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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Natural Logics of the Indian OceanGhosh, D; Muecke, S
Jan-2012Natural occurrence of nocturnal hypoglycemia detection using hybrid particle swarm optimized fuzzy reasoning modelLing, SS; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2012Natural resource abundance and eminemt domain: A case study from AfricaObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2012Natural resource manager capacity in the Murray CatchmentJacobs, B
Jan-2001Natural Revegetation of an Abandoned Quarry, SydneyMorrison, DJ; Butt, L; Holland, D; Westbury, A
Jan-2003Natural Values: Exploring options for enhancing ecosystem services in the Goulburn Broken catchmentAbel, N; Cork, S; Gorddard, R; Langridge, J; Langston, A; Plant, R; Proctor, W; Ryan, P; Shelton, D; Walker, B; Yiaeloglou, M
Jan-2010Natural Variation of the Amino-Terminal Glutamine-Rich Domain in Drosophila Argonaute2 Is Not Associated with Developmental DefectsHain, D; Bettencourt, B; Okamura, K; Csorba, T; Meyer, W; Jin, Z; Biggerstaff, J; Siomi, H; Hutvagner, GJ; Lai, E; Welte, M; Muller, H
Jan-2005Natural Ventilation Flow Rate performance and Product DevelopmentWest, ST; Sidwell, A
Jan-2010Natural ventilation induced by solar chimneysHuynh, P; Mallinson, GD; Cater, JE
Jan-2011Natural-Born Athletes? Australian Aboriginal People and the Double-Edged Lure of Professional SportAdair, D; Stronach, MM; Spracklen, K; Long, J
Jan-2012Natural-Ventilation Flow in a 3-D Room Fitted With Solar ChimneyHuynh, P; Pradeep Lall
Jan-2010The naturalization to invasion transition: Are there introduction-history correlates of invasiveness in exotic plants of Australia?Phillips, ML; Murray, B; Leishman, MR; Ingram, R
Jan-2010Naturally occurring data as research instrument: analyzing examination responses to study the novice programmerLister, RF; Clear, T; Simon, S; Bouvier, DJ; Carter, P; Eckerdal, A; Jacková, J; Lopez, M; McCartney, R; Robbins, P; Seppala, O; Thompson, E
Jan-2007Nature & Prevalence of Stalking Among New Zealand Mental Health CliniciansHughes, FA; Thom, K; Dixon, R
Jan-2006Nature and Development of Generic AttributesHager, P; Hager, P; Holland, S
Jan-2010The nature and impact of collaboration and integrated service delivery for pregnant women, children and familiesSchmied, V; Mills, A; Kruske, S; Kemp, L; Fowler, CM; Homer, CS
2009The Nature and Role of Power in Client-Consultant TeamsDevinney, T; Nikolova, N
Jan-2008The nature and role of social relationships in social responsibilityYoung, LC; Donald, M; Freeman, LM; Benn, SH; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
2011The nature and significance of rankings methodologies and their applications to economics departments : and the winner is...?Macri, J
Jan-2003Nature for sale: the case for decommodifying interpretation and ecotourismWearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Jackson, M