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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Linking theory and practice in using action-oriented methodsSankaran, S; Dick, B
2014Linking value, confirmation and satisfaction to predict behavioural intention : examining alternative models in a service environmentParvin, S
2003Links between ecotoxicology biomonitoring and water chemistry in the integration of water quality into environmental flow assessments.Palmer, C; Scherman, P; Muller, W
Jan-2003Links between ecotoxicology, biomonitoring and water chemistry in the integration of water quality into environmental flow assessments.Palmer, CG; Scherman, PA; Muller, WJ
Jan-2009Links Between Estuarine Condition And Spatial Distributions Of Marine InvadersDafforn, K; Glasby, T; Johnston, E
Jan-2004Lions UnderfootFeltham, HB
Jan-2012Liposomal Nanoparticles Control The Uptake Of Ciprofloxacin Across Respiratory EpitheliaOng, HX; Traini, D; Cipolla, D; Gonda, I; Bebawy, M; Agus, H; Young, P
Jan-2013Liposome sensing and monitoring by organic electrochemical transistors integrated in microfluidicsTarabellaa, G; Balduccia, AG; Coppedè, N; Marasso, S; D'Angelo, P; Barbieri, S; Cocuzza, M; Colombo, P; Sonvico, F; Mosca, R; Iannotta, S
Jan-2007Liposome techniques for synthesis of biomimetic lipid membranesValenzuela, S; Ferrari, M; Martin, D
-Liquid Architecture 6 SydneyO'Neill, SP; Byrne, B
-Liquid Architecture 7 SydneyO'Neill, SP; Byrne, B
-Liquid Architecture 8 SydneyO'Neill, SP; Byrne, B
2005Liquid chromatographic analysis of geological organic substances of industrial importanceWhelan, T
Jan-2013Liquid Desire: A Map of Wine Drinking in SydneyAylward, DK; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2012Liquid gold from the milk bar: Constructions of breastmilk and breastfeeding women in the language and practices of midwivesBurns, E; Schmied, V; Fenwick, JH; Sheehan, A
Jan-2011Liquid Keyboard : An Ergonomic, Adaptive QWERTY Keyboard for Touchscreens and SurfacesSax, C; Lau, H; Lawrence, EM; Technical Committee
Jan-2014Liquid Modernity, the owl of Minerva and technologies of the emotional selfClegg, SR; Baumeler, C; Kociatkiewicz, J; Kostera, M
2014Liquid spirits : the (re)production of academic identities through practicesBerti, M
Jan-2004Liquid-crystal displays: Fabrication and measurement of a twisted nematic liquid-crystal cellWaclawik, ER; Ford, M; Hale, PS; Shapter, J; Voelcker, N
Jan-2007Liquidated Damages: A comparative Study of the Law in England, Australia, New Zealand and SingaporeTwyford, JW