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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Mar-2015Masculinity Studies and the Jargon of Strategy: Hegemony, Tautology, SenseLaurie, T
Jan-2005Mask Constrained Beam Pattern Synthesis For Large ArraysHoang, HG; Vo, B; Hoang, TD; Son, TT; NA
10-Mar-2015Maskless milling of diamond by a focused oxygen ion beamMartin, AA; Randolph, S; Botman, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
Jan-2012Mass Classification in Digitized Mammograms Using Texture Features and Artificial Neural NetworkWong, M; He, S; Nguyen, HT; Yeh, W; Tingwen Huang
2015Mass detection and false positive reduction in mammographic imagesWong, Man To
Jan-2009Mass spectrometric characterisation of the surface-associated 42 kDa lipoprotein JIpA as a Glycosylated antigen in strains of Campylobacter jejuniScott, NE; Bogema, D; Connolly, AM; Falconer, L; Djordjevic, SP; Cordwell, SJ
Jan-2010Mass spectrometric characterization of the Campylobacter jejuni adherence factor CadF reveals post-translational processing that removes immunogenicity while retaining fibronectin bindingScott, NE; Marzook, N; Deutscher, A; Falconer, L; Crossett, B; Djordjevic, SP; Cordwell, SJ
Jan-2012Massaging the Media: Australia Day and the Emergence of Public RelationsCrawford, R; Macnamara, J
2015Massive hybrid antenna array for millimeter-wave cellular communicationsZhang, J; Huang, X; Dyadyuk, V; Guo, YJ; others
Jan-2005A master class for nursing unit managers: an Australian exampleDuffield, CM
Jan-2013Mastering Cognitive Development Theory in Computer Science EducationGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, RF; simon, S; Kleitman, S
Jan-2004Mastering The Mystery Through "Saiq" Metrics of User Experience in TelecollaborationMahadevan, V; Braun, RM; Chaczko, ZC; No editors
2013Masters Nursing Students' Perceptions of an Innovative Simulation Education ExperienceKelly, M; Fry, M
8-Apr-2015Mastery Learning to Address the Assumed Mathematics Knowledge Gap, Encourage Learning and Reflection, and Future-proof Academic PerformanceGroen, L; Coupland, M; Memar, J; Langtry, T
2015Match running performance and physical fitness in youth soccer players : a longitudinal studySimpson, Ben Michael
Jan-2010Match running performance in elite Australian Rules FootballCoutts, AJ; Quinn, J; Hocking, J; Castagna, C; Rampinini, E
Jan-2014Match score affects activity profile and skill performance in professional Australian Football playersSullivan, C; Bilsborough, JC; Cianciosi, M; Hocking, J; Cordy, J; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2013Match-related fatigue reduces physical and technical performance during elite rugby league match-play: a case study.Kempton, T; Sirotic, AC; Cameron, M; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2014Match-to-match variation in physical activity and technical skill measures in professional Australian FootballKempton, T; Sullivan, C; Bilsborough, JC; Cordy, J; Coutts, AJ
Jan-1998Matching and bargaining models of markets: approximating small markets by large marketsWooders, J