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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Language of University MathematicsWood, LN; Smith, GH; Presmeg, N; Schmidt, S
Jan-2009Language Patterns And AttitudeBednarek, MA
Jan-2013Language policies, language ideologies and local language practicesPennycook, AD; Wee, L; Goh, RBH; Lim, L
Jan-2002Language policy and docile bodies: Hong Kong and governmentalityPennycook, AD; Tollefson, JW
Jan-2004Language policy and the ecological turnPennycook, AD
2016The language with displayed art(efacts) : linguistic and sociological perspectives on meaning, accessibility and knowledge-building in museum exhibitionsBlunden, Jennifer Jane
Jan-2010Language, ideology, media and social changeCoupland, NJ; Junod, IK; Maillat, D
Jan-2006Language, Literature and Literacy in the digital ageJohnston, RR; Venetia Somerset
2010Language, literature, literacy and the Australian curriculumJohnston, RR
Jan-2007Language, localization, and the real: Hip-hop and the global spread of authenticityPennycook, AD
Jan-2008Language-free Linguistics and Linguistics-free LanguagesPennycook, AD; Mahboob, A; Knight, N
Jan-2008Laplace transform identities for diffusions, with applications to rebates and barrier optionsHulley, H; Platen, E; Stettner, L
Jan-2012Laplacian Embedded Regression for Scalable Manifold RegularizationChen, L; Tsang, I; Xu, D
Aug-2015Laplacian Normalization and Random Walk on Heterogeneous Networks for Disease-gene PrioritizationZhao, Z; Han, G-S; Yu, Z-G; Li, J
Jan-2013Laplacian Sparse Coding, Hypergraph Laplacian Sparse Coding, and ApplicationsGao, S; Tsang, I; Chia, L
Jan-2004Lara Croft: between a feminist icon and male fantasyMikula, MH; Schubart, R; Gjelvsik, A
Jan-2006Large Array Beamforming Via Semidefinite ProgrammingHoang, HG; Hoang, TD; Vo, B; NA
9-Dec-2014Large centric diatoms allocate more cellular nitrogen to photosynthesis to counter slower RUBISCO turnover ratesWu, Y; Jeans, J; Suggett, DJ; Finkel, ZV; Campbell, DA
Jan-2008Large Deformation Plate Bending with Application to Solar CollectorsWatterson, PA; Savvides, N; Lovatt, HC; Prasad, D; Co-Chairs, MG
20-Nov-2014Large Eddy Simulation of Single-Sided Ventilated Room With Different Location of WindowsIdris, A; Huynh, BP; Pelegri, A