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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009The Low-Oxygen-Induced NAC Domain Transcription Factor ANAC102 Affects Viability of Arabidopsis Seeds following Low-Oxygen TreatmentChristianson, J; Wilson, I; Llewellyn, D; Dennis, ES
Jan-2008Low-temperature and daylength cues are integrated to regulate FLOWERING LOCUS T in barleyHemming, M; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES; Trevaskis, B
Jan-2009Low-temperature optical characterization of a near-infrared single-photon emitter in nanodiamondsSiyushev, P; Jacques, V; Aharonovich, I; Kaiser, F; Muller, T; Lombez, L; Atature, M; Castelletto, S; Prawer, S; Jelezko, F; Wrachtrup, J
Dec-2014Lower and upper bounds for prices of Asian-type optionsNovikov, AA; Kordzakhia, NE
Jan-2002Lower Bound On Inconclusive Probability Of Unambiguous DiscriminationFeng, Y; Zhang, S; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-1993Lower confidence bounds for time to cureRabinowitz, D; Ryan, LM
Jan-2001Lowering of Blood Glucose to Nondiabetic Levels in a Hyperglycemic Pig By Allografting of Fetal Pig Isletlike Cell ClustersVo, L; Tuch, BE; Wright, DC; Keogh, GW; Simpson, AM; Roberts, S; Yao, M; Tabiin, MT; Valencia, SK; Scott, H
Jan-2003LPAR: an adaptive routing strategy for MANETsAbolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; Lipman, J
Jan-2003LPV Technique for the Rejection of Sinusoidal Disturbance with Time-Varying FrequencyDu, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Zhang, L
2014LTE-Advanced fair intelligent admission control LTE-FIACFurqan, F; Hoang, DB; Collings, IB
1-Jan-2014LTE_FICC: A New Mechanism for Provision of QoS and Congestion Control in LTE/LTE-Advanced NetworksFurqan, F; Hoang, DB; Stojmenovic, I; Cheng, Z; Guo, S
Jan-2010The LU-LC conjecture is falseJi, Z; Chen, J; Wei, Z; Ying, M
Jan-1999Lucas Sequences and Functions of a 3-by-3 MatrixMelham, R
Jan-1999Lucas Sequences and Functions of a 4-by-4 MatrixMelham, R
Jan-2008Luf-talkyng in Sir Gawain and the Green KnightMcCarthy, C
Jan-2005Lula: Brazil's Worker PresidentMorton, T
Jan-2010Luminescence of InGaN MQWs grown on misorientated GaN substratesNenstiel, C; Switaisky, T; Alic, M; Suski, T; Albecht, M; Phillips, M; Hoffmann, AV; NA
Jan-2008Luminescence properties of poly- (phenylene vinylene) derivativesTon-That, C; Stockton, G; Phillips, M; Nguyen, T; Huang, C; Cojocaru, A
2011Luminescence studies of ZnO crystals and nanowiresFoley, M
Jan-2005A luminescence study of porous diatomsButcher, KS; Ferris, JM; Phillips, M; Wintrebert-Fouquet, M; Jong Wah, JW; Jovanovic, N; Vyverman, W; N/A