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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Migration, memory and Hong Kong as a 'space of transit' in Clara Law's autum moonMitchell, T
2002Migrations of Identity and Home: Mapping Western SydneyKaraminas, V; Vicki Karaminas, Kay Shumack and Ien ang
2013MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationYang, J; Wu, Q; Du, R; He, X
Jan-2013MIL-SKDE: Multiple-instance learning with supervised kernel density estimationDu, R; Wu, Q; He, S; Yang, J
Jan-2013Mild Cognitive Impairment, Screening, and Patient Perceptions in Heart Failure PatientsGallagher, RD; Sullivan, A; Burke, R; Hales, S; Gillies, G; Cameron, J; Saliba, B; Tofler, G
Jan-2007Mild neuritic changes are increased in the brains of fatally injured older motor vehicle driversGorrie, C; Rodriguez, M; Sachdev, P; Duflou, J; Waite, P
2007The militarization & weaponization of outer-space - from playground to battleground : legal perspectives on the use of forceMaogoto, JN
Jan-2003Millennial Fever and White Australia: Citizens or Aliens Within and Whithout?Plate, C; Kerr Lorraine
Jan-2001Millennium management, changing paradigms and organization studiesClegg, SR; Clarke, T; Ibarra, E
Jan-2006Mimics: Art, Architecture and the look of commerceKaji-O'Grady, S; McMinn, T; Stephens, J; Basson, S
Sep-2010MIMO Detection With High-Level Modulations Using Power Equality ConstraintsNevat, I; Yang, T; Avnit, K; Yuan, J
Jan-2012The Min System And Nucleoid Occlusion Are Not Required For Identifying The Division Site In Bacillus Subtilis But Ensure Its Efficient UtilizationRodrigues, CD; Harry, L
Jan-2002The mind switch enviornmental control system :remote hands free control for the severely disabledMcIsaac, P; Craig, AR; Tran, YH; Boord, PR
2009Mind the gap : an exploration of liminal spaces, creative and destructiveKatz, L
Jan-2011Mind the Gap: Refugee and communication technology literacyLeung, LT
Jan-2002Mind the Trends when you Mine: Incremental Data MiningZhang, C; Zhang, S; Yan, X; Qin, Z; Wang, L; Halgamuge, S; Yao, X
2014Mind Training for Innovation : Building Foundations for Creativity in the WorkplaceConnell, JA; Thaarup, C; Soliman, S
Jan-2001Mind, Body and Spririt: Pathways Forward for Reconciliation.Behrendt, LY
Jan-2008Mindbodyspirit Architecture: Creating birth spaceLepori, B; Foureur, M; Hastie, C; Fahy, K; Foureur, M; Hastie, C
Jan-2010The Miner and the Activist: a parable for our carbon constrained worldArvanitakis, J; Boydell, S