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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Memory-work: The MethodOnyx, J; Small, J
6-Aug-2007Memory-Workers Doing Memory-Work on Memory-Work: Exploring Unresolved PowerCadman, K; Friend, L; Gannon, S; Ingleton, C; Koutroulis, G; McCormack, C; Mitchell, P; Onyx, J; O'Regan, K; Rocco, S; Small, J
Jan-2014Men in nursing on television: Exposing and reinforcing stereotypesWeaver, R; Ferguson, C; Wilbourn, M; Salamonson, Y
2014Men of Business ‘Paying it Forward’ Program-A report for the MOBBurton, L; O'Shea, É; Olliver, ,S
1-May-2012Men's Experiences of Family, Domestic and Honour-Related Violence in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, IndiaBroom, A; Sibbritt, D; Nilan, P; Nayar, K; Doron, A
Jan-2012Men's wage inequality in Serbia's transitionKecmanovic, M
9-Apr-2013Men, Stay Away From The Shallow Glories Of Law And Politics. Those Roles Are...Price, J
Jan-2008Men, Women and the Maid: At Home With the New RichSun, W; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2012Mental health nurses' perceptions of good work in an acute settingHorsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Jackson, DE; Cleary, M
Jan-2011Mental Health Nursing: Transitions from clinical roles to academiaCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013The mental health of mothers of unsettled infants: is there value in routine psychosocial assessment in this context?Christl, B; Reilly, N; Smith, M; Sims, D; Chavasse, F; Austin, M
Jan-2012Mental non-motor imagery tasks classifications of brain computer interface for wheelchair commands using genetic algorithm-based neural networkChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2011Mental preparation for climate adaptation: The role of cognition and culture in enhancing adaptive capacity of water management in KiribatiKuruppu, N; Liverman, D
Jan-2012Mental Task Classifications Using Prefrontal Cortex Electroencephalograph SignalsChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
Jan-2009Mentored Residential Writing Retreats: A Leadership Strategy To Develop Skills And Generate Outcomes In Writing For PublicationJackson, DE
Jan-2009Mentoring First-Year Distance Education Students in Taxation StudiesMartin, F; Collier, K; Carlon, S
2010Mentoring in acute stroke : evaluation of an information provision strategy for stroke survivors and carersBurrows, J
Jan-2004Mentoring retrained teachers: extending the webAubusson, PJ; Watson, K; Vozzo, L; Steele, FA
Jan-2005Mentoring women in acquiring small business management skills & minus; gaining the benefits and avoiding the pitfallsBenton, I; Sankaran, S
2005Mentoring, women and the construction of academic identitiesDevos, Anita