliaBullen, JE
Jan-2012Governing Indigenous alterityWatson, V; Howard-Wagner, D; Habbis, D; Petray, T
17-May-2017Governing Informal Payments by Market in the Chinese Healthcare SystemYang, J; Polese, A; Williams, C; Horodnic, I; Bejakovic, P
24-Jun-2015Governing informal payments in healthcare: lessons from ChinaYang, J; Morris, J; Polese, A
1-Jan-2012Governing large-scale marine commons: Contextual challenges in the Coral TriangleFidelman, P; Evans, L; Fabinyi, M; Foale, S; Cinner, J; Rosen, F
Jan-2012Governing Learning Practices: Governmentality and PracticesReich, AJ; Girdwood, JL; Hager, P; Reich, A; Lee, A
8-Apr-2009Governing mega-events: tools of security risk management for the London 2012 Olympic Games and FIFA 2006 World Cup in GermanyLodge, M; Jennings, W
Jan-2006Governing Projects For Corporate ExcellenceCrawford, L; Cooke-Davies, T; Baccarini, D
Sep-2014Governing projects under complexity: theory and practice in project managementPitsis, TS; Sankaran, SHANKAR; Gudergan, S; Clegg, S
Jan-2008Governing Projects Using Flexible Formal Systems (FFS)Algeo, CT; Young Bill
Jan-2009Governing Sexual Health in the People's Republic of ChinaJeffreys, E; Yingying, H; Elaine Jeffreys
2018Governing the social, material, textual and advancing professional learning of doctoral candidates in the contemporary universityManidis, M; Goldsmith, R
14-Dec-2015Governing transformation: The case of the collaborative economyRiedy, CJ
7-Oct-2015Governing transformation: The case of the collaborative economyRiedy, CJ
2010Governing youth through education and trainingBye, J
Dec-1990Government and the nonprofit sector in Australia: an overviewLyons, M