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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Mixtures Of Gaussian Distributions Under Linear Dimensionality ReductionOtoom, AF; Concha, OP; Piccardi, M; Richard, P; Braz, J
Jan-2009Mixtures of Normalized Linear ProjectionsOtoom, AF; Concha, OP; Gunes, H; Piccardi, M; Blanc-Talon, J; Philips, W; Popescu, D; Scheunders, P
Jan-2010ML based time reversal microwave imaging for the localisation of breast tissue malignanciesAbedin, MJ; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2013mLearning in Malaysian Universities: Local Ethical Considerations for Mobile Phone UseAriffin, SA; Dyson, LE
Jan-2011Mlit: Mixtures Of Gaussians Under Linear TransformationsOtoom, AF; Gunes, H; Concha, OP; Piccardi, M
Jan-2009MLT as a minor poststructuralism of educationCole, DR; Masny, D; Cole, DR
12-Mar-2007mm-Wave Systems for High Data Rate Wireless Consumer ApplicationsHarrison, J; Burnet, C; Cowley, W; Boers, M; Hall, L; Holland, I; Howarth, J; Batty, M; Weste, N; Abbott, D; Zhu, Y; Davis, LM; Parker, A
Jan-2010Mn3O4 Nanoparticles Embedded Into Graphene Nanosheets: Preparation, Characterization, And Electrochemical Properties For SupercapacitorsWang, B; Park, J; Wang, C; Ahn, H; Wang, G
Jan-2006MNCs and knowledge management : A typology and key featuresMichailova, S; Nielsen, BB
2008Mnemovie : visual mnemonics for creative interactive videoLeggett, MG
Jan-2011MnO/C core-shell nanorods as high capacity anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesSun, B; Chen, Z; Kim, HS; Ahn, H; Wang, G
Jan-2010Mobagogy - mobile learning for a higher education communitySchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD; Burden, K; Sanchez, IA; Isaias, P
Jan-2004Mobile Aware Business Logic ContainerSteele, RJ; Lawrence, EM; Isaias, P; Karmakar, N
Jan-2010Mobile Cloud for Assistive Healthcare (MoCAsH)Hoang, DB; Chen, L; Cai, W; Ce'rin, C; Junliang, C
-Mobile commerce for online investorsPradhan, S
-Mobile Commerce in Automobile IndustryPradhan, S
Jan-2010Mobile design: giving voice to children and young peopleAnderson, TK; Donald, SH; Anderson, TD; Spry, D
Jan-2013Mobile elements, zoonotic pathogens and commensal bacteria: conduits for the delivery of resistance genes into humans, production animals and soil microbiotaDjordjevic, SP; Stokes, H; Roy Chowdhury, P
Jan-2004Mobile Fictions, Interactivity & the Social Reconfiguration of Public SpaceChandler, A; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
Jan-2004Mobile gene cassettes: A fundamental resource for bacterial evolutionMichael, CA; Gillings, M; Holmes, A; Hughes, L; Andrew, N; Holley, MP; Stokes, H