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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Naturally occurring data as research instrument: analyzing examination responses to study the novice programmerLister, RF; Clear, T; Simon, S; Bouvier, DJ; Carter, P; Eckerdal, A; Jacková, J; Lopez, M; McCartney, R; Robbins, P; Seppala, O; Thompson, E
Jan-2007Nature & Prevalence of Stalking Among New Zealand Mental Health CliniciansHughes, FA; Thom, K; Dixon, R
Jan-2006Nature and Development of Generic AttributesHager, P; Hager, P; Holland, S
Jan-2010The nature and impact of collaboration and integrated service delivery for pregnant women, children and familiesSchmied, V; Mills, A; Kruske, S; Kemp, L; Fowler, CM; Homer, CS
2009The Nature and Role of Power in Client-Consultant TeamsDevinney, T; Nikolova, N
Jan-2008The nature and role of social relationships in social responsibilityYoung, LC; Donald, M; Freeman, LM; Benn, SH; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
2011The nature and significance of rankings methodologies and their applications to economics departments : and the winner is...?Macri, J
Jan-2003Nature for sale: the case for decommodifying interpretation and ecotourismWearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Jackson, M
Jan-2011A nature inspired anomaly detection system using multiple detection enginesJiang, F; Ling, SS; Agbinya, JI; NA
Jan-2006A Nature Inspired Multi-Agent Framework for Autonomic Service Management in Pervasive Computing EnvironmentsChiang, F; Braun, RM; Bortaba, R; Hellerstein, J
27-May-2015The Nature of Aesthetics: How Consumer Culture has Changed our National ParksWearing, S; Schweinsberg, SC; Ankor, J; McDonald, M
Jan-2012The nature of client-consultant interaction: A critical reviewNikolova, N; Devinney, TM; Clark, T; Kipping, M
Jan-2010The Nature of Design ThinkingDorst, K; Dorst, K; Stewart, S; Staudinger, I; Paton, B; Dong, A
Jan-2013The nature of ideology in Ghana's 2012 electionObeng-Odoom, F
2013The nature of learning to nurse through clinical practice experience for international culturally and linguistically different students in Sydney, Australia : an interpretive descriptionDickson, CL
Jan-2009The nature of peak experience in wildernessMcDonald, MG; Wearing, SL; Ponting, J
Jan-2006The nature, role and impact of connected relations: a comparison of European and Chinese suppliers' perspectivesWiley, J; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC
Jan-2012Nature-inspired routing algorithm for wireless sensor networksHaidar, G; Ghassempour, S; Braun, RM
Jan-2002Natureâ Based Tourism on the Edge of Urban DevelopmentDwyer, L; Edwards, DC
Jan-2013Naturopaths: Their central role in primary health care deliveryAdams, J; Adams, J; Magin, P; Broom, A