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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Imaging of surface O2 dynamics in corals with magnetic micro optode particlesFabricius-Dyg, J; Mistlberger, G; Staal, M; Borisov, SM; Klimant, I; Kuhl, M
Jan-2001Imaging Point Defects Using a Transmission Electron Microscope with Controllable Spherical AberrationAnstis, G
Jan-2009Imaging Sustainabiltiy: The environment of the well tempered architecturePerin, GJ; Eram, JS; Wood, P
Jan-2013Imagining Fatherhood: Young Australian Men's Perspectives on FatheringThompson, R; Lee, C; Adams, J
Jan-2010Imagining Italians Abroad. The 2008 Italian Political Election Campaign in AustraliaVanni Accarigi, I; Jospeh Pugliese
Jan-2002Imagining Otherness: Refugee Claims on the Basis of Sexuality in Canada and AustraliaMillbank, J
Jan-2005Imagining Politics, Politicizing ImagesVanni Accarigi, I
Jan-2008Imagining Suburbia as the Roots of Sea-Change and Tree-Change: A Study of Sydney and Melbourne MediaHarfield, S; Prior, JH; Finch, L
Jan-2007Imagining the Orient: Cultural Appropriation in the florence Broadhurst CollectionKaraminas, V
Jan-2005Imagining Union: European Cultural Identity in the Pre-Federal Future PerfectPratt, M
2009Imagining women artists through fiction : the rose friezeLudlow, C
Jan-2006IMB3-miner Mining inducedembedded subtrees by constraining the level of embeddingTang, H; Dillon, TS; Hadzic, F; Chang, E; Feng, L; NA
Jan-2004Imbalance water-use in farming systems: the potential for bambooYunusa, IA; De Silva, DL; Odeh, I; Eamus, D; Ridley, A; Feikema, P; Bennett, S; Rogers, MJ; Wilkinson, R; Hirth, J
Jan-2005IMM Estimator versus optimal estimator for hybrid systemsBar-Shalom, Y; Challa, S; Blom, HA
31-Mar-2018Immediate and Lasting Chronic Pain Reduction Following a Brief Self-Implemented Mindfulness-Based Interoceptive Exposure Task: a Pilot StudyCayoun, B; Simmons, A; Shires, A
Jan-2015The immediate global responses of Aliivibrio salmonicida to iron limitations.Thode, SK; Kahlke, T; Robertsen, EM; Hansen, H; Haugen, P
-Immersive, interactive, unconventional virtual environments, boost creative cognitionHakak, AM; Biloria, N
Jan-2008Immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia: Regulations and responsesCollins, J
2010Immigrant stonemasons within Sydney and other parts of AustraliaReeves, CC