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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Heavy metal pathways and archives in biological tissueOrlic, I; Siegele, R; Menon, DD; Markich, SJ; Cohen, DD; Jeffree, R; McPhail, DC; Sarbutt, A; Stelcer, E
Jan-2013Heavy metal staining, a comparative assessment of gadolinium chloride and osmium tetroxide for inner ear labyrinthine contrast enhancement using X-ray microtomography.Wong, CC; Curthoys, IS; O'Leary, SJ; Jones, AS
1-Jan-2014Heavy metals in road-deposited and water sediments at Kogarah bay, Sydney: Enrichment, sources, and fractionationNguyen, TC; Loganathan, P; Nguyen, TV; Pham, TTN; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Wu, M; Naidu, R
Jan-2001Heavy metals in the tissues of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) stranded on the Portuguese coastZhou, JL; Salvador, SM; Liu, YP; Sequeira, M
Jan-2007Heavy metals speciation in sediment accumulation within infiltration facility and evaluation of metal retention properties of underlying soilHossain, M; Furumai, H; Nakajima, F; Aryal, R
Jan-2007Hedging Diffusion Processes by Local Risk Minimization with Applications to Index TrackingColwell, D; El-Hassan, N; Kwon, O
Jan-2012Hedging for the long runHulley, H; Platen, E
2014Hedging long-dated interest rate derivatives for Australian pension funds and life insurersFergusson, K; Platen, E; Evans, J; Asher, A; Browne, B; Kyng, T; Musulin, R; Pitt, D
Jan-2008Hedonic imputation and the price index problem: An application to housingHill, R; Melser, D
Jan-2005The hedonic regression time-dummy method and the monotonicity axiomsMelser, D
Jan-2007Hedonic shopping motivations, supermarket attributes, and shopper loyalty in transitional markets: Evidence from VietnamNguyen, TT; Nguyen, DT; Barrett, NJ
2008Hegemony, anti-hegemony and counter-hegemony : control, resistance and coups in FijiRamesh, SK
Jan-2005Hei-fen and Musical subtexts in Two Australian Films by Clara LawMitchell, T
Jan-2005Height measurement as a session-based biometric for people matching across disjoint camera viewsMadden, CS; Piccardi, M; McCane, B
2008Heightened Alpha(1A)-Adrenergic Receptor Activity Suppresses Ischaemia/Reperfusion-Induced Ins(1,4,5)P-3 Generation In The Mouse Heart: A Comparison With Ischaemic PreconditioningAmirahmadi, F; Turnbull, L; Du, X; Graham, R; Woodcock, E
1-Dec-2012Helium and regeneration in optical fibresCanning, J; Cook, K; Shao, LY
2003Hello, ruel worldMagee, Paul Damien
Jan-2008Helminth 2-Cys peroxiredoxin drives Th2 responses through a mechanism involving alternatively activated macrophagesDonnelly, SM; Stack, CM; O'Neill, SA; Sayed, AA; Williams, DL; Dalton, JP
Jan-2012A helminth cathelicidin-like protein suppresses antigen processing and presentation in macrophages via inhibition of lysosomal vATPaseRobinson, MW; Alvarado, R; To, J; Hutchinson, AT; Dowdell, SN; Lund, ME; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; O'Brien, B; Dalton, JP; Donnelly, SM
Jan-2010Helminth cysteine proteases inhibit TRIF - dependent activation of macrophages via degradation of TLR3.Donnelly, SM; O'Neill, S; Stack, CM; Robinson, MW; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Dalton, JP