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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010The incremental renaissance of the historic city of durhamPugalis, L
13-Oct-2016Incremental SQP Method for Constrained Optimization Formulation in SLAMBai, F; Huang, S; Vidal Calleja, TA; Zhang, Q
2008Incremental Tensor Analysis: Theory and ApplicationsSun, J; Tao, D; Papadimitriou, S; Yu, P; Faloutsos, C
Jan-2010Incremental tensor biased discriminant analysis: A new color-based visual tracking methodWen, J; Gao, X; Yuan, Y; Tao, D; Li, J
Jan-2011Incremental Training of a Detector Using Online Sparse EigendecompositionPaisitkriangkrai, S; Shen, C; Zhang, J
1-Feb-2017An Incremental Type-2 Meta-Cognitive Extreme Learning MachinePratama, M; Zhang, G; Er, MJ; Anavatti, S
6-Sep-2015Incumbent User Active Area Detection for Licensed Shared AccessJayawickrama, BA; Dutkiewicz, E; Mueck, M
2005Indelible inkMcGregor, F
Jan-2002Indentation-induced damage in GaN epilayersBradby, J; Kucheyev, SO; Williams, JS; Wong-Leung, J; Swain, MV; Munroe, P; Li, G; Phillips, M
Jan-2005Independence properties vis-a-vis several utility representationsMarley, AA; Luce, RD
Jan-2005The 'independence' of expert opinions in corporate takeovers: Agreeing with directors' recommendationsBugeja, M
2002Independence, housing and the experience of ageing: challenges to taken-for-granted imagesLaverty, S; Cathy Hayles, Robyn Findlay and Matt Dyer
Jan-2008Independent component approach to the analysis of hand gesture sEMG and facial sEMGNaik, G; Arjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
Mar-2014Independent component ensemble of EEG for brain-computer interface.Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Lin, Y-P; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
Jan-1998Independent Effects Of The Environment On The Leaf Gas Exchange Of Three Banana (Musa Sp.) Cultivars Of Different Genomic ConstitutionThomas, DW; Turner, DW; Eamus, D
Jan-2006Independent expert valuations in takeovers: Are they biased?Bugeja, M
2011Independent External Validation Of Nomograms For Predicting Risk Of Low-Trauma Fracture And Hip FractureLangsetmo, L; Nguyen, TV; Nguyen, N; Kovacs, C; Prior, J; Center, J; Morin, S; Josse, R; Adachi, J; Hanley, D; Eisman, J
Feb-2011Independent external validation of nomograms for predicting risk of low-trauma fracture and hip fracture.Langsetmo, L; Nguyen, TV; Nguyen, ND; Kovacs, CS; Prior, JC; Center, JR; Morin, S; Josse, RG; Adachi, JD; Hanley, DA; Eisman, JA
1-Sep-2013Independent registration for naturopaths and herbalists in Australia: The coming of age of an ancient profession in contemporary healthcareWardle, J; Steel, A; McIntyre, E
Jan-2001Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 1. Extended Producer Responsibility: Principles, Policy and Practice in NSWWhite, S; Calvert, F; Cordell, DJ; O'Rourke, A; Waters, SC; Young, E