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Jan-2014The Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP): Illuminating the Functional Diversity of Eukaryotic Life in the Oceans through Transcriptome SequencingKeeling, PJ; Burki, F; Wilcox, HM; Allam, B; Allen, EE; Amaral-Zettler, LA; Armbrust, V; Archibald, JM; Bharti, AK; Bell, CJ; Beszteri, B; Bidle, KD; Cameron, CT; Campbell, L; Caron, DA; Cattolico, RA; Collier, JL; Coyne, K; Davy, SK; Deschamps, P; Dyhrman, S; Edvardsen, B; Gates, RD; Gobler, CJ; Greenwood, SJ; Guida, SM; Jacobi, JL; Jakobsen, KS; James, ER; Jenkins, B; John, U; Johnson, MD; Juhl, AR; Kamp, A; Katz, LA; Kiene, R; Kudryavtsev, A; Leander, BS; Lin, S; Lovejoy, C; Lynn, D; Marchetti, A; McManus, G; Nedelcu, AM; Menden-Deuer, S; Miceli, C; Mock, T; Montresor, M; Moran, MA; Murray, SA; Nadathur, G; Nagai, S; Ngam, PB; Palenik, B; Pawlowski, J; Petroni, G; Piganeau, G; Posewitz, MC; Rengefors, K; Romano, G; Rumpho, ME; Rynearson, T; Schilling, KB; Schroeder, DC; Simpson, AG; Slamovits, CH; Smith, DR; Smith, J; Smith, SR; Sosik, HM; Stief, P; Theriot, E; Twary, SN; Umale, PE; Vaulot, D; Wawrik, B; Wheeler, GL; Wilson, WH; Xu, Y; Zingone, A; Worden, AZ
Jan-2011Marine Pollution and Environmental LawPalassis, S; Baird, R; Rothwell, DR
Jan-2013Marine radionuclide transfer factors in chordates and a phylogenetic hypothesisJeffree, R; Oberhaensli, F; Teyssie, J
Jan-2015Marine Structure Derived Calcium Phosphate-Polymer Biocomposites for Local Antibiotic DeliveryMacha, IJ; Cazalbou, S; Ben-Nissan, B; Harvey, KL; Milthorpe, B
Dec-2014Marine Viruses: the Beneficial Side of a ThreatSanchez-Paz, A; Muhlia-Almazan, A; Saborowski, R; Garcia-Carreno, F; Sablok, G; Mendoza-Cano, F
Jan-2010Mario Vargas Llosa, the fabulist of Queer CleansingAllatson, P; Castro, JED; Birns, N
Jan-2007Maritime Investment Strategies with a Portfolio of Real OptionsBendall, HB; Stent, A
Jan-2006Marked differences in the structures and protein associations of lymphocyte and monocyte CD4 Resolution of a novel CD4 isoformLynch, GW; Turville, S; Carter, B; Sloane, AJ; Chan, A; Muljadi, N; Li, S; Low, L; Armati, P; Raison, RL; Zoellner, H; Williamson, P; Cunningham, AL; Church, WB
Jan-2013Markers of circulating tumour cells in the peripheral blood of patients with melanoma correlate with disease recurrence and progressionReid, AL; Millward, MJ; Lee, M; Frank, MH; Ireland, A; Monshizadeh, L; Rai, T; Heenan, P; Medic, S; Kumarasinghe, P; Ziman, M
Jan-2012The market acceptance of corporate social responsibility: A comparison across six countries/regionsBird, R; Momente, F; Reggiani, F
Jan-1981The market characteristics of failed companies: Extensions and further evidenceCastagna, A; Matolcsy, ZP
Jan-2010Market design for emission trading schemesCarmona, R; Fehr, M; Hinz, J; Porchet, A
Jan-2005Market efficiency and learning in an endogenously unstable environmentGoldbaum, D
Jan-2006Market efficiency and the long-memory of supply and demand: is price impact variable and permanent or fixed and temporaryFarmer, JD; Gerig, A; Lillo, F; Mike, S
Jan-2002Market Entry - See Adjoining map: Melway and the right not to SupplyMeltz, DM
Jan-2010Market equilibria under procedural rationalityAnufriev, M; Bottazzi, G
Jan-2009Market impact and trading profile of large trading orders in stock marketsMoro, E; Vicente, J; Moyano, L; Gerig, A; Farmer, JD; Vaglica, G; Lillo, F; Mantegna, R
1-Feb-2013‘Market integrity vs Systemic stability: Should APRA have the power to suspend a regulated entity’s continuous disclosure obligations?’Bowley, RN
1-Jan-2014Market Lingos and Metrolingua FrancasPennycook, A; Otsuji, E
Dec-2012Market manipulation: A surveyPutniņš, TJ