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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Incorporating Complexity Theory and Feminism into Video EthnographyCarroll, KE; Iedema, RA; NA
2016Incorporating couplings into collaborative filteringLi, Fangfang
2013Incorporating digital technologies into science classes: Two case studies from the fieldHilton, A; Hilton, G
Jan-2008Incorporating discontinuous preferences into the analysis of discrete choice experimentsCampbell, D; Hutchinson, WG; Scarpa, R
1-Jan-2011Incorporating Discount Usability in Extreme ProgrammingSohaib, O
2013Incorporating ecological considerations into industrial design practiceBehrisch, JC
Jan-2005Incorporating elements from CAMLE in the open repositoryGonzalez Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B; Debenham, JK; Low, GC; Tran, Q; Shi, Z; He, Q
Jan-2004Incorporating elements from the Prometheus agent-oriented methodology in the OPEN Process FrameworkHenderson-Sellers, B; Tran, Q; Debenham, JK; Grundspenkis, J; Kirikova, M
1-Jun-2017Incorporating grain legumes in cereal-based cropping systems to improve profitability in southern New South Wales, AustraliaXing, H; Liu, DL; Li, G; Wang, B; Anwar, MR; Crean, J; Lines-Kelly, R; Yu, Q
Jan-2009Incorporating habitat use in models of fauna fatalities on roadsRoger, E; Ramp, D
2016Incorporating Local Effects In The Predictor Step Of The Iterative Global-Local Analysis Of BeamsErkmen, RE; Saleh, A; Afnani, A
Jan-2010Incorporating medical history to cost sensitive classification with lazy learning strategyQin, Z; Wang, T; Zhang, S; NA
1-May-2016Incorporating Multiskilling and Learning in the Optimization of Crew CompositionAhmadian Fard Fini, A; Rashidi, TH; Akbarnezhad, A; Travis Waller, S
Jan-2007Incorporating prior domain knowledge into a kernel based feature selection algorithmYu, T; Simoff, SJ; Stokes, D; Zhou, Z; Li, H; Yang, Q
2007Incorporating prior domain knowledge into inductive machine learning : its implementation in contemporary capital marketsYu, T
Jan-2005Incorporating Sustainability in Meetings and Event Management EducationPresbury, R; Edwards, DC
2009Incorporating sustainable development in the design of mineral processing operations - Review and analysis of current approachesMcLellan, BC; Corder, GD; Green, S; Giurco, D
Jan-2009Incorporating sustainable development in the design of mineral processing operations - Review and analysis of current approachesMcLellan, BC; Corder, GD; Giurco, D; Green, S
Jan-2008Incorporating Systems Thinking in Organizational Change Projects Using Action Research by Practitioners Conducting Academic ResearchSankaran, S; Tay, B; Orr, M; Jenifer Wilby
Jan-2004Incorporating the elements of the MASE methodology into agent openTran, Q; Henderson-Sellers, B; Debenham, JK; Seruca, I; Cordeiro, J; Hammoudi, S; Filipe, J