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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Language and power in nonprofit/for-profit relationships : a grounded theory of inter-sectoral collaborationMcQueen, Meryl
1-Jun-2016Language and the Production of SpaceDrake, CJ
Jan-2010Language as a local practicePennycook, AD
Jan-1999Language background and assessment in the physical sciencesLogan, PF; Hazel, E
Jan-2013The language barrier:using concepts inventories to teach science to first-year university studentsSchulte, J; Griffiths, N; Paul Newitt
Jan-2008Language difficulties in first year ScienceZhang, F; Lidbury, B; Schulte, J; Bridgeman, A; Yates, B; Rodger, J; Uniserve, TUOS
2006Language diversity and linguistic identity in Brittany : a critical analysis of the changing practice of BretonLe Nevez, Adam Terence
Jan-2013Language for Learning Complex Human-Object InteractionsPatel, MN; Ek, CH; Kyriazis, N; Argyros, A; Valls Miro, J; Kragic, D; Antonelli, G; Chen, IM; Choi, HR; Chong, NY; Ding, H; Kragic, D; LaValle, S; Lee, D; Martinet, P; Neira, J; Oh, P; Simaan, N; Sun, Y
Jan-2002Language in Development Constrained: Three ContextsAppleby, RJ; Copley, K; Sithirajvongsa, S; Pennycook, AD
2002Language Issues faced by NESB Clients in Doing E Business: An Australian PerspectiveChandran, D; Renner J; Cross J
2014Language of Game AuthoringKutay, CM; Prada, R
Jan-2007The language of leaders: Identifying emergent leaders in global virtual teamsSimoff, SJ; Sudweeks, F; Amant, K
Jan-2009The Language of New Media Design: Theory and PracticeMartinec, R; van Leeuwen, T
Jan-2012The Language of Power and the Power of LanguageClegg, SR; Grant, D; Hardy, C; Putnam, L
Jan-2004Language of University MathematicsWood, LN; Smith, GH; Presmeg, N; Schmidt, S
Jan-2009Language Patterns And AttitudeBednarek, MA
Jan-2013Language policies, language ideologies and local language practicesPennycook, AD; Wee, L; Goh, RBH; Lim, L
Jan-2002Language policy and docile bodies: Hong Kong and governmentalityPennycook, AD; Tollefson, JW
Jan-2004Language policy and the ecological turnPennycook, AD
2016The language with displayed art(efacts) : linguistic and sociological perspectives on meaning, accessibility and knowledge-building in museum exhibitionsBlunden, Jennifer Jane