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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007A Miniature Short Stroke Tubular Linear Actuator and Its ControlLu, H; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Lin, Z; Kim, YJ
2-Dec-2013Miniaturized E-shaped PIFA antenna for wideband implantable biomedical applicationsGozasht, F; Hossain, MD; Mohan, AS
Jan-2013Miniaturized E-Shaped PIFA Antenna for Wideband Implantable Biomedical ApplicationsGozasht, F; Hossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Guido Lombardi
Jan-2013Miniaturized Slot PIFA Antenna for Tripleband Implantable Biomedical ApplicationsGozasht, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; N/A
Jan-2012Miniemulsion polymerization based on in situ surfactant formation without high-energy homogenization: effects of organic acid and counter ionGuo, Y; Teo, VL; Ting, S; Zetterlund, PB
Jan-2003A minimal dissipation type-based classification in irreversible thermodynamics and microeconomicsTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V; Kolinko, NA
Jan-2001A Minimal Financial Market ModelPlaten, E; Kohlman, M; Tang, S
Jan-2001Minimal Mark-Up of multiple choice exams using XMLLister, RF; Jerram, P; Kennedy, G; Keppell, M; McNaught, C; Petrovic, T
Jan-2006Minimal multi realization of MIMO linear systemsSu, SW; Anderson, B; Brinsmead, T
2005Minimalist Menace: The Necks score 'The Boys'Mitchell, A
Jan-2005Minimalist Menace: The Necks score 'The Boys'Mitchell, T
Jan-2001Minimax play at WimbledonWalker, M; Wooders, J
Jan-2013Minimax Sparse Logistic Regression for Very High Dimensional Feature SelectionTan, M; Tsang, I; Wang, L
Jan-2011Minimization of excess sludge and cryptic growth of microorganisms by alkaline treatment of activated sludgeNa, S; Shon, H; Kim, J
Jan-2008Minimizing the expected market time to reach a certain wealth levelKardaras, C; Platen, E
Jan-2010Minimizing the expected market time to reach a certain wealth levelKardaras, C; Platen, E
Jan-2005Minimum norm dual solutions and column generalisation stabilisationNeame, PJ; Caccetta, L; Rehbock, V
Jan-2002Minimum performance standards for showerheads in Australia-the benefits and the barriersDay, D; White, S; Association, AW
Jan-2008Mining and Ranking Generators of Sequential PatternsLo, D; Khoo, S; Li, J; Zaki, M; Wang, K
Jan-2012Mining and sustainability: asking the right questionsGiurco, D; Cooper, C