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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002The Link Between Rights and a Treaty Practical ReconciliationBehrendt, LY
Jan-2011The link in the lesson: Using video to bridge theory and experience in cross-cultural trainingFee, AW; Budde-Sung, A; Wankel, C; Law, JS
2015Link prediction and topological feature influence in social networksCuriskis, SA; Osborn, TR; Kennedy, PJ
2009The linkage between intercultural communication competence and relationship quality in service organizations in ThailandWuthipand, B
Jan-2003Linkages between negotiation styles and antecedents of partnership performance in cross-border relationshipsGudergan, S; Schultz, CJ; Rahtz, DR; Speece, M
14-Jul-2014Linking a service innovation-based framework to business model designChew, EK
Jan-2008Linking Attitudes and Demographics in a Tourist Segmentation Model - A Two-Stage ApproachKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
Jan-2001Linking communication to engineeringSaunderS, SD; McGregor, HT; Kanes, C
Jan-2006Linking Communities of Practice and Project Teams in the Construction IndustryRagsdell, G; Remington, K; Coakes, E; Clarke, S
Jan-2006Linking competitive positions, success requirements and capabilitiesBurke, S; Ali, Y; van Dessel, M
Jan-2012Linking habitat suitability and road mortalities across geographic rangesRoger, E; Bino, G; Ramp, D
1-Apr-2015Linking hydrologic, physical and chemical habitat environments for the potential assessment of fish community rehabilitation in a developing cityZhao, CS; Yang, ST; Liu, CM; Dou, TW; Yang, ZL; Yang, ZY; Liu, XL; Xiang, H; Nie, SY; Zhang, JL; Mitrovic, SM; Yu, Q; Lim, RP
Jan-2007Linking Multi-Component Commitment to Relationship Value, Trust, Conflict and CooperationSharma, N; Young, LC; Wilkinson, I; Engilbertsson, H
Jan-2009Linking residential densities, dwelling typologies and possible provisions for localised energy infrastructure in retrofitting urban formsGhosh, S; Vale, R; Maginn, P; Jones, R
2009Linking residential densities, dwelling typologies and possible provisions for localised energy infrastructure in retrofitting urban formsVale, S; Ghosh, S
Jan-2011Linking soil O2, CO2, and CH4 concentrations in a wetland soil: Implications for CO2 and CH4 fluxesElberling, B; Askaer, L; Jørgensen, CJ; Joensen, HP; Kuhl, M; Glud, RN; Lauritsen, FR
Jan-2007Linking the psychological contract to success in management consultingChelliah, J; Davis, D; Radnor, Z; Thomas, H; Cartwright, S
Jan-2010Linking the Visual and the Verbal: Developing multimodal academic literacyRoyce, T
2015Linking theory and practice in using action-oriented methodsSankaran, S; Dick, B
2014Linking value, confirmation and satisfaction to predict behavioural intention : examining alternative models in a service environmentParvin, S