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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Managing Information Fusion with Formal Concept AnalysisAssaghir, Z; Kaytoue, M; Napoli, A; Prade, H
Jan-2004Managing Information in Automated Bilateral NegotiationDebenham, JK; Meredith, R; Shanks, G; Arnott, D; Carlsson, SE
Jan-2003Managing innovation in marketing partnershipsBucic, T; Gudergan, S; Kennedy, R
2011Managing International Migration in Australia: Human Rights and the “Last Major Redoubt" of Unfettered National SovereigntyOpeskin, B
Jan-2010Managing Knowledge in Aircraft EngineeringZawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R; Laptaned, U; Banomyong, R
Jan-2010Managing Knowledge in Aircraft EngineeringZawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R
Jan-2011Managing Knowledge in Aircraft EngineeringZawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R; Zawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R
Jan-2012Managing Knowledge in Aircraft Engineering - An Operations-Based ApproachZawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R; Zawawi, R; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R
Jan-2006Managing Knowledge in Construction Projects: Examining the Contribution of Communities of PracticeRemington, K; Ragsdell, G; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2013'Managing Land for the Common Good? Evidence from a community development project in Agona, Ghana'Obeng-Odoom, F
Dec-1992Managing Large Community Organisations: The Approaches of sixteen Chief Executive OfficersLyons, M
Jan-2012Managing Large Numbers of Business Processes with Cloud Workflow SystemsLiu, X; Yang, Y; Cao, D; Yuan, D; Chen, J; Chen, J; Ranjan, R
Jan-2013Managing LegacyCashman, R; Horne, J; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2006Managing local practices in a networked worldClegg, SR; Gudergan, S; Kornberger, MM; Ray, T; Kornberger, M; Gudergan, S
2010Managing mobility in practice : empirical studies of the everyday practices and technology use of film and television freelancersSadler, K
Jan-2009Managing Motherhood: Strategies Used by New Mothers to Maintain Perceptions of WellnessCurrie, JL
Jan-2014Managing negative word-of-mouth: an exploratory studyWilliams, M; Buttle, F
Jan-2007Managing new technologies in conceptual engineering design, demonstrated on innovative positive displayment deviceRoser, HM; Dartnall, WJ; n/a
Jan-2013Managing Olympic VenuesDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2007Managing Operational Risks-A Conceptual FrameworkPitinanondha, T; Akpolat, H; Pitinanondha, T; Akpolat, H