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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Investigation of the difference in modelling approaches between 1D and 2D flood modelsHannan, JM
2007An investigation of the dynamic characteristics of hydraulic power steering systemsWang, Miao
1-Sep-2016Investigation of the effect of heated ethanol fuel on combustion and emissions of an ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port injection (EDI + GPI) engineHuang, Y; Hong, G
2016An investigation of the impact factors to increase citizens' engagement in e-participation on e-government in Saudi ArabiaAlharbi, Abdullah Masad J.
2015Investigation of the interaction of remains and textiles in soil gravesUeland, Maiken
Jan-2003Investigation of the interfacial structure of ultra-thin platinum film deposited by cathodic-arcSwift, PD; Solina, DM; Cheary, RW; McCredie, G
Jan-2005Investigation of the optical properties of hollow aluminium 'nano-caps'Liu, J; McCredie, G; Ford, M; Wieczorek, L; Cortie, MB
Jan-2011Investigation of the optical properties of polyfluorene/ZnO nanocompositesZou, J; Le Rendu, P; Musa, I; Yang, S; Dan, Y; Ton-That, C; Nguyen, T
8-Dec-2015An Investigation of the Performance of a Gasoline Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Hot Ethanol Direct InjectionHuang, Y; Hong, G
1993An investigation of the perspectives on language proficiency of teachers, learners and supervisors within Workplace English Language and Literacy classes (AMES, NSW) and teacher practices relating to spoken and written language development within these classesManidis, Marie
Jan-2004Investigation of the potential of motes in the mobile enterpriseFelix Navarro, KM; Lawrence, EM; Steele, RJ; Riudavets, J; Horwitch, M
Jan-2013Investigation of the swelling behavior of Dome Matrix drug delivery modules by high-resolution X-ray computed tomographyLosi, E; Peppas, NA; Ketcham, RA; Bettini, R; Sonvico, F; Colombo, P
Jan-2005Investigation of the ultimate behaviours and FEA of wood stressed-skin panelsGerber, C; Crews, KI; Sigrist, C; Takashi Hara
Jan-2008An investigation of the vegetation associated with grave sites in southern OntarioWatson, CJ; Forbes, SL
2017Investigation of the widely applicable Bayesian information criterionFriel, N; McKeone, JP; Oates, CJ; Pettitt, AN
Jan-2013An investigation of triple system eliminators in censusesBaffour, B; Brown, JJ; Smith, P
2008An investigation of western influence in visual communications from Cambodian non-commercial sourcesPaling, WG
2016An investigation of wholly-owned foreign subsidiary control through transaction cost economics theoryGiacobbe, F; Matolcsy, Z; Wakefield, J
25-Aug-2015Investigation of Window Size in Classification of EEG Emotion Signal with Wavelet Entropy and Support Vector MachineCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Chai, R; Handojoseno, A; Elamvazuthi, I; Nguyen, HT; Su, S; Conference Editorial Board for EMBC 2015
Jan-2004Investigation ogf microstructural features in regenerating bone using micro computed tomographyJones, AC; Sakellariou, A; Limaye, A; Arns, CH; Senden, TJ; Sawkins, T; Knackstedt, M; Rohner, D; Hutmacher, DW; Brandwood, A; Milthorpe, BK