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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Measuring values using best-worst scaling: The LOV exampleLee, JA; Soutar, G; Louviere, JJ
2014Measuring What? "Success" and "Failure'' in Ghana's Oil IndustryObeng-Odoom, F
21-Feb-2011Measuring your Performance: Does your Care Factor Drive your H-Index?McWhirter, S
Jan-2014A Meaty Discourse: What Makes Meat News?Friedlander, J; Riedy, C; Bonfiglioli, C
2013Mechanical and structural properties of polyvinyl alcohol fibre reinforced concrete (PVA-FRC)Noushini, A
Jan-2013Mechanical Characteristics Of Self-compacting Concrete With And Without FibresAslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2012Mechanical characteristics of soft clay treated with fibre and cementFatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
Jan-2003Mechanical Characterization of the Immersion Corp. Haptic, Bimanual, Surgical Simulator InterfaceWaldron, K; Tollon, K; Siciliano, B; Dario, P
13-Jul-2016Mechanical Model to Analyse Multilayer Geosynthetic Reinforced Granular Layer in Column Supported EmbankmentsGhosh, B; fatahi, BEHZAD; Khabbaz, H
2005Mechanical properties and adhesion characteristics of hybrid sol-gel thin filmsAtanacio, A; Latella, B; Barbe, C; Swain, M
Jan-2002Mechanical properties and characterisation of sol-gel coated coralline hydroxyapatiteBen-Nissan, B; Milev, AS; Green, DD; Conway, RM; Vago, R; Walsh, WR; Brown, S; Clarke, I; Williams, P
Jan-2012Mechanical Properties of Conventional and Self-Compacting Concrete: An Analytical StudyAslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2013Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete: Applicability of Relationships Defined by AS 3600Shrestha, R; Baweja, D; Neupane, K; Chalmers, D; Sleep, P; Dao, DV; Dux, EPP
Jan-2007Mechanical properties of hydrothermally treated alumina-silica rich industrial waste cement system - effect of magnesia additionLiu, B; Ray, AS; Thomas, P; Klimesch, DS; Guerbois, JL
Jan-2013Mechanical properties of inorganic biomedical thin films and their corresponding testing methodsBen-Nissan, B; Choi, AH; Bendavid, A
16-Dec-2015Mechanical Properties of Sandwich Panels Constructed from Polystyrene/cement Mixed Cores and Thin Cement Sheet FacingsFar, H; Mansoury, B; Khadivi Zand, MJ; Potter, D
Jan-2007Mechanical Pull-out Properties of FRP AnchorsKim, S; Smith, ST; Smith, ST
2011Mechanical stability of Carbon NanotubesRanjbartoreh, AR
Jan-2006Mechanical strains induced in osteoblasts by use of point femtosecond laser targeting.Cranfield, C; Bomzon, Z; Day, D; Gu, M; Cartmell, S
Jan-2005Mechanics and meaning: methodological considerations when studying movement in HCILarssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Larssen, A; Robertson, A; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J