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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Model and extended Kuhn-Tucker approach for bilevel multi-follower decision making in a referential-uncooperative situationLu, J; Shi, C; Zhang, G; Dillon, TS
2009A Model Based on Possibilistic Certainty Levels for Incomplete DatabasesBosc, P; Pivert, O; Prade, H
Jan-2013Model Checking Quantum Markov ChainsFeng, Y; Yu, N; Ying, M
1-Jan-2012Model choice using reversible jump Markov chain Monte CarloHastie, DI; Green, PJ
Jan-2005Model description of storage and infiltration functions of infiltration facilities for urban runoff analysis by a distributed modelFurumai, H; Jinadasa, H; Murakami, M; Nakajima, F; Aryal, R
1999A model for assessing the perceived value of knowledge based systemsClark, JA
Jan-2004A model for developing data mining capacity at the coal facePelletier, DS; Diers, D
2009A model for diffusing flow loss in numerical 1D gas dynamics simulationsGibbes, G; Hong, G; Scientific & Technical Commitee
2014A model for direct entry midwifery education and deployment in Ethiopia : transforming rural communities and health care to save livesBennett, AM
Jan-2003A model for evaluating E-commerce based on cost/benefit and customer satisfactionLu, J
Jan-2011Model for Faculty, Student, and Practitioner Development in Sustainability Engineering through an Integrated Design ExperienceWolcott, M; Brown, S; King, M; Barnstone, D; Beyreuther, T; Olsen, K
Jan-2004A model for handling linguistic terms in the framework of lattice-valued logic LF(X)Ma, J; Li, W; Xu, Y; Song, Z; NA
Jan-2008A model for investigating software development failuresMcBride, TM
Jan-2013Model for Management of Enterprise IT: Considerations of the Impact of Cloud ComputingPour, J; Vorisek, J; Feuerlicht, G; Basl, J; Jase, P; Novotny, O; Min, TA
Jan-2009Model for non-Gaussian intraday stock returnsGerig, A; Vicente, J; Fuentes, M
Jan-2009A Model for Scalable and Autonomic Network ManagementEyal, A; Braun, RM; Denazis; S; Europe, H
Jan-2004A model for semantic of linguistic information with incomparabilityMa, J; Ruan, D; Xu, Y; NA
1999A model for successful implementation of internet-based electronic commerce in business operationsGide, E
Jan-2003A Model for the Implementation of Software Process Improvement: A Pilot StudyNiazi, MK; Wilson, DN; Zowghi, D; Titsworth, F
Jan-2004A model for the implementation of software process improvement: An empirical studyNiazi, MK; Wilson, DN; Zowghi, D; Wong, B; Bomarius, F; Iida, H