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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2014Matching the background of demonstrators with those of their students: does it make a difference?Kirkup, L; Varadharajan, M; Braun, M; Buffler, A; Lubben, F
Jan-2011'Mate Speak English, You're in Australia Now': English language requirements in skilled migrationBerg, LA
Jan-2013Material aesthetics and agency: Alexander Dorner and the stage-managed museumLoschke, S
2014Material characterization of timber utility poles using experimental approachesElsener, RM
Jan-2011Material Memories and the Australian Memorial ImaginationHamilton, PI
-Material ThinkingRobinson, TM; Roennfeldt Aanya
Jan-2012Materialising the Pixel: A Productive SynergyMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ; Fischer, T; De Biswas, K; Ham, JJ; Naka, R; Huang, W
Jan-2007The materiality of sustainability: Corporate social and environmental responsibility as instruments of strategic change?Clarke, T; Benn, S; Dunphy, D
Jan-2010Materializing Virtual SitesMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ; Valbom, L
Jan-2004Materials and systems for efficient lighting and delivery of daylightSmith, G
Jan-2006Materials for a Safer WorldO'Mahony, M; Paola Antonelli
Jan-2008Maternal and postnatal overnutrition differentially impact appetite regulators and fuel metabolismChen, H; Simar, D; Lambert, K; Mercier, J; Morris, M
Jan-2011Maternal cigarette smoke exposure contributes to glucose intolerance and decreased brain insulin action in mice offspring independent of maternal dietChen, H; Iglesias, MA; Caruso, V; Morris, M
Jan-2008Maternal Depressive Symptoms, Parenting Self-efficacy, And Child GrowthSurkan, P; Kawachi, I; Ryan, LM; Berkman, L; Vieira, C; Peterson, K
Jan-2013Maternal health post-2015Campbell, J; de Bernis, L; Downe, S; Fogstad, H; Homer, CS; Powell Kennedy, H; Matthews, Z; Renfrew, M; ten Hoope-Bender, P
Mar-2011Maternal mortality in Australia: Learning from Maternal Cardiac ArrestCatling, C; McDonnell, N; Moores, A; Homer, CS
Jan-2009Maternal mortality: What can we learn from stories of postpartum haemorrhage?Homer, CS; Clements, VJ; McDonnell, N; Peek, M; Sullivan, E
Jan-2014Maternal obesity impairs brain glucose metabolism and neural response to hyperglycemia in male rat offspringChen, H; Simar, D; Morris, M
Jan-2016Maternal Obesity Promotes Diabetic Nephropathy in Rodent Offspring.Glastras, SJ; Tsang, M; Teh, R; Chen, H; McGrath, RT; Zaky, AA; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
Jan-2010Maternal overnutrition impacts offspring adiposity and brain appetite markers-modulation by postweaning dietRajia, S; Chen, H; Margaret, JM