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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013A Method for Optimizing Top-k Composite Services towards Preference-Aware Service DominanceZhang, S; Wenmin, L; Dou, W; Chen, J
10-Jun-2015A Method for Physics-based Dynamic Deformation with St. Venant Kirchhoff Elasticity and Implicit Newmark IntegratorFeng, X; Wan, W; Zhu, X; Yin, Y; Wang, J
Jan-1997A Method For The Isolation Of Schistosome Eggs And Miracidia Free Of Contaminating Host TissuesDalton, JP; Day, S; Drew, A; Brindley, PJ
Jan-2012A Method for the Realization of Complex Concrete Gridshell Structures in Precast ConcretePigram, DA; Larsen, NM; Pederson, OE; Cabrinha, M; Kelly Johnson, J; Steinfeld, K
Jan-2007A Method for Visualising Possible ContextsAmitani, S; Edmonds, EA; Apolloni, B; Howlett, RJ; Jain, L
Jan-2010A method for visualising possible contextsAmitani, S; Edmonds, EA
Jan-2007Method fragments to support collaborative teamwork for software development projectsTran, Q; Henderson-Sellers, B; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Rodenes, M; Hackney, R
Jan-2004A method of defining learning processesPan, W; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Atkinson, R; McBeath, C; Jonas-Dwyer, D; Phillips, R
Jan-2013A Method of Optimizing Multi-tenant Database Query AccessYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, G; Huang, Z; Liu, C; He, J; Huang, G
2014A method of optimizing multi-tenant database query accessYaish, H; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, G
6-Jun-2016A Method of State Estimation for Underwater Vehicle Navigation Around A Cylindrical StructureZhang, T; Huang, S; Liu, D; Shi, L; Zhou, C; Xiong, R
Jan-2009A method to build information systems engineering process metamodelsHug, C; Front, A; Rieu, D; Henderson-Sellers, B
Jan-2012A Method to Explore Wicked Problems in Complex Environments: A Research ProposalMir, S; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Zowghi, D; Soliman, KS
Jan-2003A method to improve the light emission efficiency of Mg-doped GaNGelhausen, O; Phillips, M; Goldys, EM
12-Mar-2007A Method to Include Antenna Pattern Characteristics in UWB System DesignDissanayake, T; Esselle, KP
Jan-2002A method to measure the effective gas path length in the environmental or variable pressure scanning electron microscopeGauvin, R; Griffin, B; Nockolds, C; Phillips, M; Joy, DC
Jan-2010A Method to Measure the Financial Value of Dormant BrandsFischer, M; Schollmeyer, T
Jan-2015A method to measure total atmospheric long-wave down-welling radiation using a low cost infrared thermometer tilted to the verticalCastro Aguilar, JL; Gentle, AR; Smith, GB; Chen, D
Jan-2013A methodological approach to modelling design led innovation across secondary education: An Australian case studyWright, N; Wrigley, C; Bucolo, S; Chair, NLV
Jan-2005Methodological considerations in pretesting social impact questionnaires: Reporting on the use of focus groupsEdwards, DC; Reid, S; Schlenker, K; Allen, J