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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Generating tripartite nonlocality from bipartite resourcesSu, Z
1-May-2010Generation and characterization of mice with null mutation of the chloride intracellular channel 1 gene (Genesis 48, 2 (127-136))Qiu, MR; Jiang, L; Matthaei, KI; Schoenwaelder, SM; Kuffner, T; Mangin, P; Joseph, JE; Low, J; Connor, D; Valenzuela, SM; Curmi, PMG; Brown, LJ; Mahaut-Smith, M; Jackson, SP; Breit, SN
1-Dec-2007Generation and matching of ontology data for the semantic web in a peer-to-peer frameworkWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2008The Generation of Business Fluctuations: Financial Fragility and Mean-Field InteractionsDi Guilmi, C
2008Generation of effective sand-blasting trajectory for an autonomous robot in steel bridge maintenanceRen, TR
1-Nov-2002Generation of high-power terahertz pulses in a prismJohnston, MB; Whittaker, DM; Dowd, A; Davies, AG; Linfield, EH; Li, X; Ritchie, DA
Jan-2002Generation of high-power terahertz pulses in a prismJohnston, MB; Whittaker, DM; Dowd, AR; Davies, AG; Linfield, EH; Li, X; Ritchie, DA
3-Dec-2000Generation of independent Rayleigh fadersLi, Y; Huang, X
1-Jan-2013Generation of isolated wideband sound fields using a combined two-stage lasso-LS algorithmRadmanesh, N; Burnett, IS
1-Jul-2001Generation of sequential symbolic network functions for large-scale networks by circuit reduction to a two-portPierzchala, M; Rodanski, B
1-Jan-2014Generation of the global workspace roadmap of the 3-RPR using rotary disk searchAu, W; Chung, H; Chen, C
2-Aug-2013Generation of Wannier functions for photonic crystalsWolff, C; Mack, P; Busch, K
1-Jan-2016Generation Y occupational therapy students' views and preferences about the provision of feedback during clinical practice educationHills, C; Levett-Jones, T; Warren-Forward, H; Lapkin, S
Jan-2011Generation Y, Learner Auonomy and the Potential of Web 2.0 Tools for Language Teaching and LearningMorgan, L; Fernstrom, K; Tsolokidis, C
1-Jun-2012Generation Y, learner autonomy and the potential of Web 2.0 tools for language learning and teachingMorgan, L
1-Sep-2010Generational characteristics and their impact on preference for management control systemsPetroulas, E; Brown, D; Sundin, H
Jan-2003Generations in Design MethodologyBroadbent, JA
Jan-2005Generative Art: From Analogue to Digital FormationsLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Burraston, D
Jan-2005Generative Film: Analogue to Digital MigrationLeggett, MG; Innocent, T
1-Aug-2013Generative methodology: An inquiry into how a university can acknowledge a commitment to its Aboriginal communityHarrison, N; Page, S; Finneran, M