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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Maternal mortality: What can we learn from stories of postpartum haemorrhage?Homer, CS; Clements, VJ; McDonnell, N; Peek, M; Sullivan, E
Jan-2014Maternal obesity impairs brain glucose metabolism and neural response to hyperglycemia in male rat offspringChen, H; Simar, D; Morris, M
Jan-2016Maternal Obesity Promotes Diabetic Nephropathy in Rodent Offspring.Glastras, SJ; Tsang, M; Teh, R; Chen, H; McGrath, RT; Zaky, AA; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
Jan-2010Maternal overnutrition impacts offspring adiposity and brain appetite markers-modulation by postweaning dietRajia, S; Chen, H; Margaret, JM
Jan-2007Maternal smoking - a contributor to the obesity epidemic?Chen, H; Morris, M
Jan-2007Maternal social and pyschological conditions and physical growth in low-income children in Piaui, Northeast BrazilSurkan, PJ; Ryan, LM; Vieira, LM; Berkman, LF; Peterson, KE
Jan-2006Maternity care in the bush: Using the internet to provide educational resources to isolated practitionersKildea, SV; Barclay, L; Brodie, PM
Jan-2011Mathematica based platform for self-paced learningZinder, Y; Nicorovici, NA; Langtry, T; Joubert, M; Clark-Wilson, A; McCabe, M
Jan-2003Mathematica in contextLangtry, T; Coupland, MP; Moore, BJ
Jan-2002Mathematical analysis of a batch electrocoagulation reactorHolt, PK; Barton, GW; Mitchell, CA
Jan-2003A Mathematical Hysteretic Model for ER/MR Fluid DampersWidjaja, JH; Samali, B; Li, J
3-Oct-2016A Mathematical Model for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite in Melt ImpregnationRen, F; Yu, Y; Yang, J; Xin, C; He, Y
Jan-2007Mathematical Model Forecasts Year Conventional Oil Will PeakMohr, SH; Evans, G
Jan-2007A Mathematical Model of the Cardiovascular System under Exercisewang, L; Su, SW; Chan, G; Celler, BG; Dittmar, A; Clark, J; Lovell, N; McAdams, E
Jan-2012A mathematical model of the cardiovascular system under graded exercise levelsWang, L; Zhang, Y; Gao, Y; Nguyen, N; Zhang, D; Celler, BG
Jan-2004Mathematical modeling of granular activated carbon (GAC) biofiltration systemShim, WG; Chaudhary, DS; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, H; Lee, JW; Moon, H
2013Mathematical modelling and efficient algorithms for autonomous straddle carriers planning at automated container terminalsYuan, S
Jan-2010Mathematical Modelling of Container Transfers for a Fleet of Autonomous Straddle CarriersYuan, S; Skinner, B; Huang, S; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G; Lau, H; Pagac, D; Pratley, T; Amato, NM; Brock, O; Laugier, C; Reveliotis, SS; Yagi, Y; Arai, H; Chiaverini, S; Okamura, AM; Sukhatme, GS
Jan-2002Mathematical Nature Of And A Family Of Lower Bounds For The Success Probability Of Unambiguous DiscriminationSun, X; Zhang, S; Feng, Y; Ying, M
10-Dec-2015Mathematical Programming Approaches for Interval Structural Behaviour and Stability AnalysisWu, D; Gao, W; Song, C; Luo, Z