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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The mental health of mothers of unsettled infants: is there value in routine psychosocial assessment in this context?Christl, B; Reilly, N; Smith, M; Sims, D; Chavasse, F; Austin, M
Jan-2012Mental non-motor imagery tasks classifications of brain computer interface for wheelchair commands using genetic algorithm-based neural networkChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2011Mental preparation for climate adaptation: The role of cognition and culture in enhancing adaptive capacity of water management in KiribatiKuruppu, N; Liverman, D
Jan-2012Mental Task Classifications Using Prefrontal Cortex Electroencephalograph SignalsChai, R; Ling, SS; Hunter, G; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
Jan-2009Mentored Residential Writing Retreats: A Leadership Strategy To Develop Skills And Generate Outcomes In Writing For PublicationJackson, DE
Jan-2009Mentoring First-Year Distance Education Students in Taxation StudiesMartin, F; Collier, K; Carlon, S
2010Mentoring in acute stroke : evaluation of an information provision strategy for stroke survivors and carersBurrows, J
Jan-2004Mentoring retrained teachers: extending the webAubusson, PJ; Watson, K; Vozzo, L; Steele, FA
Jan-2005Mentoring women in acquiring small business management skills & minus; gaining the benefits and avoiding the pitfallsBenton, I; Sankaran, S
2005Mentoring, women and the construction of academic identitiesDevos, Anita
Jan-2014Mentoring: Some cautionary notes for the nursing professionGreen, JA; Jackson, DE
Jan-2008Mentorship, preceptorship and clinical supervision: three key processes for supporting midwivesLennox, S; Skinner, J; Foureur, M
Jan-2004Mercury and trace element distribution in organic tissues and regional brain of fetal rat after in utero and weaning exposure to low dose of inorganic mercuryFeng, W; Wang, M; Li, B; Liu, J; Chai, Z; Zhao, J; Deng, G
Jan-2013The mere exposure effect for consumer products as a consequence of existing familiarity and controlled exposureHekkert, P; Thurgood, CM; Whitfield, T
Jan-2005Merger Arbitrage and the Interaction between Target and Bidder Stocks during Takeover BidsKearney, C; Hutson, ER
2009Merging Conflicting Propositional Knowledge by SimilaritySchockaert, S; Prade, H; IEEE
Jan-2008Merging Intelligent Agency and the Semantic WebDebenham, JK; Sierra, C
Jan-2007Merging Intelligent Agency and the Semantic WebDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Petridis, M
Jan-2003Merging Tibetan Culture into the Chinese Economic Fast LaneCooke, SB
14-Apr-2015'Merguez Capitale': Cosmopolitan Branding, Colonial Heritage and Local Flavour in MarseilleGiovanangeli, A