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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012How do investors react under uncertainty?Bird, R; Yeung, DC
15-Mar-2018How Do Lawyers Assist Their Clients with Advance Care Planning? Findings from a Cross-Sectional Survey of Lawyers in Alberta, Canada (2018) 55(3) Alberta Law ReviewRies, N; Douglas, M; Simon, J; Fassbender, K
3-Apr-2017How do linking, leveraging and learning capabilities influence the entry mode choice for multinational firms from emerging markets?Li, W; Guo, B; Xu, G
Jan-2004How do nocturnal snakes select diurnal retreat sites?Webb, JK; Pringle, RM; Shine, R
Jan-2007How do organisations learn in a project environment? A multiple case study analysis drawing lessons from the built environment context.Sankaran, S; Orr, M; Kumar, MR; Walker, S; London, K; Thyarappan, G; Chen, J
2014How do project managers acquire and exchange knowledge? An action research study of project managers in AustraliaAlgeo, CT
Jan-2007How do students understand computer network protocols?Berglund, A; Lister, RF; Mann, S; Bridgeman, N
1-Dec-2011How do we measure and improve the quality of a hierarchical ontology?Beydoun, G; Lopez-Lorca, AA; García-Sánchez, F; Martínez-Béjar, R
Jan-2003How do women learn about breastfeeding - what are the implications for breastfeeding education?Smith, SM
1-Jan-2017How does accreditation influence staff perceptions of quality in residential aged care?Hogden, A; Greenfield, D; Brandon, M; Debono, D; Mumford, V; Westbrook, J; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2006How does Australia regulate the Use of Geographical Indications for Product other than Wine and Spirit?Ayu, MR
Jan-2003How does ecosystem water balance affect net primary productivity of woody ecosystems?Eamus, D
24-May-2016How Does National Scientific Funding Support Emerging Interdisciplinary Research: A Comparison Study of Big Data Research in the US and ChinaHuang, Y; Zhang, Y; Youtie, J; Porter, A; Wang, X
Jan-2005How does product congruency moderate the role of identification in purchase intent?De Souza, D; Owen, KM; Lings, IN; Purchase, S
Jan-2011How Does Research Evolve? Pattern Mining for Research Meme CyclesHe, D; Zhu, X; Stott Parker, D; NA
2015How Does Sustainable Banking Add Up?Boersma, M
Jan-2015How Does the Driver's Perception Reaction Time Affect the Performances of Crash Surrogate Measures?Kuang, Y; Qu, X; Weng, J; Etemad-Shahidi, A
Dec-2013How does the mining industry contribute to sexual and reproductive health in developing countries? A narrative synthesis of current evidence to inform nursing practiceDawson, A; Homer, CS
1-Oct-2014How does trading volume affect financial return distributions?Do, HX; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E
Dec-2016How domesticity dictates behaviour in the birth space: Lessons for designing birth environments in institutions wanting to promote a positive experience of birth.Mondy, T; Fenwick, J; Leap, N; Foureur, M