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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Multiple-valued logic interpretations of analogical, reverse analogical, and paralogical proportionsPrade, H; Richard, G; IEEE
Jan-2004Multiplex PCR allows simultaneous detection of pathogens in ships' ballast waterAridgides, LJ; Doblin, MA; Berke, T; Dobbs, FC; Matson, DO; Drake, L
Jan-2006Multiplex PCR-based reverse line blot hybridization assay to identify 23 Streptococcus pneumoniae polysaccharide vaccine serotypesKong, F; Brown, MJ; Sabananthan, A; Zeng, X; Gilbert, GL
Jan-2008Multiplicative approximation of wealth processes involving no-short-sale strategiesKardaras, C; Platen, E
Jan-2013Multiplicative approximation of wealth processes involving no-short-sale strategies via simple tradingKardaras, C; Platen, E
Jan-2002Multipole Method for Microstructured Optical Fibers. I. FormulationWhite, TP; Kuhlmey, B; McPhedran, RC; Maystre, DR; Renversez, G; De Sterke, C; Botten, LC
Jan-2002Multipole method for microstructured optical fibers. II. Implementation and resultsKuhlmey, B; White, TP; Renversez, G; Maystre, DR; Botten, LC; De Sterke, C; McPhedran, RC
Jan-2010Multipole method for modeling linear defects in photonic woodpilesKan, DJ; Asatryan, AA; Poulton, CG; Botten, LC
Jan-2006Multiquadrics collocation method for transient eddy current problemsZhang, Y; Shao, KR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
Jan-2005Multirealization of linear systemsAnderson, B; Su, SW; Brinsmead, T
Jan-2004Multiresolution Analysis for Reconstruction of Conductivity Profiles in Eddy Current Non-Destructive Evaluation Using Probe Impedance DataShao, KR; Guo, Y; Lavers, JD
Jan-2009Multiscale Combined RBF Collocation Methods for Eddy Currents Analysis in High Speed Moving ConductorsZhang, Y; Yang, G; Shao, KR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
Jan-2012Multiscale Roughness Measure For Color Image SegmentationYue, X; Miao, D; Zhang, N; Cao, L; Wu, Q
Jan-2013A Multiscale Simulation Technique For Molecular Electronics: Design Of A Directed Self-Assembled Molecular N-Bit Shift Register Memory DeviceLambropoulos, N; Reimers, JR; Crossley, M; Hush, N; Silverbrook, K
Jan-2003Multisensor Comparisons and Validation of MODIS Vegetation Indices at the Semiarid Jornada Experimental RangeGao, X; Huete, A; Didan, K
Jan-2012Multisensor data fusion in nonlinear Bayesian filteringHa, K; Hoang, TD; Rashid, U; Apkarian, P; NA
Jan-2009A Multisliced Finite-Element Model for Induction Machines Incorporating Interbar CurrentDorrell, DG; Holik, PJ; Lombard, P; Thougaard, H; Jensen, F
Jan-2004Multistate Network Reliability Evaluation Under The Maintenance Cost ConstraintYeh, W
Jan-2002Multistate-Node Acyclic Network Reliability EvaluationYeh, W
Jan-2003Multistate-Node Acyclic Networks Reliability Evaluation Based On McYeh, W