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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Knowledge dynamics in communities of practicePerrott, B; Beaumont, N
2017A Knowledge Ecologies analysis of co-designing water and sanitation services in AlaskaFam, DM; Sofoulis, Z
Jan-2001Knowledge economy, e-learning and higher education in APEC countriesJakupec, V
Jan-2002The knowledge economy, knowledge-based business and knowledge management: examining the business models of the new economyClarke, T; Timbrell, G
Jan-2010Knowledge extraction from multiple criteria linear programming classification approachZhang, Y; Zhang, P; Zhang, L; Shi, Y
Jan-2013Knowledge flows in health communities of practicePerrott, B
Jan-2003Knowledge in action: doctoral programmes forging new identitiesMalfroy, J; Yates, LS
Jan-2013Knowledge Integration and Competitiveness: A Longitudinal Study of an Industry ClusterConnell, JA; Voola, R
Jan-2006Knowledge integration in organizations: an empirical assessmentKenney, JL; Gudergan, S
2014'Knowledge is power' : Aboriginal Healthworkers' perspectives on their practice, education and communitiesRose, M
Jan-2007Knowledge is Power: More than a bumper sticker Foucault's Discourse Analysis as a Conceptual Basis for Knowledge ManagementOlsson, MR; Starcy, C; Barachini, F; Hawamdeh, S
Jan-2006Knowledge levels of Korean intensive care nurses towards brain death and organ transplantationKim, J; Fisher, M; Elliott, D
Jan-2004Knowledge management and changing psychological contractsHase, S; Kouzmin, A; Kakabadse, N; Sankaran, S
1-Jan-2016Knowledge management and its impact on knowledge sharing adoption in e-learning communites in Saudi UniversitesChandran, D; Alammari, AM
1999Knowledge management for SMEs with particular emphasis on the tourism industryMannington, Michael
Jan-2007Knowledge Management from an Industry PerspectivePerrott, B; Radnor, Z; Thomas, H; Cartwright, S
Jan-2008Knowledge management from an industry perspective: Findings from an industry studyPerrott, B
Jan-2010Knowledge management in healthcare settingsPerrott, B; Iedema, RA
Jan-2005Knowledge management in small and medium enterprises: An Australian studyXu, J; Sankaran, S; Faranda, B; Zhao Xiande
Jan-2008Knowledge Management in Twenty-first Century: Literature Review and Further Research DirectionsXu, J; Sankaran, G; Sankaran, S; Clarke, D