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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Multimodal graph-based reranking for web image searchWang, M; Li, H; Tao, D; Lu, K; Wu, X
Jan-2012Multimodal Interaction in Protospace 1.0Bongers, B; Oosterhuis, KEA
Jan-2003A Multimodal Perspective on CompositionVan Leeuwen, T; Ensink, T; Sauer, C
Jan-2005Multimodality, Genre and DesignVan Leeuwen, T; Norris, S; Jones, RH
Jan-2003Multimodality, resemiotization: Extending the Analysis of Discourse as Multi-Semiotic PracticeIedema, RA
Jan-2012Multimode Resonances In Silver NanocuboidsCortie, MB; Liu, F; Arnold, MD; Niidome, Y
Jan-2011Multinational Enterprise and Subsidiaries' Absorptive Capacity and Global Knowledge SourcingKottaridi, C; Papanastassiou, M; Pitelis, C; Thomakos, DD; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
9-Jan-2015Multinationality, Tax Havens, Intangible Assets and Transfer Pricing Aggressiveness: An Empirical AnalysisTaylor, G; Richardson, G; Lanis, R
Jan-2009A multiobjective approach for solving cooperative n-person gamesMaali, Y
Jan-2006A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic DemandCheong, C; Tan, K; Liu, D; Xu, J; Yen, GG
Jan-2012Multiobjective evolutionary algorithm-based soft subspace clusteringZhu, L; Cao, L; Yang, J; Abbass, H; Essam, D; Sarker, R
Jan-2009A multiobjective model of oligopolies under uncertaintyChiarella, C; Szidarovsky, F
25-May-2014Multiobjective Optimization Design of Flux Switching Permanent Magnet MachinesLei, G; Laurent Krahenbuhl
Feb-2014Multiobjective Sequential Design Optimization of PM-SMC Motors for Six Sigma Quality ManufacturingLei, G; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Shao, K; Xu, W
Jan-2012Multiobjective Sequential Optimization Method for the Design of Industrial Electromagnetic DevicesLei, G; Chen, X; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Xu, W; Shao, KR
Jan-2008Multiobjective Static Output Feedback Control Design for Vehicle SuspensionsDu, H; Zhang, N; al, SKE
2011Multiparous women's confidence to have a publicly-funded homebirth: a qualitative studyCatling-Paull, C; Dahlen, H; Homer, C
Jan-2011Multiparous women's confidence to have a publicly-funded homebirth: A qualitative studyCatling, C; Dahlen, H; Homer, CS
Jan-2007Multipartite Unlockable Bound Entanglement In The Stabilizer FormalismWang, G; Ying, M
Jan-2013Multipartite W-type State Is Determined By Its Single-particle Reduced Density Matrices Among All W-type StatesYu, N