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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Life, Work and Learning: Practice in PostmodernityBeckett, D; Hager, P
Jan-2010Life-event modelling framework for e-government integrationSanati, F; Lu, J
Jan-2005Life-history and ecological correlates of decline and extinction in the endemic Australian frog faunaMurray, B; Hose, GC
Jan-2005Life-history correlates of plant invasiveness at regional and continental scalesHamilton, MT; Murray, B; Cadotte, MW; Hose, GC; Baker, AC; Harris, CJ; Licari, DD
Jan-2000Life-history strategies in basal snakes: reproduction and dietary habits of the African thread snake Leptotyphlops scutifrons (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae)Webb, JK; Shine, R; Branch, WR; Harlow, PS
Jan-2010Life-history Traits Of The Southern Hemisphere Eastern Red Scorpionfish, Scorpaena Cardinalis (scorpaenidae: Scorpaeninae)Stewart, J; Hughes, J
Jan-2012Life-of-resource sustainability considerations for miningGiurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Mohr, SH; Mudd, GM
Jan-2003A Lifecycle Cost Model for Measuring Housing AffordabilitySmith, PV; Japan, TBSIO
Jan-2010LifeEvent Ontology Oriented E-government Service IntegrationSanati, F; Lu, J; Technical Committee
2009The lifelong learning education reform in Hong Kong : a review from the perception of frontline teachersChan, AYM
Jan-2004Lifelong learning in the workplace? challenges and issuesHager, P
Jan-2013Lifelong Learning Pathways: Addressing Participation and Diversity in Higher EducationMcLaughlin, P; Mills, A; Davis, P; Saha, S; Smith, PV; Hardie, M
Jan-2005Lifelong learning: mere mantra or achievable policy in Australia?Cornford, IR; Hager, P; Hawke, G
Jan-2008LiFePO4/C composites from carbothermal reduction methodLiu, H; Zhang, P; Li, GC; Wu, HQ; Wu, YP
Jan-2013Lifestyle and Leisure TheoryVeal, AJ; Tony Blackshaw
Jan-2012Lifestyle health promotion interventions for the nursing workforce: a systematic reviewChan, C; Perry, L
-Lifestyle Manor, Flood Street, BondiCampbell, L; Luscombe, DO; n/a
Jan-2008Lifestyle Of Asian Indians With Coronary Heart Disease: The Australian ContextMohan, S; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2010Lifestyle risk factors in general practice routine assessment and managementDenney-Wilson, E; Fanaian, M; Wan, Q; Vagholkar, S; Schütze, H; Harris, M
Jan-2012Lifestyling Asia? Shaping modernity and selfhood on life-advice programmingLewis, T; Martin, F; Sun, W