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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Larvivorous fish for preventing malaria transmissionWalshe, DP; Garner, P; Adeel, AA; Pyke, GH; Burkot, T
2009A laser based semi-autonomous wheelchair using Bayesian theoryTrieu, TH
Jan-2005Laser Based Sensing on RoadsKodagoda, S; Wang, C; Dissanayake, G; N/A
Jan-2010Laser Range Data Based Semantic Labeling of PlacesShi, L; Kodagoda, S; Dissanayake, G; Luo, RC; Asama, H
Jan-2005Laser-camera composite sensing for road detection and tracingWijesoma, WS; Kodagoda, S; Balasuriya, A
Jan-2007Laser-induced Assembly Of Gold Nanoparticles Into Colloidal CrystalsHarris, N; Ford, M; Cortie, MB; McDonagh, AM
10-Mar-2017Laser-mediated rupture of chlamydial inclusions triggers pathogen egress and host cell necrosis.Kerr, MC; Gomez, GA; Ferguson, C; Tanzer, MC; Murphy, JM; Yap, AS; Parton, RG; Huston, WM; Teasdale, RD
Jan-2010Laser-triggered surface flashover characteristics of polycarbonate with pulsed voltagePan, R; Wang, Y; Zhao, Z; Xu, W; Yan, P; Wang, J; Sun, G; NA
Jan-2008"Last out of the plane": Air travel for people with disabilitiesDarcy, SA; Ravinder, R; Unnithan, A; Gupta, D
Jan-2011Last resort employees: older workers' perceptions of workplace discriminationBillett, S; Dymock, D; Johnson, G; Martin, G
Jan-2011Last Train to Trancentral: From infrastructure to 'info' structure - a case study of embedding digital technology into existing public transport infrastructuresBarker, T; Gardner, NL; Haeusler, M; Tomitsch, M; Herr, CM; Gu, N; Roudavski, S; Schnabel, MA
2009Late Medieval to Renaissance FashionMcNeil, P; McNeil, Peter
Jan-2011Latecomers: Charting a course for the New England Australia wine regionMounter, S; Grant, BJ; Fleming, E; Griffith, G
Jan-2005Latency insensitive task scheduling for real-time video processing and streamingXu, R; Jin, J; NA
Jan-2012Latent Informative Links DetectionHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Gu, Z; GraƱa, M; Toro, C; Posada, J; Howlett, RJ; Jain, LC
Jan-2005A Latent Usage Approach for Clustering Web Transaction and Building User ProfileZhang, Y; Xu, G; Zhou, X
Jan-1997Latent variable models for mixed discrete and continuous outcomesSammel, MD; Ryan, LM; Legler, JM
Jan-1997Latent variable models for teratogenesis using multiple binary outcomesLegler, JM; Ryan, LM
Jan-1981Latent Variable Models for Time Series: A Frequency Domain Approach with an Application to the Permanent Income HypothesisGeweke, J; Singleton, K
Jan-1996Latent variable models with fixed effectsSammel, MD; Ryan, LM