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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Magnetised titanium dioxide (TiO2) for water purification: preparation, characterisation and applicationShahid, M; McDonagh, A; Kim, JH; Shon, HK
Jan-2014Magnetised titanium dioxide (TiO2) for water purification: preparation, characterisation, and applicationShon, H; Shahid, M; McDonagh, AM
Jan-2002Magnetite-based magnetoreception in birds: the effect of a biasing field and a pulse on migratory behaviourWiltschko, W; Munro, UH; Wiltschko, R; Kirschvink, JL
Jan-2007Magnetite-based magnetoreception the effect of repeated pulsing on the orientation of migratory birdsWiltschko, W; Ford, H; Munro, UH; Winklhofer, M; Wiltschko, R
Jan-2008Magnetite/carbon core-shell nanorods as anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesLiu, H; Wang, G; Wang, J; Wexler, D
Jan-2007Magnetization Modeling of SMC Material with Rotating FluxesZhong, J; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lin, Z
Jan-2006Magneto-optical imaging of the magnetization process in colossal magnetoresisitive lanthanum manganitePolyanskii, A; Wang, X; Yao, Q; Dou, SX; Lin, Z; Zhu, J
Jan-2004Magneto-optical Visualisation of Magnetic Processes in Superconducting Strip With The Application of Magnetic Fields and CurrentsLin, Z; Zhu, J; Cochrane, JW
2010Magneto-optical visualization of vortices penetration into Ba(Fe1.8Co0.2)As2Lin, ZW; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Li, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Xu, K; Cai, C
2005Magneto-rheological fluid-based devices for vibration control of structures : development and testingWidjaja, JH
Jan-2003Magneto-rheological Shear Dampers; Quasi-static Modelling and SimulationSamali, B; Widjaja, JH; Li, J; Reizes, J; Mathew, PJ
Jan-2009Magneto-thermal analysis of a high-speed SMC motor based on 3D FEAHuang, Y; Lin, H; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Liu, T
Jan-2011Magnetoresistance, Critical Current Density, And Magnetic Flux Pinning Mechanism In Nickel Doped BaFe(2)As(2) Single CrystalsShahbazi, M; Wang, X; Lin, Z; Zhu, J; Dou, SX; Choi, K
Jan-2007Magnetorheological damper semiactive control for civil structures with symmetric quantised sliding mode controllersNguyen, T; Nguyen, M; Kwok, N; Ha, QP; Samali, B
2008Magnetotransport and magnetic properties of weak ferromagnetic semiconductors: Ca doped LaCrO3Alvarez, G; Wang, X; Peleckis, G; Dou, S; Zhu, J; Lin, ZW
Jan-2005Magnetron co-sputtering of nanostructured chromium aluminium nitride coatingsWuhrer, R; Yeung, WY; Zhong, ZY; Saka, H; Kim, TH; Holm, EA; Han, YF; Xie, XS
Jan-2007Magnitude of change in cardiac health-enhancing behaviours 6 months following an acute myocardial infarctionSalamonson, Y; Everett, B; Davidson, PM; Andrew, S
14-Mar-2016The Magnitude of GenocideTatz, C; Higgins, W
Jan-2011Magnitude of the White-Coat Effect in the Community Pharmacy Setting: The MEPAFAR StudySabater Hernandez, D; de la Sierra, A; Sanchez Villegas, P; Baena, MI; Amariles, P; Faus, MJ
Jan-2010Mahalanobis Distance Map Approach for Anomaly Detection of Web-Based AttacksJamdagni, A; Tan, T; Nanda, P; He, S; Liu, R; Christopher Bolan