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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The life and work of Sir John Sulman 1849-1934Edwards, Zenaida S
Jan-2005Life beyond severe traumatic injury: an integrative review of the literatureHalcomb, E; Daly, J; Davidson, PM; Elliott, D; Griffiths, R
1-Jan-2014Life cycle assessment (LCA) of sustainable building materials: An overviewDing, GK; Pacheco-Torgal, F; Cabeza, LF; Labrincha, J; de Magalhaes, A
2016Life cycle assessment for metals : from technical investigations to system innovationsMemary, Reza
Jan-2012Life cycle assessment: a time-series analysis of copperMemary, R; Giurco, D; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM
Jan-2010Life Cycle Costs & Housing Affordability MeasurementSmith, PV; Ling, FPP; Yong, SK
Jan-2007Life cycle energy assessment of Australian secondary schoolsDing, GK
Jan-2012Life cycle greenhouse gas assessment of a coal-fired power station with calcium looping CO2 capture and offshore geological storageHurst, TF; Cockerill, TT; Florin, N
Jan-2005Life Cycle Product Design (At "Factor 10" Level): A Case Study Involving Innovative Mechanical Design Of a Remote Area Ground Water Pumping SystemDartnall, WJ; Johnston, SF; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME
2014Life event ontology based e-government service integration with privacy awarenessAl Qahtani, A
2012The life history and ecology of Bluefish, Girella cyanea, at Lord Howe IslandLewis, MA
2016Life history characteristics and fishery of teraglin, Atractoscion aequidens in New South Wales, AustraliaHegarty, Anne-Marie Lyn
Jan-2010A Life in FrocksSadokierski, ZA
Jan-2006Life in the 'family friendly' 21st Century:Finding the balance between work and familyJackson, DE; Darbyshire, P
Jan-2002Life, Work and Learning: Practice in PostmodernityBeckett, D; Hager, P
Jan-2010Life-event modelling framework for e-government integrationSanati, F; Lu, J
Jan-2005Life-history and ecological correlates of decline and extinction in the endemic Australian frog faunaMurray, B; Hose, GC
Jan-2005Life-history correlates of plant invasiveness at regional and continental scalesHamilton, MT; Murray, B; Cadotte, MW; Hose, GC; Baker, AC; Harris, CJ; Licari, DD
Jan-2000Life-history strategies in basal snakes: reproduction and dietary habits of the African thread snake Leptotyphlops scutifrons (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae)Webb, JK; Shine, R; Branch, WR; Harlow, PS
Jan-2010Life-history Traits Of The Southern Hemisphere Eastern Red Scorpionfish, Scorpaena Cardinalis (scorpaenidae: Scorpaeninae)Stewart, J; Hughes, J