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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Increased zooxanthellae nitric oxide synthase activity is associated with coral bleachingTrapido-Rosenthal, H; Zielke, S; Owen, R; Buxton, LJ; Boeing, B; Bhagooli, R; Archer, J
Dec-2013Increases in the prevalence of reduced visual acuity and myopia in Chinese children in Guangzhou over the past 20 years.Xiang, F; He, M; Zeng, Y; Mai, J; Rose, KA; Morgan, IG
Apr-2016Increasing children's time spent outdoors reduces the incidence of myopia.French, AN
Jan-2009The increasing density of shrubs and trees across a landscapeMacinnis-Ng, CM; Eamus, D
Jan-2006Increasing EBM learning in training GPs: a qualitative study of supervisorsKnight, A; Usherwood, T; Adams, J
Jan-2012The increasing importance of environmental attributes in commercial building retrofitsWilkinson, SJ; Kashiwagi, D; Sullivan, K
13-Aug-2014Increasing life of spur gear with the help finite element analysisGagandeep Singh
Jan-2010Increasing model structural complexity inhibits the growth of initial condition errorsBaird, ME; Suthers, I
Jan-2010Increasing ocean temperatures allow tropical fishes to survive overwinter in temperate watersFigueira, WF; Booth, DJ
2014Increasing robustness in the calculation of the speech transmission index from impulse responsesCabrera, D; Lee, D; Leembruggen, G; Jimenez, D
Sep-2005Increasing ROI in Information ResourcesFlynn, A
Jan-2011Increasing Student Engagement and Performance in Introductory Accounting through Student-Generated ScreencastsWakefield, JA; Frawley, JK; Dyson, LE; Tyler, JV; Litchfield, AJ; None
1-Jul-2013Increasing the dimensionality of quantum walks using multiple walkersRohde, PP; Schreiber, A; Štefaňák, M; Jex, I; Gilchrist, A; Christine, S
Jan-2003Increasing the ratio of Soj to SpoOJ levels promotes replication initiation in Bacillus subtilisOgura, Y; Ogasawara, N; Harry, L; Moriya, S
2015Increasing the understanding and use of natural archives of ecosystem services, resilience and thresholds to improve policy, science and practicePearson, S; Lynch, AJJ; Plant, RA; Cork, S; Taffs, K; Dodson, J; Maynard, S; Gergis, J; Gell, P; Thackway, R; Sealie, L; Donaldson, J
17-Nov-2014Increasing Water Consumption in Licensed PremisesWatson, NR; kaldor, L
Jan-2008An increasingly familiar tragedy: evaluative collocation and conflationBednarek, MA
Jan-2013The incremental and cumulative effects of dynamic capability building on service innovation in collaborative service organizationsAgarwal, R; Selen, W
Jan-2006Incremental change towards sustainability: integrating human and ecological factors for efficiencyBenn, SH; Probert, J; Schaltegger, S; Wagner, M
2012Incremental change, transition or transformation? Optimising change pathways for climate adaptation in spatial planningRoggema, R; Vermeend, T; van den Dobbelsteen, A