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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Legal System: Small claims, big implications: usability of legal systems in theory and practiceLeung, LT
Jan-2006Legged Robot Gait Locus Generation Based on Genetic AlgorithmsXu, K; Chen, X; Liu, W; Williams, M; Chen, X; Liu, W; Williams, MA
Jan-2010Legionella pneumophila Strain 130b Possesses a Unique Combination of Type IV Secretion Systems and Novel Dot/Icm Secretion System Effector ProteinsSchroeder, G; Petty, N; Mousnier, A; Harding, C; Vogrin, A; Wee, B; Fry, N; Harrison, T; Newton, H; Thomson, N; Beatson, SA; Dougan, G; Hartland, E; Frankel, G
Jan-2011Legislation, Citizens' Rights, and the Self-Determination of a Developing Country: A Papua New Guinean Case StudyStoianoff, NP; Kaidonis, MA; Paddock, L; Qun, D; Kotze, LJ; Markell, DL; Markowitz, KJ; Zaelke, D
1-Dec-2015Legislative regulation of global value chains to protect workers: A preliminary assessmentRawling, M
Jan-2012Legitimate Sovereignty and Contested Authority in Public Management Organization and Disorganization: Barangaroo and the Grand Strategic Vision for Sydney as a Globalizing CityJohnston, J; Clegg, SR
Jul-2016Legitimation in practice: A new digital publishing business modelLaïfi, A; Josserand, E
Jan-2014Leichhardt Council Community Engagement and Participation Plan: Food recycling in multi-unit dwellingsHerriman, J; Mikhailovich, N; Wynne, LE; Downes, J; Boyle, TM
Jan-1999Leichhardt solar water heater surveyZamostny, A; Milne, GR
2-Nov-2014Leichhardt's bust, or how the explorer was rediscovered during the Cold WarHurley, AW
Jan-2013Leichhardt's Erbe: Der Australienforscher im deutsch-australischen GedaechtnisHurley, AW; Schwarz, A; Heike Hartmann
Jan-2013Leisure and Aboriginal culture from FederationAdair, D
Jan-2006Leisure and the economyVeal, AJ; Jackson, EL
1-Jan-2015Leisure in a world of ‘com-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-puter-puter, puter games’: a father and son conversationWearing, SL; Wearing, J; McDonald, M; Wearing, M
Jan-2011Leisure participation patterns and gender: the survey evidence on Australian adultsVeal, AJ
Jan-2006Leisure seeking volunteers in large urban museums: are they committed?Edwards, DC; O'Mahony, GB; Whitelaw, PA
Jan-2011The leisure society I: myths and misconceptions, 1960-1979Veal, AJ
Jan-2012The Leisure Society II: the era of critique, 1980-2011Veal, AJ
Jan-2002Leisure studies at the millenium: intellectual crisis or mature complacency?Veal, AJ
Jan-2002Leisure, culture and lifestyleVeal, AJ