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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003The multidimensionality of electricity reform - an Australian perspectiveSharma, D
Jan-2013Multidisciplinary AEC Education Utilising BIM / PLIM Tools and ProcessesMacdonald, JA; Granroth, M; Bernard, A; Rivest, L; Dutta, D
Jan-2007A multidisciplinary education framework for interdisciplinary education which enables people from different disciplines to work together with community based organisations on real-world projects.Moulton, BD; Thompson, DG; O'Loughlin, PA
Jan-2008Multidisciplinary Medical Team Meetings: A Field Study of Collaboration in Health CareLi, J; Robertson, TJ; Hansen, S; Mansfield, T; Kjeldskov, J; Vetere, F; Graham, C; Satchell, C
Jan-2007A multidisciplinary, multicultural short course giving young engineers a global perspective on professional practiceHazelton, PA; Gardner, AP; Sondergaard, H; Hadraft, R
Jan-2009Multidrug efflux pumps: The structures of prokaryotic ATP-binding cassette transporter efflux pumps and implications for our understanding of eukaryotic P-glycoproteins and homologuesKerr, I; Jones, PM; George, AM
Jan-2010Multidrug efflux pumps: The structures of prokaryotic ATP-binding cassette transporter efflux pumps and implications for our understanding of eukaryotic P-glycoproteins and homologues.Kerr, I; Jones, PM; George, AM
Jan-1995Multidrug resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae: a novel gene, ramA, confers a multidrug resistance phenotype in Escherichia coliGeorge, AM; Hall, RM; Stokes, H
Jan-2005Multidrug resistance in parasites: ABC transporters, P-glycoproteins and molecular modellingJones, PM; George, AM
Jan-2006The multifactor nature of the volatility of futures marketsChiarella, C; To, T
Jan-2011A Multifeature Tensor For Remote-Sensing Target RecognitionZhang, L; Zhang, L; Tao, D; Huang, X
Jan-2012Multifollower Trilevel Decision Making Models And SystemLu, J; Zhang, G; Montero, J; Garmendia, L
2015Multifunctional luminescent nanomaterials from NaLa(MoO4)2:Eu(3+)/Tb(3+) with tunable decay lifetimes, emission colors, and enhanced cell viability.Yang, M; Liang, Y; Gui, Q; Zhao, B; Jin, D; Lin, M; Yan, L; You, H; Dai, L; Liu, Y
Jan-2009Multihop Communication in Wireless Sensors Network Based on Directed CooperationNikodem, J; Klempous, R; Nikodem, M; Woda, M; Chaczko, ZC; Janiczek, T; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; ski, RJZ; Agbinya, J; Braun, R; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2013Multihop Relay Techniques for Communication Range Extension in Near-Field Magnetic Induction Communication SystemsMasihpour, M; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR
Jan-2014Multilayers DNA - QR Based SteganographyCarrion Gordon, L; Wazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Wazirali, R
6-May-2015Multilayers DNA-QR Based SteganographyWazirali, RA; Chaczko, Z; CarriĆ³n, L; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2010A multilevel analysis of the effects of a reproductive health programme that encouraged informed choice of contraceptive method rather than use of officially preferred methods, China 2003-2005Brown, JJ; Bohua, L; Padmadas, S
Jan-2010A multilevel approach to understanding the multinationality-performance relationshipNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Devinney, T; Pedersen, T; Tihanyl, L
2014Multilevel converters for step-up-transformer-less direct integration of renewable generation units with medium voltage smart microgridsIslam, MR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J