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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Light microclimate of endolithic phototrophs in the scleractinian corals Montipora monasteriata and Porites cylindricaMagnusson, SH; Fine, M; Kuhl, M
-LIGHT RELIEF (PART 1)Roxburgh, MW; Mark Roxburgh
31-Oct-2014Light Respiratory Processes and Gross Photosynthesis in Two Scleractinian CoralsSchrameyer, V; Wangpraseurt, D; Hill, R; Kuehl, M; Larkum, AWD; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2012Light Splitting In Nanoporous Gold And SilverBosman, M; Anstis, G; Keast, VJ; Clarke, J; Cortie, MB
Jan-2012Light transmission of the marine diatom Coscinodiscus wailesiiHsu, S; Paoletti, C; Torres, M; Ritchie, RJ; Larkum, A; Grillet, C; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
Jan-2003Light trapping in translucent samples and its effect on the hemispherical transmittance obtained by an integrating sphereJonsson, JC; Roos, A; Smith, G; Hanssen, LM
Jan-2012Light utilization efficiency in photosynthetic microbial matsAl-Najjar, MA; de Beer, D; Kuhl, M; Polerecky, L
Jan-2008Light-dependent magnetoreception: orientation behaviour of migratory birds under dim red lightWiltschko, R; Munro, UH; Ford, H; Stapput, K; Wiltschko, W
Jan-2012Light-induced dissociation of antenna complexes in the symbionts of scleractinian corals correlates with sensitivity to coral bleachingHill, R; Larkum, A; Prasil, O; Kramer, DM; Szabo, M; Kumar, V; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2016Light-induced reflectivity transients in black-Si nanoneedlesScajev, P; Malinauskas, T; Seniutinas, G; Arnold, MD; Gentle, A; Aharonovich, I; Gervinskas, G; Michaux, P; Hartley, JS; Mayes, ELH; Stoddart, PR; Juodkazis, S
Jan-2008A Light-Weight Multi-Agent System Manages 802.11 Mesh NetworksProdan, A; Debenham, JK; Bramer, M
2015The lightness of management learningLancione, M; Clegg, SR
-Lights of Christmas-
Jan-2013Lightweight Management of Authorization Update on Cloud DataCui, Z; Zhu, H; Shi, J; Chi, L; Yang, K; Cui, Z; Zhu, H; Shi, J; Chi, L; Yan, K
Jan-2010Lightweight Platforms for Managing Process ComplexityHawryszkiewycz, IT; Jolley, R
Jan-2007Lightweight Technologies for Knowledge Based Collaborative ApplicationsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Werner, B; Azada, D
Jan-2005A Lightweight Workshop-centric situational approach for the early stages of requirements elicition in software developmentCoulin, CR; Zowghi, D; Sahraoui, A; Ralyte, J; Agerfalk, P; Kraiem, N
2007The "Like Products" rule as a normative concept in the WTO system : a critique of its effectiveness and consistency with trade liberalizationALsheyab, Mohammad Saeed
Jan-2006Like wolves in a pack: Predatory alliances of bullies in nursingHutchinson, M; VICKERS, M; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L
Jan-2010A likelihood approach for modeling spatial and temporal patterns of storms using radar and land dataBall, JE; Aboura, K; NA