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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Learning and innovation in international strategic alliances : An empirical test of the role of trust and tacitnessNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
Jan-2014Learning and Innovation in Uncertain Times: The Role of Organisational Systems and Managerial Perceptions of UncertaintyAkpolat, K; Soliman, F; Schweitzer, J; Fawzy Soliman
Jan-2005Learning and knowing in teamsDovey, KA; Singhota, J
Jan-2006Learning and knowledge development in alliancesLyles, M; Gudergan, S; Shenkar, O; Reuer, J
Jan-2008Learning and metaphorsHager, P
Jan-2002Learning and Playing the Game: Women's experiences of mothering in the Level II nurseryFenwick, JH; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
1996Learning and teaching mathematics : interpreting student teacher's voicesSchuck, Sandra Ruth
Jan-2009Learning and teaching science with analogies and metaphorsAubusson, PJ; Treagust, DF; Harrison, A; Ritchie, S
2010Learning and the follow-through experience in three year Bachelor of Midwifery programs in AustraliaGray, JE
Jan-2006Learning and the multidimensionality of contextHager, P; Halliday, JS; Hogan, P; Wain, K; Giordmaina, J
Jan-2013Learning approaches as predictors of academic performance in first year health and science studentsSalamonson, Y; Weaver, R; Chang, S; Koch, J; Bhathal, R; Khoo, C; Wilson, I
3-Jun-2013Learning as a Driver for ChangeLeone Wheeler; Shanti Wong
2015Learning as becoming : the subject, body and knowing in learningSingh, Amina
2014Learning as central to being and becoming : expert teachers' personal professional development and learningPatterson, CM
Jan-2004Learning at University: The international student experienceHellsten, M; Prescott, AE
Jan-2006Learning based license plate detection using global and local featuresZhang, H; Jia, W; He, S; Wu, Q; Tang, Y; Wang, P; Lorette, G; Yeong, D
Jan-2006Learning based number recognition on spiral architectureZheng, L; He, S; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Xie, L
Jan-2012Learning beyond the classroom: Implications for school scienceAubusson, PJ; Griffin, JM; Kearney, MD; Fraser, BJ; Tobin, K; McRobbie, CJ
1-Sep-2016Learning bodies: What do teachers learn from embodied practice?Yoo, J; Loch, SE
2-Dec-2015Learning by Demonstration for Co-Operative Navigation with Assistive Mobility DevicesPoon, J; Valls Miro, J