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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Mired in the Web: Vignettes from Charlotte and Other Novice ProgrammersTeague, R; Ahadi, A; Lister, R; D Souza, D; Falkner, K
-Mirror StatesMuller, E; Cleland, K
23-Jul-2014Miscellaneous items related to Indonesian Government Awards Ceremony in honour of Jawaharlal Nehru, P.R.S. Mani and others, 1995P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
22-Jul-2014Miscellaneous photographs, [between 1944 – 1951]P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
Jan-2008Misincorporation of amino acid analogues into proteins by biosynthesisRodgers, K; Shiozawa, N
24-Aug-2012Misogynists And Nut Jobs: Gillard Stares Down BlogospherePrice, J; Joyce, J
Jan-2007Misoprostol to induce labour A review of its use in a NSW hospitalRoberts, L; Homer, CS; Davis, GK; Miller, T
Jan-2012Misplaced Heritage Language Learners of Japanese in Secondary SchoolsOguro, SG; Moloney, R
24-Mar-2015Missed opportunities for democratic engagement: the adoption of community indicators in local governmentRyan, R; Hastings, C
Jan-1996Missing cause of death information in the analysis of survival dataAndersen, J; Goetghebeur, E; Ryan, LM
Jan-2009Missing Data Analysis: A Kernel-Based Multi-imputation ApproachZhang, S; Jin, Z; Zhu, X; Zhang, J
Jan-2006Missing information and discounting: Exploration and extensionBurke, S; Ali, Y; van Dessel, M
Jan-2005Missing is useful: Missing values in cost-sensitive decision treesZhang, S; Qin, Z; Ling, CX; Sheng, S
Jan-2006Missing or absent? A question in Cost-sensitive Decision TreeQin, Z; Zhang, S; Zhang, C; Li, Y; Looi, M; Zhong, N
Jan-2013'Missing the Connection: How SRLU Policy fragments landscapes and communities in NSW'Sherval, M; Graham, NG
Jan-2008Missing Value Imputation Based on Data ClusteringZhang, S; Zhang, J; Zhu, X; Qin, Y; Zhang, C
Jan-2010Mission Impossible: Soft Power, Communication Capacity, and the Globalization of Chinese MediaSun, W
2006A mission of privilege and peril : the phenomenon of community palliative nurses caring for the sufferingPegg, BM
Jan-2005Mission-Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot in Cluttered EnvironmentGulrez, T; Al-Hmouz, R; Al-Jumaily, A; Rahman, KM; Martono, W; Muhida, R
1999Missionary positions : an examination of the work culture of arts managers in AustraliaKeighery, VC