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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Green infrastructure: planning a national green network for AustraliaKilbane, SJ
Jan-2006Green lease guide for commercial office tenantsMcGee, CM
2017Green marketing and green consciousness in IndiaGhosh, D; Jain, A; Lewis, T
Jan-2012Green NanophotonicsSmith, G
2012Green nanotechnologySmith, G; Raul J. Martin-Palma, Yi-Jun Jen, Tom G. Mackay
Jan-2011Green nanotechnologySmith, G; Martín-Palma, RJ; Jen, YJ; Mackay, TG
Jan-2010Green Nanotechnology: Solutions for sustainability and energy in the built environmentSmith, G; Granqvist, CG
Jan-2014Green neoliberalism: Recycling and sustainable urban development in Sekondi-TakoradiObeng-Odoom, F
-Green Oooh 2014 & Purple Oooh 2014Robinson, TM; Diana Warnes
2013Green Product Design With Engineering Tradeoffs Under Technology Efficient Frontiers: Analytical Results and Empirical TestsChen, C; Zhang, J
Jan-2008A green profession? A global survey of RICS members and their engagement with the sustainability agendaDixon, T; Colantonio, A; Shiers, D; Reed, R; Wilkinson, SJ; Gallimore, P
Jan-2009Green revolution - a challenge to improve environmental performance of existing housing stocksDing, GK; Ge, J; Cheng, YL; Lao, LM; Liao, WJ; Yen, TC; Yu, PM
2017Green Roof and Permeable Paving Retrofit to Mitigate Pluvial FloodingWilkinson, SJ; Proverbs, DG; Lamond, JE
2017Green Roof and Permeable Paving Retrofit to Mitigate Pluvial FloodingWilkinson, SJ; Proverbs, DG; Lamond, JE
1-Nov-2016Green roof and permeable paving to mitigate pluvial floodingWilkinson, SJ; proverbs, DG; lamond, JE; Charlesworth, S; Booth, C
13-Sep-2016Green Roof Retrofit Building Urban ResilienceWilkinson, SJ; Dixon, T
Jan-2009Green roof retrofit potential in the central business districtWilkinson, SJ; Reed, R
2013Green Tea Polyphenol Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Enhance Glycogen Synthesis and Inhibit Lipogenesis in HepatocytesKim, J; Tan, Y; Xiao, L; Sun, Y; Qu, X
Jan-2013Green tea polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate enhance glycogen synthesis and inhibit lipogenesis in hepatocytes.Kim, JJY; Tan, Y; Xiao, L; Sun, Y-L; Qu, X
2014Green tea polyphenols : a natural therapeutic approach for metabolic syndrome and diabetes preventionKim, JJY