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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Market stability switches in a continuous-time financial market with heterogeneous beliefsHe, X; Li, K; Wei, J; Zheng, M
Jan-2003Market Structure, Barriers to Entry and Competition in Construction MarketsDe Valence, G; Ofori, G; Ling, F
Jan-2008Market success requirements, capability requirements and positioning: A tool for identification and linkingBurke, S
Jan-2013A Market Systems Analysis of the US Sport Utility Vehicle Market Considering Frontal Crash Safety Technology and PolicyHoffenson, S; Frischknecht, BD; Papalambros, P
Jan-2011Market types and construction marketsDe Valence, G; Valence, GD
Jan-2011Market uncertainty and sentiment, and the post-earnings announcement driftBird, R; Choi, D; Yeung, DC; Moshirian, FEA
Jan-2005Market underreaction and predictability in the cross-section of Japanese stock returnsNguyen, PD
Jan-2009A market valuation for Optus pre-listing: a case noteWalker, S; Partington, G
Jan-2010Marketers Expressing The Future: Scenario Planning For Marketing ActionPattinson, H; Sood, SC
Jan-2009MarketingJonson, PT
Jan-2007Marketing and Business Performance of Construction SMEs in ChinaTang, Y; Wang, PZ; Zhang, Y
Jan-2005Marketing dynamics in the Australian private hospital industryPerrott, B; Hughes, RN; Purchase, S
Jan-2011Marketing education in Australia before 1965Ellis, RB; Waller, DS
2016Marketing for the project: Project marketing by the contractorTurner, R; Er, M; Sankaran, S; Lecoeuvre, L
2014Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism: Bridging the Conservation Human Usage Divide Through Track/ Trail Based InterpretationSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing, SL; Kuhn, D; Grabowski, S
Jan-2008Marketing national parks using ecotourism as a catalyst: Towards a theory and practiceWearing, SL; Babu, S; Mishra, S; Parida, B
Jan-2008Marketing Of Protected Areas As A Tool To Influence Visitors' Pre-Visit DecisionsReid, M; Wearing, SL; Croy, G
Jan-2008Marketing of tourism destinations during prolonged crisis: Israel and the Middle EastBeirman, D
Jan-2009Marketing Preferences of Small-Scale Farmers in the Context of New Agri-food Systems: A Stated Choice ModelBlandon, J; Henson, S; Islam, T
2016Marketing Protected Areas for TourismWearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Tower, J