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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Group versus individual compensation schemes for senior executives and firm performanceBrown, PJ
Jan-2014Group versus individual compensation schemes for senior executives and firm performance: Some evidence based on archival dataBrown, PJ; Matolcsy, ZP; Wells, PA
15-Feb-2013Group-based differential evolution for numerical optimization problemsHan, MF; Lin, CT; Chang, JY; Li, DL
31-Jul-2012Group-Work Teaching and Learning Involving 3 Time Zones (3TZ) Model of Collaboration in the Global WorkspaceChaczko; Klempous; Nikodem; Aslanzadeh S
22-Dec-2016Grouping miRNAs of similar functions via weighted information content of gene ontology.Lan, C; Chen, Q; Li, J
Jan-2012Groupwise Constrained Reconstruction for Subspace ClusteringLi, R; Li, B; Zhang, K; Jin, C; Xue, X; Langford, J; Pineau, J
Jan-2013Growing a Language in Pattern CalculusJay, B; Vergara Medina, JA; Lisa O'Conner
Jan-2008Growing a research culture in language, literacy and communicationsAppleby, RJ; Van Rij-Heyligers, J
30-May-2017Growing Graphene on SemiconductorsMotta, N; Iacopi, F; Coletti, C
Jan-2011Growing healthy local food: sustainability potential and household participation in home gardensGhosh, S; Whitzman, C; Fincher, R
Jan-2011The growing need for sustainable ecological management of marine communities of the Persian GulfSale, PF; Feary, DA; Burt, JA; Bauman, AG; Cavalcante, GH; Drouillard, KG; Kjerfve, B; Marquis, E; Trick, CG; Usseglio, P; Van Lavieren, H
Jan-2010Growing Together: Land Rights and the Northern Territory InterventionKelly, EK
2014Growing up without a father: Narratives from adult men (abstract)East, L; Jackson, DE; Power, T; Woods, A; Hutchinson, M
Aug-2011Growth and agarose characteristics of isomorphic gametophyte (male and female) and sporophyte of Gracilaria dura and their marker assisted selectionGupta, V; Baghel, RS; Kumar, M; Kumari, P; Mantri, VA; Reddy, CRK; Jha, B
Jan-1999Growth and biomass stimulation of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum (Graham) by dissolved organic substancesDoblin, MA; Blackburn, S; Hallegraeff, GM
Jan-2005Growth and characterisation of birefringent films on textured silicon substratesWalsby, E; Arnold, MD; Wu, QH; Hodgkinson, IJ; Blaikie, RJ
Jan-2005Growth and characterisation of ZnO nanoparticlesTomaszewska-Grzeda, A; Lojkowski, W; Godlewski, M; Yatsunenko, S; Drozdowicz-Tomsia, K; Goldys, EM; Phillips, M
Jan-2008Growth and elemental accumulation by canola on soil amended with coal fly ashYunusa, IA; Veeragathipillai, M; DeSilva, L; Eamus, D; Murray, B; Nissanka, S
Jan-2006Growth and lithium storage properties of vertically aligned carbon nanotubesWang, G; Yao, J; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Ahn, J
Jan-2008Growth And Reproductive Biology Of Tarwhine Rhabdosargus Sarba (sparidae) In Eastern AustraliaHughes, J; Stewart, J; Kendall, B; Gray, C