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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Lawscape: Property, Environment, LawGraham, NG
Jan-2006'Lay' Opinion Evidence of Sensations, Feelings and OpinionsAzize, JJ
Jan-2010A Layered Graph Representation for Complex RegionsLi, S; Lin, F; Sattler, U; Truszczynski, M
Jan-2005A layered view model for XML repositories & XML data warehousesRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Wei, D; Xie, Z; Wang, H; Shi, B
2006A layered view model for XML with conceptual and logical extensions, and its applicationsRajagopalapillai, R
Jan-2009Layers of Design: Understanding Design PracticeDorst, K; not known
Jan-2014Layers of the Ethereal: A Cultural Investigation of Beauty, Girlhood, and Ballet in Japanese Shojo CultureMonden, M
2015Layers of the Ethereal: A Cultural Investigation of Beauty, Girlhood, and Ballet in Japanese Shōjo Manga (Russian Translation)Monden, M
Jan-2005Laying the foundation: the STOMP studyHomer, CS
Jan-2008A lazy bagging approach to classificationZhu, X; Yang, Y
Jan-2009Lazy Updates: An Efficient Technique to Continuously Monitoring Reverse kNNCheema, MA; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, W; NA
Jan-2011LCA Study Investigating the Impact of Construction on Sloping SitesForsythe, PJ; Ding, GK
Jan-2013LCARS: A Location-Content-Aware Recommender SystemYin, H; Sun, Y; Cui, B; Hu, Z; Chen, L; NA
Jan-2005LCIs for minerals processing in South Africa and Australia and their use in decision making for technology choiceStewart, M; Giurco, D; Brent, G; Petrie, J; Dubreuil, A
1-Aug-2015Le Bon Samaritain: A Communitybased Care Model Supported by TechnologyGay, V; Leijdekkers, P; Gill, AQ; Felix Navarro, K; Georgiou, A; Grain, H; Schaper, LK
Jan-2013Le cas de Magnola: la gestion du risqué versus le principe de précautionClegg, SR; Turcotte, M; Marie-France Turcotte
2005Le Haut et le Bas en architecture : du symbole aux directions de sensKimmel, LS
2011Le Moment De La Lune'. An Auto-Ethnographic Tale Of Practice About Menarche In A Children'S HospitalDenshire, S
Jan-2012Le Musée Olympique: Epicentre of Olympic EvangelismAdair, D; Murray Phillips
Jan-2009Le piege identitaire: les difficultes de developpment d'une communaute de pratique.Dameron, S; Josserand, EL