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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Midwives' emotional wellbeing: Impact of conducting Structured Antenatal Psychosocial Assessments (SAPSA)Mollart, L; Ewing, C; Foureur, M
2013Midwives' experiences of becoming CenteringPregnancy facilitators: A pilot study in Sydney, AustraliaTeate, A; Leap, N; Homer, C
2015Midwives' experiences of caring for women with female genital mutilation: Insights and ways forward for practice in AustraliaDawson, A; Turkmani, S; Varol, N; Sullivan, E; Homer, CSE
Sep-2015Midwives' experiences of caring for women with female genital mutilation: Insights and ways forward for practice in Australia.Dawson, AJ; Turkmani, S; Varol, N; Nanayakkara, S; Sullivan, E; Homer, CS
Jan-2005Midwives' Tales. Stories of traditional and professional birthing in SamoaBarclay, L; Aiavao, F; Fenwick, JH; Tooloa Papua, K
Jan-2009Mie and Bragg plasmons in subwavelength silver semi-shellsMaaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Harris, N; Wieczorek, L
Jan-1978Migracion de la Ciguena negra por El Pardo (Madrid)Garcia, LM; Sanchez-Bayo, FP
Jan-2012Migrant Beggars and Buskers - China's Have-Less CelebritiesJeffreys, E; Wang, S
Jan-2006Migrant Women and the Australian Information Communications and Technology Sector: A Special Case?Alcorso, C; Ho, C
Jan-2004Migrants and employment: Challenging the success storyHo, C
Jan-2013Migrating RightsBerg, LA; Arvanitakis, J; Matthews, I
Jan-2006Migration as feminisation? Chinese womens experiences of work and family in AustraliaHo, C
Jan-2006Migration of price discovery in semiregulated derivatives marketsHall, AM; Kofman, P; Manaster, S
Jan-2012Migration of women from the Philippines: Implication for healthcare deliveriesTejero, LM; Fowler, CM
14-Apr-2016Migration, African Migrants, and the World: Towards a Radical Political EconomyObeng-Odoom, F
17-Mar-2010Migration, Crime and Justice: Approaches to Migrant Crime in AustraliaFrancis, R
17-Mar-2010Migration, Crime and Justice: Immigrant Minorities and Crime in Australia - The Racialisation of CriminalityCollins, J
17-Mar-2010Migration, Crime and Justice: Law and Order and African Migrant Communities - Myths and RealitiesBlay, S
Jan-2003Migration, memory and Hong Kong as a 'space of transit' in Clara Law's autum moonMitchell, T
2002Migrations of Identity and Home: Mapping Western SydneyKaraminas, V; Vicki Karaminas, Kay Shumack and Ien ang