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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Lula: Brazil's Worker PresidentMorton, T
Jan-2010Luminescence of InGaN MQWs grown on misorientated GaN substratesNenstiel, C; Switaisky, T; Alic, M; Suski, T; Albecht, M; Phillips, M; Hoffmann, AV; NA
Jan-2008Luminescence properties of poly- (phenylene vinylene) derivativesTon-That, C; Stockton, G; Phillips, M; Nguyen, T; Huang, C; Cojocaru, A
2011Luminescence studies of ZnO crystals and nanowiresFoley, M
Jan-2005A luminescence study of porous diatomsButcher, KS; Ferris, JM; Phillips, M; Wintrebert-Fouquet, M; Jong Wah, JW; Jovanovic, N; Vyverman, W; N/A
Jan-2004Luminescent properties of wide bandgap materials at room temperatureGodlewski, M; Szmidt, J; Olszyna, A; Werbowy, A; Lusakowska, E; Phillips, M; Goldys, EM; Sokolowska, A
Jan-2008Luminescent properties of ZnO nanowires and as-grown ensemblesTon-That, C; Foley, M; Phillips, M
Jan-2010Luminescent properties of ZnO structures grown with a vapour transport methodFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Phillips, M
Jan-2013Luminescent SiC teterapodsMagyar, A; Aharonovich, I; Baram, M; Hu, EL
2006Luminescent solar concentrators for fibre optic daylightingEarp, AA
4-May-2014The Luminous and the GreyTitmarsh, M
12-Mar-2007A Lumpable Finite-State Markov Model for Channel Prediction and Resource Allocation in OFDMA SystemsChoi, J; Chee, TK; Lim, C
Jan-2013The lung inflammation and skeletal muscle wasting induced by subchronic cigarette smoke exposure are not altered by a high-fat diet in miceHansen, M; Chen, H; Jones, JU; Langenbach, SY; Vlahos, R; Gualano, RC; Morris, M; Anderson, GP
26-May-2016Luxury: A Rich HistoryMcNeil, PK; Riello, G
Jan-1996Ly-6C(+) natural T (NT) cells mediate immune surveillance against NK-sensitive and NK-resistant transplantable tumours in certain strains of miceMartiniello-Wilks, R; Burton, R; Smart, Y
Jan-2008A Lyapunov Variable-Free KYP Lemma for SISO Continuous SystemsHoang, HG; Hoang, TD; Apkarian, P
Jan-2013Lymphatic vessels are essential for the removal of cholesterol from peripheral tissues by SR-BI-Mediated transport of HDLLim, H; Thiam, C; Yeo, K; Bisoendial, R; Hii, C; McGrath, KC; Tan, K; Heather, AK; Alexander, JR; Angeli, V
Jan-2006Lysozyme Interactions with poly(HEMA)-based HydrogelLord, MS; Stenzel, M; Simmons, A; Milthorpe, BK
Jan-1999Lysozyme Sorption in Hydrogel Contact LensesGarrett, Q; Garrett, RW; Milthorpe, BK
Jan-2003m-Enterprise Technology: Diffusion of Innovation Awareness, Adoption and UptakeLawrence, EM; Culjak, G; injam, S; Giaglis, GM; Werthner, H; Tschammer, V; Froeschi, KA