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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2014Literacy and the politics of representationYasukawa, K
Jan-2014The literacy myth continues: Adapting Graff's thesis to contemporary discourses on adult 'foundations skills' in AustraliaBlack, SR; Yasukawa, K
1-Dec-2015Literary journalism: looking beyond the Anglo-American traditionJoseph, SA; Rickeston, M; Joseph, SA
Jan-2005Literary Potential: The Release of CriticismBenjamin, AE; Kim, S; Patton, P
2013Literary subjectivity : a Lacanian approach to authoriality & postcards from desolation row : twelve storiesJohnson, LM
Jan-2010The Literature Continuum and Deep LiteracyJohnston, RR; Winch, G; Johnston, R; March, P; Ljungdahl, L; Holliday, M
2013Literature review and analysis of the application of health outcome assessment instruments in Chinese medicineLiu, FB; Hou, ZK; Yang, YY; Li, PW; Li, QW; Xie, N; Li, JW; Zeng, XJ
Jan-2013Literature review and analysis of the development of health outcomes assessment instruments in Chinese medicineLiu, F; Hou, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Z; Xie, D; Xie, N; Nguyen, H
Jan-2005Literature Review of Heat transfer in Thermometric Fixed Point CellsChowdhury, HA; Ballico, M; Madadnia, J; Reizes, J; Chandratilleke, T; Narayanaswamy, R
Jan-2011Literature review of the impact of nurse practitioners in critical care servicesFry, M
Jan-2007Literature review: considerations in undertaking focus group research with culturally and linguistically diverse groupsHalcomb, E; Gholizadeh, L; DiGiacomo, M; Phillips, JL; Davidson, PM
Jan-2014Literature Review: Social networking for nurse education: Possibilities, perils and pitfallsGreen, JA; Wyllie, AM; Jackson, DE
Jun-2001Literature Review: The Impact of Major Sporting EventsMassey, J; Brown, A
Jan-2013Literature: Benefits in an Age of GlobalisationLjungdahl, L
Jan-2010Lithium resources and production: A critical global assessmentMohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Giurco, D
Jan-2012Lithium resources and production: Critical assessment and global projectionsMohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Giurco, D
Jan-2007Litigating questions of qualityWeeks, G
Jan-2000Litter-based methods in developmental toxicity risk assessmentDeclerck, L; Molenberghs, G; Aerts, M; Ryan, LM
1-Jan-2015A Little Bit Fancy: Polychrome Brickwork in Late Nineteenth-Century SydneyOrr, K; Ringer, R
Jan-2013A little flute music: mimicry, memory, and narrativityPowys, V; Taylor, HE; Probets, C