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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Host-released dimethylsulphide activates the dinoflagellate parasitoid Parvilucifera sineraeGarces, E; Alacid, E; Rene, A; Petrou, K; Simo, R
2016Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, Perspectives on an Interactive ProcessBraten, OA; St-Yves, M; Royce, TD; Laforest, M
Jan-2013Hostile clinician behaviours in the nursing work environment and implications for patient care: a mixed-methods systematic reviewHutchinson, M; Jackson, DE
16-Oct-2016Hot Metal: Material Culture and Tangible LabourStein, JA
Jan-2014Hot moments of N2O transformation and emission in tropical soils from the Pantanal and the Amazon (Brazil)Liengaard, L; Figueiredo, V; Markfoged, R; Revsbech, NP; Nielsen, LP; Enrich-Prast, A; Kuhl, M
Jan-2012Hot mothers, cool eggs: nest-site selection by egg-guarding spiders accommodates conflicting thermal optimaPike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2008Hot summers and heart failure: seasonal variations in morbidity and mortality in Australian heart failure patients (1994-2005)Inglis, S; clark, RA; Shakib, S; Wong, D; Molaee, P; Wilkinson, D; Stewart, S
Jan-2001The Hotel RoomFinkelstein, J; Lynch, R
Jan-2006Hotspots in cylindrical mirror light pipes: description and removalSwift, PD; Smith, G; Franklin, J
Jun-2017Hotter nests produce hatchling lizards with lower thermal tolerance.Dayananda, B; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2009Houdini's flightLoukakis, A
24-Jul-2015House Price Determinants in SydneyGe, X; Williams, B; Arslani, KY
2015House price indices using assessed values statisticsShi, S
Jan-2008House Price Trigger and Infusion TrapGe, J; Huang, Y; Wang, H; Wang, K
Jan-2009House prices and the collapse of stock market in mainland China? - An empirical study on house price indexHuang, YK; Ge, J; PRRES
Jan-2009Household behavior change for climate change response: an integral scanRiedy, C
Jan-2008The Household Guide to DyingAdelaide, D
Jan-2013Household rainwater harvesting system - Pilot scale gravity driven membrane-based filtration systemKus, BG; Kandasamy, JK; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, H; Moody, G
Jan-2010Householder perspectives and preferences on water storage and use, with reference to dengue in the Mekong Delta, Southern VietnamTran, HP; Adams, J; jeffery, J; Nguyen, YT; Nguyen, V; Kutcher, S; Kay, B; Ryan, P
Jan-2008Households' willingness to pay for a motorcycle helmet in Hanoi, VietnamPham, K; Le Thi, Q; Petrie, D; Adams, J; Doran, C