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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Leadership development: an essential ingredient in supporting nursing unit managersWilson, V; Paterson, S; Kornman, K
Jan-2005Leadership Education in the Era of Disruption: What Can Business Schools Offer?Dovey, KA
Jan-2013Leadership for Sustainability: An Evolution of Leadership Ability.Metcalf, L; Benn, SH
Jan-2013Leadership for sustainable futuresDunphy, DC; Benn, SH; By, RT; Burnes, B
10-Dec-2008Leadership in contemporary local government reform: The Lyons Report in England and implications for Australasian local governmentGrant, BJ; Dollery, BE; Crase, L
Jan-2013Leadership in faith-based aged and community careShaw, K; Cartwright, C; Sankaran, S; Kelly, J; Dick, B; Davies, A; Craig, J
2015Leadership in health informatics: A pathway to twenty-first century patient careBichel-Findlay, J; Doran, C; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
11-Apr-2014Leadership in Local Government: Factors Affecting the Appointment of CEOsJacquie Hutchinson; Beth Walker; Fiona Haslam McKenzie
Jan-2012Leadership in projects and its impact on business strategy; An Australian CaseSixsmith, AJ; Dovey, KA; Linger, H; Owen, J
Jan-2004Leadership in quality - a middle management perspective.Davis, D; Elkin, G
Jan-2003Leadership in the Context of Health Reform: An Australian Case StudyDegeling, PJ; Iedema, RA; Winters, ME; Maxwell, S; Coyle, B; Kennedy, J; Hunter, DJ; Dopson, S; Mark, A
Jan-2010Leadership of nonprofit organizations in the aged and community careSankaran, S; Cartwright, C; Kelly, J; Shaw, K; Soar, J; Wilby, J
Jan-2006The leadership of Ronald McDonald double narration and stylistic lines of transformationBoje, D; Rhodes, CH
2014Leadership practices for innovation in high-technology organisationsAllen, G
Jan-2012Leadership Practices In The Generation And Deployment Of Intangible Capital Resources For InnovationDovey, KA; Mooney, GR
21-May-2015Leadership skills for nursing unit managers to decrease intention to leaveRoche, MA; Duffield, C; Dimitrelis, S; Frew, B
Jan-2010Leadership styles and CSR practice: An examination of sensemaking, institutional drivers and CSR leadershipAngus-Leppan, T; Metcalf, LA; Benn, SH
Jan-2011Leadership Substitutes And Personality Impact On Time And Quality In Virtual New Product Development ProjectsStrang, KD
2012Leadership succession in schools – an approach to developing a leadership philosophy in teachersBell, CM
Jan-2011Leadership Theories and Stories: An Open-Space ExplorationSankaran, S; Wilby, J