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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Measuring long term superior performance: The UK's long-term financial performersYip, GS; Devinney, TM; Johnson, G
2-Mar-2015Measuring office fit-out changes to determine recurring embodied energy in building life cycle assessmentForsythe, P; Wilkinson, S
Jan-2011Measuring organizational flexibility in community pharmacy: Building the capacity to implement cognitive pharmaceutical servicesFeletto, E; Wilson, L; Roberts, A; Benrimoj, C
Jan-2009Measuring organizational performance: Towards methodological best practiceRichard, PJ; Devinney, TM; Yip, GS; Johnson, G
Jan-2007Measuring patent assessment quality - analyzing the degree and kind of (in)consistency in patent offices' decision makingBurke, PF; Reitzig, M
May-2013Measuring patient dependency - Performance of the Jones Dependency Tool in an Australian emergency departmentVarndell, W; MacGregor, C; Gallagher, RD; Fry, M
Jan-2011Measuring quality of life in women with gynaecological cancerLuckett, T; King, MT; Lacey, J
Jan-2002Measuring Quality of Service in A Differentiated Services Domain With LinuxNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ; Lee, S; Iyer, S; Naik, S
Jan-2007Measuring Returns on Investments in ERP SystemsWong, B; Wand, M; Soliman, KS
Jan-2007Measuring Spillover Effects Across Asian Property StocksWilson, PJ; Stevenson, S; Zurbruegg, R
Jan-2014Measuring sustainability performance of local food production in home gardensGhosh, S
Jan-2004Measuring the adoption of graphics calculators by secondary mathematics teachersHandal, BP; Herrington, T; Chinnappan, M; Ali, R; Kamil, A; Baharum, A; Mustafa, A; Ismail, A; Ravichandran, V
Jan-2004Measuring the Effect of Cross-Traffic on Execution Time in a Parallel and Distributed Network SimulatorLee, S; Leaney, JR; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M; Safaei, F
Jan-2001Measuring the effectiveness of computer based systems : an open system measurement exampleLeaney, JR; Rowe, D; O'Neill, T; Hoye, S; Gionis, P; Titworth, F
1-Mar-2012Measuring the Effects of Peer Assisted LearningAngelini, M
Jan-2006Measuring the electronic structure of disordered overlayers by electron momentum spectroscopy the CuSi interfaceNixon, KL; Vos, M; Bowles, C; Ford, M
Jan-2005Measuring the expressive of a constrained natural language: An empirical studyBoyd, SM; Zowghi, D; Farroukh, A; Atlee, J; Roland, C
Jan-2007Measuring the impact of a team model of nursing practice using work samplingWalker, K; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
Jan-2007Measuring the importance of ethical consumerism: A multi-country empirical investigationAuger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Hooker, J; Hulpke, JF; Madsen, P