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Jan-2014Is recovery driven by central or peripheral factors? A role for the brain in recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise.Minett, G; Duffield, R
Jan-1998Is salinity the only water quality parameter affected when saline water is disposed in rivers?Kefford, B
Jan-2005Is semi-flocculation effective as pretreatment to ultrafiltration in wastewater treatment?Shon, H; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, H; Aim, RB
Jan-2007Is severity of chest pain a cue for women and men to recognize acute myocardial infarction symptoms as cardiac in origin?Fukuoka, Y; Dracup, K; Moser, D; McKinley, SM; Ball, C; Yamasaki, K; Kim, C
1-Oct-2012Is silence golden? of mobiles, monitoring,and rural water suppliesThomson, P; Hope, RA; Foster, T
Jan-2012Is social mixing of tenures a solution for public housing estates?Morris, A; Michelle, J; Patulny, R
Jan-2014Is society being reshaped on a microbiological and epigenetic level by the way women give birth?Dahlen, H; Downe, S; Powell Kennedy, H; Foureur, M
Jan-2011Is TechnoCraft a New Cornerstone for Luxury FashionO'Mahony, M; -
4-Jul-2016Is technology responsible for nurses losing touch?Dean, S; Lewis, J; Ferguson, C
1-Dec-2012Is the Age Gradient in Self-Reported Material Hardship Explained By Resources, Needs, Behaviors, or Reporting Bias?Siminski, P; Yerokhin, O
Jan-2008Is the audit services market competitive following Arthur Andersen's collapse?Hamilton, J; Li, Y; Stokes, D
Jan-2006Is the CCK2 receptor essential for normal regulation of body weight and adiposity?Chen, H; Kent, S; Morris, M
2006Is the City of Cities Metropolitan Strategy the Answer to Sydney?Searle, G
Jan-2006Is the City of Cities Metropolitan Strategy the Answer to Sydney?Searle, GH
May-2014Is the graduate attributes approach sufficient to develop work ready graduates?Nagarajan, S; Edwards, JJ
Jan-2008Is the integration of hormesis and essentiality into ecotoxicology now opening Pandora's Box?Kefford, B; Zalizniak, L; Warne, MS; Nugegoda, D
Jan-2004Is the MBA sustainable? Degrees of changeBenn, SH; Bubna-Litic, DC; Galea, C
Jan-2001Is the MBA Sustainable? Degrees of ChangeBenn, SH; Bubna-Litic, DC; Eckstein, D; N/A
Jan-2005Is the Mediation Process Just?Twyford, JW
Jan-2005Is the Mediation Process Just?Twyford, JW