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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jun-2015Introduction: The inseparability of ethics and politics in organizationsPullen, A; Rhodes, C; Pullen, A; Rhodes, C
Jan-2013Introduction: The International Politics of ResourcesBarclay, K; Smith, GK
Jan-2013Introduction: The Politics and Passions of the Suburban OasisHamilton, PI; Ashton, P; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2004Introduction: The Space of CritiqueBrowitt, J
Jan-2008Introduction: Towards a critical social science of CAM in nursing and midwiferyAdams, J; Tovey, P; Adams, J; Tovey, P
Jan-2011Introduction: What is the art of engagement?Ang, I; Lally, E; Anderson, K; mar, P; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
Jan-2009Introduction: Why a handbook of marcro-organizational behaviorClegg, SR; Clegg, S; Cooper, C
Jan-2009Introduction: Why power is the central concept of the social sciencesHaugaard, M; Clegg, SR; Clegg, S; Haugaard, M
Jan-2006Introduction:Talking Sex and Sexuality in ChinaJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E
Jan-2012Introductory insights into patient preferences for outpatient rehabilitation after knee replacement: implications for practice and future researchNaylor, J; Mittal, R; Carroll, KE; Harris, I
Jan-2013Introductory of Microsoft Excel SOLVER function-Spreadsheet method for isotherm and kinetics modelling of metals biosorption in water and wastewaterHossain, MD; Ngo, H; Guo, W
Jan-2010Introductory Programming and the Didactic TriangleBerglund, A; Lister, RF; Clear, T; Hamer, J
Jan-2012Introductory programming: examining the examsSimon, S; Sheard, J; Carbone, A; Chinn, D; Laakso, M; Clear, T; de Raadt, M; D'Souza, D; Lister, RF; Philpott, A; Skene, J; Warburton, G; de Raadt, M; Carbone, A
Jan-2008The Introspective Project ManagerNugapitiya, M; Boydell, S; Healy, PL; Milner, DS; Whitty, MJ; Darby, MR; Tucker, MR
2014Intrusion detection method based on nonlinear correlation measureAmbusaidi, MA; Tan, Z; He, X; Nanda, P; Lu, LF; Jamdagni, A
1-Aug-2017An Intrusion Detection System Based on Polynomial Feature Correlation Techniqueli, Q; Tan, Z; Jamdagni, A; Nanda, P; He, X
Jan-2009Intrusion Detection Using Geometrical StructureJamdagni, A; Tan, T; Nanda, P; He, S; Liu, R; Guo, M; Tang, F; Shen, Y
Jan-2010Intrusion Detection Using GSAD Model for HTTP Traffic on Web ServicesJamdagni, A; Tan, T; Nanda, P; He, S; Liu, R; Zhang, Y; al, E
Jan-2004Intrusion, or Where to from Queer?Pratt, M
Jan-2014Intrusion-based reasoning and depression: cross-sectional and prospective relationships.Berle, D; Moulds, ML