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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Local observation of modes from three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystals with near-field microspectroscopy under supercontinuum illuminationJia, B; Norton, AH; Li, J; Rahmani, A; Asatryan, AA; Botten, LC; Gu, M
Jan-2003Local perspectives on weirs in the Upper NepeanCheney, HE; Cordwell, P; Miller, J; Nheu, N; O'Neill, G; Vecellio, L
3-Apr-2014Local PT symmetry violates the no-signaling principleLee, Y-C; Hsieh, M-H; Flammia, ST; Lee, R-K
3-Feb-2016Local Rademacher Complexity for Multi-label LearningXu, C; Liu, T; Tao, D; Xu, C
Feb-2017Local recycled water in Sydney: A policy and regulatory tug-of-warWatson, R; Mukheibir, P; Mitchell, C
Jan-2013Local Representation in Australia: A Review of the Legislation and LiteratureTan, SF; Grant, BJ
3-Dec-2013Local Representation in Australia: A View from VictoriaSu Fei Tan; Bligh Grant
Jan-2014Local risk-minimization under the benchmark approachBiagini, F; Cretarola, A; Platen, E
Jan-2013A local social network approach for research managementLiu, X; Guo, Z; Lin, Z; Ma, J
1-Jan-2015Local strain analysis of the tertiary oxide scale formed on a hot-rolled steel strip via EBSDYu, X; Jiang, Z; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Zhou, J; Zhou, C; Huang, Q
Jan-2010Local strategic networks in the software industry: An empirical analysis of the value continuumHock, M; Ringle, C
Jan-2012Local Structure Divergence Index for Image Quality AssessmentFei, G; Tao, D; Li, X; Gao, X; He, L
Jan-2009A local Tchebichef moments-based robust image watermarkingDeng, C; Gao, X; Li, X; Tao, D
Jan-2010Local Unambiguous Discrimination With Remaining EntanglementLi, Y; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-2012Local visual words coding for low bit rate mobile visual searchZhang, J; Wu, Y; Lu, S; Mei, T; Li, S; Babaguchi, N; Aizawa, K; Smith, J
Jan-2006Local volatility function models under a benchmark approachHeath, DP; Platen, E
2016Local, Just and Sustainable Eco-tourism: Decommodifying grass roots struggle against a neoliberal tourism agendaWearing, SL; Wearing, M; Mosedale, JT
Jan-2002Local-field correction for an interstitial impurity in a crystalRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC; Bryant, GW
Jan-2006Local-field enhancement in an optical force metallic nanotrap: Application to single-molecule spectroscopyChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Nieto-Vesperinas, M
Jan-2004Localisation and disorder in the design of 2D photonic crystal devicesLangtry, T; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; Byrne, MA; Bourgeois, A