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8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), The creative economy: idea, evidence, debate, Paper presented at CCI in Retrospect and Prospect symposium, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI), April 1, Queensland University of Technology, BrisbaneLisa Colley; Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), Tipping the Point, Panel presentation and discussion for UTSpeaks, hosted by Hael Kobayashi, April 9, University of Technology, SydneyHael Kobayashi (Executive Director, University of Technology, Sydney, Creative Intelligence Unit); Lisa Colley (Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Jessica Frawley (Researcher at University of Technology, Sydney, Centre for Human Centred Technology and Design & PhD Candidate University of Technology, Sydney School of IT); Bem Le Hunte (Director of University of Technology, Sydney, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation)
9-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), Tipping the Point, PowerPoint presentation, UTSpeaks, hosted by Hael Kobayashi, April 9, University of Technology, SydneyLisa Colley (Director, Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Creative, IIC
Jan-2009Listening across difference: Media and multiculturalism beyond the politics of voiceDreher, TI
Jan-2011Listening for people: Exploiting the spectral structure of speech to robustly perceive the presence of peopleHilsenbeck, B; Kirchner, NG; NA
Jan-2012Listening Through the Firewall: Semiotics of sound in networked improvisationMills, RH; Beilharz, KA
Jan-2013Listening To Bodies And Watching Machines: Developing Health Information Skills, Tools And Services For People Living With Chronic Kidney DiseaseGodbold, NJ
Jan-2003Listening to Jack: GE s Change Conversations with ShareholdersPalmer, IC; King, A; Nagao, D
20-May-2016Listening to student voices through scenario design: Aligning learning.futuresCrosby, AL; McKenzie, J
Jan-2009Listening, pathbuilding and continuations: A research agenda for the analysis of listeningO'Donnell, PA; Lloyd, JS; Dreher, TI
2011The lit'tle island series.Chiu, Maureen.
Jan-2001Literacies in school education in AustraliaHammond, J
2-Jan-2014Literacy and the politics of representationYasukawa, K
Jan-2014The literacy myth continues: Adapting Graff's thesis to contemporary discourses on adult 'foundations skills' in AustraliaBlack, SR; Yasukawa, K
1-Dec-2015Literary journalism: looking beyond the Anglo-American traditionJoseph, SA; Rickeston, M; Joseph, SA
Jan-2005Literary Potential: The Release of CriticismBenjamin, AE; Kim, S; Patton, P
2013Literary subjectivity : a Lacanian approach to authoriality & postcards from desolation row : twelve storiesJohnson, LM
Jan-2010The Literature Continuum and Deep LiteracyJohnston, RR; Winch, G; Johnston, R; March, P; Ljungdahl, L; Holliday, M
2013Literature review and analysis of the application of health outcome assessment instruments in Chinese medicineLiu, FB; Hou, ZK; Yang, YY; Li, PW; Li, QW; Xie, N; Li, JW; Zeng, XJ
Jan-2013Literature review and analysis of the development of health outcomes assessment instruments in Chinese medicineLiu, F; Hou, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Z; Xie, D; Xie, N; Nguyen, H