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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Learning how we learn: an ethnographic study in a neonatal intensive care unitHunter, C; Spence, K; McKenna, K; Iedema, RA
Jan-2004Learning in a measured workplaceCrouch, ML; Holland, T; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
Jan-2012Learning In a Social Context to Develop Reflective PractitionersAlgeo, CT; Gomez Chova, L; Candel Torres, I; Lopez Martinez, A
21-Dec-2015Learning in Australian local government: A roadmap for improving education and trainingWoods, R; Artist, S; O'Connor, G
8-Sep-2010Learning in Local Government - A Preliminary Inventory and Gap Analysis of Education and Professional Development for Local Government in AustraliaSarah Artist
1-Oct-2011Learning in Local Government - An Analysis of Sector Consultations and PerspectivesSarah Artist; Geraldine OConnor
15-Mar-2017Learning in the Absence of Direct Supervision: Person-Dependent ScaffoldingPalesy, D
Jan-2012Learning in the Primary School Classroom using the Interactive WhiteboardMaher, D; Jiyou Jia
Jan-2012Learning in-between, across and beyond workplace boundariesJohnsson, MC; Boud, DJ; Solomon, N
1-Dec-2016Learning informative priors from heterogeneous domains to improve recommendation in cold-start user domainsHu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J; Gu, Z; Xu, G; Yang, D
Jan-2008Learning investments and organizational capabilities: case studies on the development of project portfolio management capabilitiesKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E
10-Aug-2016Learning manual handling without direct supervision and support: A case study of Australian home care workersPalesy, DL; Billett, S
2014Learning Models for Innovation in Organizations Examining Roles of Knowledge Transfer and Human Resources ManagementSoliman, F
-Learning Multi-level Deep Representations for Image Emotion ClassificationRao, T; Xu, M; Xu, D
Jan-2013Learning muscle activation patterns via nonlinear oscillators: application to lower-limb assistanceAguirre-Ollinger, G; Amato Nancy
6-Jun-2016Learning music embedding with metadata for context aware recommendationWang, D; Deng, S; Zhang, X; Xu, G
Jan-2011Learning Navigational Maps by Observing Human Motion PatternsO'Callaghan, ST; Singh, SP; Alempijevic, A; Ramos, FT; Bicchi, A
Jan-2014The learning needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for design led innovationvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Bucolo, S; Lim, Y; Niederer, K; Redström, J; Stolterman, E; Valtonen, A
Jan-2003A Learning Object Frameworks for Agent Supported Personalized Learning ServicesHawryszkiewycz, IT; Lassner, D; McNaught, C
2014Learning object, grasping and manipulation activities using hierarchical HMMsPatel, M; Valls Miro, J; Kragic, D; Ek, CH; Dissanayake, G