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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2008Fuzzy logic based modelling and analysis of network trafficRahman, A; Kennedy, P; Simmonds, A; Edwards, J
1-Jan-2014Fuzzy logic based selera recognitionDas, A; Pal, U; Ballester, MAF; Blumenstein, M
Jan-2006Fuzzy logic from the viewpoint of machine intelligenceMa, J; Chen, S; Xu, Y
1-Dec-2012A fuzzy logic node relocation model in WSNsMaali, Y; Rafiei, A; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, D; Safaei, F
Jan-2005Fuzzy Logic Technique for RF Based Localisation System In Built EnvironmentAl-Jumaily, A; Ramadanny, BI; Aboshosha, A
1-Dec-2013Fuzzy logic-based automatic alertness state classification using multi-channel EEG dataAl-Ani, A; Mesbah, M; Van Dun, B; Dillon, H
2-Feb-2018Fuzzy LogicHybrid model with semantic filtering approach for pseudo relevance feedback-based query expansionSingh, J; Prasad, M; Daraghmi, YA; Tiwari, P; Yadav, P; Bharill, N; Pratama, M; Saxena, A
12-Oct-2007Fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support in long-term options of Belgian energy policyRuan, D; Lu, J; Laes, E; Zhang, G; Wu, F; Hardeman, F
Jan-2007Fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support in teaching performance evaluationLu, J; Li, Z; Ruan, D; Kamiya, A; Lukowicz, P; Sick, B; Suzuki, Y
7-Nov-2008A fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support system for nonwoven based cosmetic product development evaluationLu, J; Deng, X; Vroman, P; Zeng, X; Ma, J; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2008A fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support system for textile material fabric-hand evaluationLu, J; Zhu, Y; Zeng, X; Koehl, L; Ma, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2015Fuzzy Multi-objective Bi-level Decision MakingZhang, G; Lu, J; Gao, Y
1-Jan-2015Fuzzy Multi-objective Bi-level Goal ProgrammingZhang, G; Lu, J; Gao, Y
11-Feb-2008Fuzzy multi-objective bilevel decision making by an approximation K th-best approachLu, J; Zhang, G; Dillon, T
1-Mar-2009A fuzzy multi-objective bilevel decision support systemGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2008A fuzzy multi-objective decision support system for nonwoven products experiment designLu, J; Deng, X; Zeng, X; Vroman, P; Wu, F; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2008Fuzzy multi-objective decision-making models and approachesLu, J; Zhang, G; Ruan, D
2006Fuzzy multiple objective group decision making techniquesWu, Fengjie
1-Dec-2005Fuzzy nature of trust and dynamic trust modeling in service oriented environmentsChang, EJ; Hussain, FK; Dillon, TS
25-Nov-2010Fuzzy network of reasoning by SVD and Morphotronic networkResconi, G; Chaczko, Z