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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2006Learning to be a “Transdisciplinary” Sustainability Researcher: A Community of Practice ApproachMitchell, C; Willetts, J
1-Mar-2017"Learning to become a better man": Insights from a fathering programme for incarcerated indigenous menRossiter, C; Power, T; Fowler, C; Jackson, D; Roche, M; Dawson, A
Jan-2009Learning to become a professional orchestral musician: going beyond skill and techniqueHager, P; Johnsson, MC
Jan-2010Learning to build quality business relationships in export markets: evidence from Vietnamese exportersTrang, NT; Nguyen, DT
Jan-2004Learning to Collaborate and Collaborating to Learn: An experential approach to teaching collaborative systems.Dyson, LE; Kay, RJ; Cepra, N; Bro, P; Pereira, J
6-May-2014Learning to create sustainable value in turbulent operational contexts: the role of leadership practicesChew, E; Dovey, K
Jan-2002Learning to improvise, improvising to learn, a process of responding to complex environmentsChelariu, C; Johnston, WJ; Young, LC
Jan-2002Learning to Love Cantopop: Musical In-Between-Ness in the Chinese DiasporaMitchell, T; Crowdy, D; Homan, S; Mitchell, T
Jan-2013Learning to multimodal hash for robust video copy detectionPeng, H; Deng, C; An, L; Gao, X; Tao, D; Taubman, D; Wu, M
Jan-2010Learning to say G'day to the World: The Development of Australia's Marketable Image in the 1980sCrawford, R
Jan-2004Learning to Strategise Innovative Services: The Role of System DynamicsGudergan, G; Gudergan, S
6-Nov-2016Learning to Surf: Explaining the Flipped Classroom (FC) to Science Students Using an AnalogyReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
Jan-2003Learning to talk: from manual work to discourse work as self-regulating practiceScheeres, HB
Jan-2006Learning together for sustainability: the value of group based peer learningHerriman, J; Willetts, JR; Partridge, EY; Attwater, R; Merson, J
Jan-2012Learning Tree Structure of Label Dependency for Multi-label LearningFu, B; Wang, Z; Pan, R; Xu, G; Dolog, P; NA
Jan-2012Learning Visual Saliency based on Object's Relative RelationshipWang, S; Zhao, Q; Song, M; Bu, J; Chen, C; Tao, D
2016Learning with and from others in clinical practiceGregory, Linda Rosemary
Jan-2012Learning with Augmented Features for Heterogeneous Domain AdaptationDuan, L; Xu, D; Tsang, I; Langford, J; Pineau, J
1-Jan-2014Learning with both unlabeled data and query logs for image searchWu, J; Xiao, ZB; Wang, HS; Shen, H
1-Dec-2015Learning, information processing and order submission in limit order marketsChiarella, C; He, X; Wei, L