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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002IT Failure and the Collapse of One TelAvison, D; Wilson, DN; Traunmuller, R
Jan-2011IT Governance Framework Adoption: Establishing Success Factors Chadi Aoun,Aoun, CF; Vatanasakdakul, S; Chen, Y; ttgens, MN; Gadatsch, A; Kautz, K; Schirmer, I; Blinn, N
Jan-2012IT Governance In China: Cultural Fit And IT Governance CapabilitiesZhong, X; Vatanasakdakul, S; Aoun, CF; Duong, D; Myers, M; Dong, T
1-Jan-2015IT Governance: A higher order capability improving the benefits derived from AISChapman, P; Wieder, B
2014It has to be seen to be believed : the rise of photojournalism and development of its ethical valuesSymons, S
19-Feb-2013It Is Really Vital For More Women To Get Involved In The Back Room, The Engine...Price, J
Jan-2007'It Just Alienated Us': A case study to explore the impact of Assisted Reproductive Technology on family relationshipsPeters, K; Jackson, DE; Rudge, T
Jan-2009'It looks good on paper': Transitions of care between midwives and child and family health nurses in New South WalesHomer, CS; Henry, K; Schmied, V; Kemp, L; Leap, N; Briggs, CJ
Jan-2005IT Practitioner's Perspective on Australian Software Development Projects in Risk Management Practices and Tools: A Pilot StudyChua, B; Verner, J; Fujita, H; Mejri, M
Jan-2013'It used to be a Dingy Kind of Joint': Reflections on Pubs and the Past in Pyrmont and UltimoCrawford, R; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
2003'It was good to be home' : nostalgia in Australian picture books 1970-1997Morrow, RM
15-May-2017“It was like leaving your family”: Gentrification and the Impacts of Displacement on Public Housing Tenants in Inner-Sydney'Morris, A
2007'It wasn't me it was my soccer boots!' : women, sport and identity : an exploration of identity through amateur women's soccerLedlin, Jacinta
Jan-2005It's a Child's Game: Investigating Cognitive Development with Playing RobotsJohansson, B; Balkenius, C; Not listed
Jan-2011It's a dog-eat-croc world: Dingo predation on the nests of freshwater crocodiles in tropical AustraliaSomaweera, R; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2007It's A Long Way From The Office To The Creek Bed: Remote Area Mental Health Nursing In AustraliaO'Brien, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2004"It's a personal thing" volunteer motivation across two generations in a Sydney area health service - implications for managementGreen, J; Blackett, D
Jan-2005It's About This: Lesbians, Prison, DesireMillbank, J; Michael Freeman
Jan-2004It's About This: Lesbians, Prison, DesireMillbank, J
8-May-2012It's absolutely no good telling young women that they should be more careful.Price, J