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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010A Markov Model for Performance Evaluation of CRRM Algorithms in a co-located GERAN/UTRAN/WLAN scenarioWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K; Elkashlan, M; Shafi, M
Jan-2008Markov Models for CDOsSchlogl, E; Meissner, G
Jan-2007A Markovian Defaultable Term Structure Model with State Dependent VolatilitiesChiarella, C; Nikitopoulos Sklibosios, C; Schlogl, E
Jan-2011A Markovian Model for Load-Balancing Based and Service Based Algorithms in B3G NetworksAl Sabbagh, A; Braun, RM; Cemal Ardil
2016Marks should not be the focus of assessment— but how can change be achieved?Thompson, DG
2003Markup, Indexation and Inflation: A Bargaining ApproachFaria, JR
Jan-2012Maroon Primary SchoolVaughan, K; Aubusson, PJ; Edwards, H; Burridge, N; Whalen, F; Vaughan, K
Jan-2007Mars express high resolution stereo camera: results of observations of north Tyrrhena terra, MarsCaprarelli, G; Pondrelli, M; Di, LS; Marinangeli, L; Ori, G; Neukum, G; Short, W
Jan-2011Martensite Destabilization In Au(7)Cu(5)Al(4) Shape-Memory AlloyBhatia, VK; Kealley, CS; Prior, MJ; Cortie, MB
Jan-2008Martingales and first passage times of AR(1) sequencesNovikov, A; Kordzakhia, N
Jan-2003Martingales and first-exit times for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process with jumpsNovikov, A
Jan-2007Marxist Political Praxis: Class Notes on Academic Activism in the Corporate UniversityMartin, G; Green, A; Rikowski, G; Raduntz, H
9-Dec-2014Marxist theory of cultureLindsay, Jack, 1900-1990.
Jan-2010Mary Hays and Mary Wollstonecraft and the Evolution of Dissenting FeminismSpongberg, M
29-Aug-2015The masculinisation of ethical leadership dis/embodimentLiu, H
16-Mar-2015Masculinity Studies and the Jargon of Strategy: Hegemony, Tautology, SenseLaurie, T
Jan-2005Mask Constrained Beam Pattern Synthesis For Large ArraysHoang, HG; Vo, B; Hoang, TD; Son, TT; NA
10-Mar-2015Maskless milling of diamond by a focused oxygen ion beamMartin, AA; Randolph, S; Botman, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
Jan-2012Mass Classification in Digitized Mammograms Using Texture Features and Artificial Neural NetworkWong, M; He, S; Nguyen, HT; Yeh, W; Tingwen Huang
2015Mass detection and false positive reduction in mammographic imagesWong, Man To