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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Human Action Recognition from Boosted Pose EstimationWang, L; Cheng, L; Thi, TH; Zhang, J
Jan-2012Human Action Recognition in Video by Fusion of Structural and Spatio-temporal FeaturesZare Borzeshi, E; Concha, OP; Piccardi, M; Georgy Gimelâfarb
Jan-2010Human action recognition with MPEG-7 descriptors and architecturesMoghaddam, Z; Piccardi, M; Bertini, M; Gool, LV; Matsatsinis, N; Moeslund, TB; Nixon, M
1-Oct-2013Human activity analysis for geriatric care in nursing homesChen, MY; Hauptmann, A; Bharucha, A; Wactlar, H; Yang, Y
2015Human Activity Recognition for Domestic RobotsPiyathilaka, JM; Kodagoda, S; Mejias, L; Corke, P; Roberts, J
2017Human and algorithm facial recognition performance : face in a crowdStacy, Emily Margaret
Oct-2015Human and Pathogen Factors Associated with Chlamydia trachomatis-Related Infertility in Women.Menon, S; Timms, P; Allan, JA; Alexander, K; Rombauts, L; Horner, P; Keltz, M; Hocking, J; Huston, WM
Jan-2015Human Biomechanical Model Based Optimal Design of Assistive Shoulder ExoskeletonCarmichael, MG; Liu, D; Mejias, L; Corke, P; Roberts, J
Jan-2009Human body articulation for action recognition in video sequencesThi, T; Lu, S; Zhang, J; Cheng, L; Wang, L; N/A
Jan-2005Human bone derived cell (HBDC) behaviour of sol-gel derived carbonate hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium alloy substratesZreiqat, H; Roest, RS; Valenzuela, S; Milev, AS; Ben-Nissan, B
Dec-2016A human cadaveric workshop: One solution to competence in the face of rarityFerguson, IM; Shareef, MZ; Burns, B; Reid, C
Jan-2011Human capital enhancing HRM systems and frontline employees in Australian manufacturing SMEsTeo, ST; Le Clerc, M; Galang, M
Jan-2011Human capital enhancing HRM systems and frontline employees in Australian manufacturing SMEsTeo, ST; Le Clerc, M; Galang, M
Jan-2011Human Capital in Developing Countries: The Significance of the Asian ExperienceClarke, T; Burton-Jones, A; Spender, JC
Jan-2007Human Capital, Social Capital and Firm Performance in Chinese SMEsTeo, ST; Wang, KY; Clegg, S; Wang, K; Berrell, M
Jan-2006Human Carrying Status in Visual SurveillanceTao, D; Li, X; Wu, X; Maybank, S; LeCun, AFCJTY
1-Mar-2015Human Chlamydia pneumoniae isolates demonstrate ability to recover infectivity following penicillin treatment whereas animal isolates do not.Chacko, A; Beagley, KW; Timms, P; Huston, WM
Jan-1994Human Colon-Cancer Cell-Lines Show A Diverse Pattern Of Nitric-Oxide Synthase Gene-Expression And Nitric-Oxide GenerationJenkins, D; Charles, IG; Baylis, S; Lelchuk, R; Radomski, M; Moncada, S
2012Human computer interaction in museums as public spaces : a research of the impact of interactive technologies on visitors’ experienceMery Keitel, AS
Jan-2008Human Computer Interaction using Hand GestureWan, SH; Nguyen, HT; Dumont, G; Galiana, H