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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009The impact of frailty on the utilisation of antithrombotic therapy in older patients with atrial fibrillationPerera, V; Bajorek, B; Matthews, S; Hilmer, SN
1-Jan-2016The impact of gas slug flow on microfiltration performance in an airlift external loop tubular membrane reactorWu, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, H; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Zhang, N
2017The impact of geographic unit of analysis on socioeconomic inequalities in cancer survival and distant summary stage - a population-based study.Tervonen, HE; Morrell, S; Aranda, S; Roder, D; You, H; Niyonsenga, T; Walton, R; Baker, D; Currow, D
Jan-2013The impact of government land supply on housing startsSiqi, S; Ge, J; -
Mar-2012Impact of graphic format on perception of change in biological data: implications for health monitoring in conditions such as asthma.Jansen, J; McCaffery, KJ; Hayen, A; Ma, D; Reddel, HK
4-May-2016The impact of health literacy and life style risk factors on health-related quality of life of Australian patients.Jayasinghe, UW; Harris, MF; Parker, SM; Litt, J; van Driel, M; Mazza, D; Del Mar, C; Lloyd, J; Smith, J; Zwar, N; Taylor, R; Preventive Evidence into Practice (PEP) Partnership Group
Jan-2009The impact of heterogeneous trading rules on the limit order book and order flowsChiarella, C; Iori, G; Perello, J
Jan-2004Impact of high-cost drugs for individual patient useGallego, G; Melocco, T; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JE
Jan-2013The impact of historic isolation on the population biogeography of Melita plumulosa (Crustacea: Melitidae) in eastern AustraliaChung, PP; Hyne, RV; Mann, RM; Ballard, J
Jan-2012Impact of Home Versus Clinic-Based Management of Chronic Heart Failure: The WHICH? (Which Heart Failure Intervention Is Most Cost-Effective & Consumer Friendly in Reducing Hospital Care) Multicenter, Randomized TrialStewart, S; Carrington, MJ; Marwick, T; Davidson, PM; Macdonald, P; Horowitz, JD; Krum, H; Newton, PJ; Reid, C; Chan, Y; Scuffham, PA
Jan-2012Impact Of Homologous And Non-homologous Recombination In The Genomic Evolution Of Escherichia ColiDidelot, X; Meric, G; Falush, D; Darling, AE
Jan-2007The impact of hospital structure and restructuring on the nursing workforceDuffield, CM; Kearin, M; Johnston, J; Leonard, JM
Jan-2012The Impact of Housing Life Cycle Costs on Home Ownership AffordabilitySmith, PV; Tually, S
1-Feb-2017Impact of Immigration on Native and Ethnic Consumer Identity via Body ImageHingorani, A; Freeman, L; Agudera, M
Jan-2006The impact of implicit and explicit communications to frontline staff on service deliveryLings, IN; Gudergan, S; Beatson, A; Kennedy, J; Di Milia, L
Jan-2008The impact of implicit and explicity communcations on service delivery staffLings, IN; Beatson, A; Gudergan, S
Jan-2004Impact of in-depth interviews on the interviewer: Roller coaster rideBeale, B; Cole, R; Hillege, S; McMaster, R; Nagy, SA
Jan-2012Impact Of Influenza Across 27 Public Emergency Departments In Australia: A 5-year Descriptive StudyBoyle, J; Crilly, J; Keijzers, G; Wallis, M; Lind, J; Sparks, R; Ryan, LM
Jan-2013The impact of informal payments on quality and equality in the Chinese health care system: A study from the perspective of doctorsYang, J